My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 39

Moon called Lara but she wasn’t picking up the phone. Maybe she did not hear it. Moon was anxious. “Oh, what is Lara doing? Why isn’t she answering the phone?”
“Then why don’t you call again? I didn’t think we would meet this brat here, so we have to teach him a lesson while we can. Last time, he made us lose face, right?” Moon’s boyfriend, Milo Cady said in a hurry.
“Okay, I know!” Moon nodded and immediately dialed her number again, but Lara was still not answering. Such an opportunity was hard to come by, so they had to act quick. Moon didn’t give you up and continued to call Lara.
“This restaurant isn’t cheap. How much money did this guy pick up?” Milo was curious.
Lara seemed to.mention that he picked up 20,000 dollars, but he already spent more than 10,000 dollars the last time. How could he still have money to enter such a place?
“How would I know? But, why does Chuck look more attractive this time around? I almost didn’t recognize him just now.” Moon was curious but for a different reason.
Listening to his girlfriend praising others, Milo was unhappy and jealous. “Hey, are you swooning over him?”
How was Chuck more handsome today? Wasn’t it just a new hairstyle? Everyone would look good if they had a haircut and a makeover.
“No, I just think he’s a little different.” Moon Cherise smacked her lips.
Milo snorted softly in disbelief. This was getting a bit awkward, so Moon just continued to call Lara on her mobile phone. She really wanted to witness Lara insulting Chuck. After all, she was utterly disgraced last time. Lara had invited them for a free dinner, but Chuck had the audacity not to pay for their meal portion! He was completely looking down on them.
Chuck and Charlotte entered the restaurant. It was almost dinnertime, so there were not too many people and there were a lot of empty seats. Unlike Zelda’s restaurant, they didn’t have to make a booking in order to dine here, and it was also costless. The cost for two was around 700 or 800 dollars. The two of them sat down and the waiter began to introduce the specialties. Charlotte ordered two dishes which were both greens, while Chuck ordered two meat dishes since he couldn’t survive a meal with just vegetables.
“Okay, these are enough.” Chuck said.
“Alright, please wait for a moment.” The waiter left with the menu.
While they were waiting for the food to arrive, Chuck began to tamper with his phone out of boredom. He wasn’t just playing games on his phone, but instead searching for management methods online. Since he took over the square, it has to be managed well. After thinking about it over and over again, it seemed that he had to find a trustworthy general manager. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome for him to go to the square and back during classes on weekdays. Should he conduct a recruitment drive or an online search?
This was a little difficult for him, since talented people were hard to find. In addition, even if he had the money, finding the right people for the right tasks was tough as well. It seemed that he had to think about it carefully. He could ask Harold to recommend a few people for him since he was going over to sign the contract in a few days.
“What are you thinking about?” Charlotte couldn’t help asking. Ahe was very curious about Chuck who was sitting in front of her.
“Oh, nothing.” Chuck shook his head politely and put away his mobile phone.
Soon, the dishes were served, and the two began to eat.
On the other hand, Moon finally got through to Lara. In fact, Lara had already seen it, but she just didn’t want to pick up. Last time when Chuck “treated them to dinner”, she had to pay for more than 6,000 dollars. However, after that, Moon didn’t mention anything about the money which made Lara angry. She didn’t want to be Moon’s friend anymore. However, Moon was just too persistent, calling her more than ten times in a row. Since Lara was already very annoyed, she had no choice but to pick up the phone.
“Hey, Moon, why did you call me?” Lara said indifferently.
“Lara, you finally answered the phone. What have you been doing? Forget it…. Guess who I saw?”
“I met Chuck who invited us to dinner last time. He actually went into a high-end restaurant with a woman. How much money did he really pick up?”
A high-end restaurant? With a woman? The woman is probably Zelda Maine. No, not probably, it must be her! Otherwise, she would not believe that Chuck could still eat with another woman. Lara was displeased buy secretly envious of Chuck. How did Chick manage to hook up with a rich person like Zelda Maine? Even going out for dinner with her, did that mean they were going to be together soon?
Lara sighed helplessly. She had seduced that baller but he did not care about her. When would she be as lucky as Chuck to hook up with a rich person? The more Lara thought about it, the more jealous she became.
“Oh, Chuck recently hooked up with a rich person, so he should probably be eating with her.” Lara said.
“What? Rich person?” Moon was surprised and secretly envious the moment she heard it. No wonder he could come to a high-end restaurant: it was a treat from someone else!
“Yes, don’t worry about it. That rich person has a bad temper, so don’t provoke her.” Lara remembered that Zelda had slapped her, but she had no choice but to beg for forgiveness from her although being the victim here. She was pissed.
“Ah? Then that’s none of our business now! Aren’t you coming?”
“I’m not.” Lara shook her head and rejected. She didn’t want to be slapped by Zelda again.
After hanging up the phone, Lara thought, “This can’t be, even Chuck can hook up with rich people. Am I not better than him? Why can’t I hook up with rich people? Or it’s because I haven’t tried my best! Lara bit her lip and decided to send a sexier photo to the baller. She had to seduce this person no matter what. She sat down. She was wearing a short denim skirt, so she took a photo of her showing her underwear.
Meanwhile, Chuck’s phone vibrated. He clicked on it and immediately spat out his food. This Lara Jean was getting more and more open with her pictures! The selfie she sent wad not bad since it was alluring enough to make Chuck look twice at the photo. He wanted to laugh. If Lara knew she had sacrificed so much to seduce him, how would she react?
Charlotte, who was in the middle of eating, was confused. What was Chuck Cannon laughing about? Was he thinking about what was going to happen tonight? She blushed.
Outside the restaurant, Moon put down her phone, to which Milo asked, “How is it? Is Lara Jean coming or not?”
“She’s not coming. She told me that Chuck hooked up with a rich person, who came with him for dinner here.” Moon was a little jealous.
“I knew it! This guy wouldn’t have the money to spend at a place like this. Turns out that he has been kept as a sugar baby. He’s really a loser. Shame on us men!” Milo said righteously.
However, on the contrary, he thought to himself, “How can this brat be so lucky to have hooked up with a rich woman? This means that he probably gets to rest easy for the next twenty years! Why can’t I hook up with rich people? I will have to ask Chuck Cannon for tips later.”
“Plus, she said that this rich person has a bad temper and she wants us to leave.” Moon continued.
“Okay then, let’s go.” Milo nodded.
He thought that if they continued to wait, Chuck might come out with the rich woman and recognize them. If he showed off the rich woman to them, wouldn’t that be more humiliating? It was better to leave as soon as possible.
Moon had the same thoughts as he did, but she was hungry and wanted to go in for dinner. She had not been to this place before.
After she said so, Milo shook his head hurriedly and explained. “I don’t have so much money here. These are places for rich people to enter…”
The last sentence he kept as a grumble in his heart. He wasn’t a sugar baby so he didn’t have the money to spend lavishly here. It was best for them to just leave.
Moon was disappointed. “Okay, let’s go eat at a buffet then.”
Milo nodded. A buffet was still acceptable since there was a cheap place in City Square that cost around 48 dollars per person. It was a good deal and hence better to have their dinner there. The two of them held hands and left.
In the meantime, Chuck and Charlotte finished their meal. Chuck paid the bill and exited the restaurant with Charlotte. It was getting dark, and Charlotte was getting more and more on edge. She had a boyfriend after graduating from college and had slept only with one man. If she slept with Chuck tonight, he would be her second. She felt increasingly aroused as the thoughts kept lingering in her mind.
After getting into the car, Chuck drove away from the restaurant. Charlotte was stunned after feeling so anxious after some time. This was because Chuck was driving straight towards her place. Does he not want to do anything to her? Was he sending her back directly? Or did he want to go to her house to domething exciting? But there were other tenants there, so what if the two classmates came back? Wouldn’t it be awkward if they caught them in the middle of doing it?
Charlotte’s thoughts ran wild. She bit her lips tightly and lied. “Recently, this place I’m renting is very noisy.”
“Then you should rent another place.” Chuck replied.
Charlotte was speechless since that was not what she meant. She wanted to go to his house. “Where do you live? Can I go and have a look?”
Chunk was shocked after hearing her say so. What were they going to do at his house? Could it be…..

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