My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 40

Just as Chuck was thinking about it, the ringing of his mobile phone suddenly broke in the car. His thoughts were immediately dispelled once he noticed that it was Yvette. This was a typical “wife checking on husband” scenario. Chuck didn’t answer the call because his mobile phone was connected to the car’s Bluetooth function. He couldn’t let Charlotte Yales hear Yvette’s voice, could he?
“I’ll send you home.” Chuck said.
“Ok.” Charlotte was disappointed. If Chuck really wanted to touch her, then he would have touched her when he was driving just now.
Chuck didn’t talk much since he had to call Yvette as soon as possible. He continued to drive to Charlotte’s place. When they arrived at the destination, she got out of the car.
After bidding goodbye, Chuck turned the car around and left without turning back. Charlotte sighed, was she not attractive enough? Perhaps, a rich young man like him would’ve had the chance to deal with many kinds of women. She bit her lip and went upstairs.
Meanwhile, the first thing Chuck did after he turned his car around was to call Yvette. He was mainly surprised, why would Yvette call him this late at night? The phone was connected.
“Where are you? Why didn’t you come to class today?” Yvette’s voice could be heard clearly. She went to class today but didn’t see Chuck like usual. Obviously, she was slightly angry. She really wanted to call him and question him, but she endured it. What annoyed her was that ever since he knew Zelda Maine, he started to skip class frequently. Was she really subservient compared to Zelda? This was a fleeting thought in her mind.
Chuck could only try to cover up that he was busy today. After all, he couldn’t tell her that today he spent around four million dollars to buy a car, as well as take a pretty lady out for dinner, could he? Even if he said so, she wouldn’t believe him either.
“Remember to attend class even if you have things to do!” Yvette said.
“Understood. By the way, have you eaten?” Chuck couldn’t help but care about her. Despite calling to reprimand him, Yvette’s tone had long changed compared to the cold, mean tones that she used before.
“Good night then.”
“Good night.”
After hanging up the phone, Chuck let out a sigh of relief and drove back.
For the next two days, Chuck took out time to fix the car plates on his car. Since Harold Wendel had helped to finish up the procedure for the transfer of the square, Chuck just had to go sign a few documents to complete the process. When the call came, Chuck went over to sign the contract, and he was now the new boss of City Square. Chuck could feel the pressure sliding in, and he was also going to initiate his plans to transform the square. After all, he couldn’t let his mother down.
However, Harold informed Chuck that Zelda had been constantly asking him who the new boss was these days. Chuck knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide it for long, maybe only covering it up for another few more days. Chuck sighed. He didn’t know how Zelda would react when she knew that he was the new owner of the square. Chuck asked Harold to find someone he could trust to help him manage the square, in which Harold agreed to immediately. For now, Chuck could only wait for some good news.
Although he was busy, Chuck still took time to attend Yvette’s class. Seeing that Yvette’s expression was much better, he felt relieved.
“Chuck, I’m going off for my part-time job. Catch you later!” Queenie said with a blushing face. He nodded and watched her run out with her schoolbag on her back. He was curious. Where did Queenie work at for her part-time job?
For the past two days, Lara had advanced even more aggressively on Chuck to the point that she was sending him a few sexy photos everyday. Naturally, he ignored them. He didn’t know that the reason why she was so aggressive was because she had gotten competitive. Since she thought that she had managed to “hook up a rich person”, she had vowed to make this baller her boyfriend!
Despite ignoring the photos, he didn’t refuse them since she was the one sending them to him. He was curious anyways, so he might as well take a few looks. When would Lara send him nudes? Probably not likely. Chuck shook his head slowly and smiled while he silently placed the phone back in his pocket. Coincidentally, Lara saw him and taunted, “Who are you talking to? Chatting with Zelda Maine?”
Chuck paused. He really wanted to say that she was the one he was chatting with! Well, he was too lazy to explain to her, so he ignored her and resumed minding his own business. Lara was angered by this and snorted, then prepared to leave the class.
However, just when everybody was about to start making a ruckus after class, they were momentarily stunned by a pretty student who was standing at the classroom door.
She was wearing a blue dress that revealed her delicate, pair of legs. Her facial features were perfect, and was complemented by crystal clear eyes and a small, dainty mouth. Her long hair fell naturally behind her back, looking as black as ebony and smooth as silk. Her beauty was otherworldly as everyone couldn’t help but hold their breaths. Her appearance made all the students in the class excited, and even Lara, who was ready to leave, was shocked.
“Wow, it’s the campus beauty, Yolanda Lane! Why did she come to our class?”
“She must be looking for me! For me!”
“Looking for you? Her boyfriend is a rich kid from a rich family. Why would she be looking for you?”
“Then who is she looking for?”
“What do you think? All the guys in our class are losers. She probably doesn’t even want to spare a look at us, how could she possibly be looking for us? Maybe she’s looking for female classmates!”
“Alas, how wonderful it would be if she was looking for me!”
The students at the scene shook their heads in regret and desperately stared at Yolanda Lane’s beautiful appearance, hoping that they would be the one she was looking for.
Yvette was equally surprised. Of course she knew Yolanda Lane, who wouldn’t? She was the campus beauty as well as a Senior who was going to graduate. What business did she have here at the freshman’s class?
“She must be looking for a female classmate.” Yvette Jordan thought.
Lara was surprised. Although she was beautiful and had a good figure, Yolanda was ultimately still better than her in the aura and temper categories. Lara was even more upset: Who was she looking for? No matter who she was trying to look for, it couldn’t possibly be from her class. Every guy here was a fat loser!
Lara turned her head and glanced at Chuck who was in the corner. She muttered in her heart: What are you staring at? Do you think the campus beauty is here to find you?
Yolanda smiled naturally under the enthusiastic gazes of everyone in the class. “Hello, I’m here to look for someone.”
“You’re looking for me, aren’t you?” A handsome boy stood up confidently.
Yolanda smiled and shook her head. “No.”
She walked inside and scanned the classroom carefully with her pair of attractive eyes. The whole class quieted down. They were so nervous.
All of a sudden, Yolanda’s eyes were fixed on him, a smile appearing on her face thereafter. She strut towards that person with her long legs. In an instant, the whole class was shocked. Because, the campus beauty that so many people were dying to talk to actually went to the corner and smiled at a person. “Hi, I came to see you.”
“What?” The whole class jumped in disarray. What was going on? How could Yolanda, the campus beauty, be looking for a person like him?”
“No way, is Yolanda blind?”
“I think so, she must be. Alas, I can’t believe the campus beauty is looking for a person like him: someone who has just changed his hairstyle and is dressed in ripped-off clothing brands. I’m going to spend a few hundred dollars tomorrow too just to buy something to look better…
The boys in the class were full of envy and bitterness. They hoped that Yolanda was here to find a female classmate, or even to find the teacher Yvette Jordan. Who could expect that she was here to see him! Lara widened her eyes and her face was full of disbelief.
Yvette Jordan was stunned. What was going on? What business did the campus beauty have with him? Without explanation, Yvette fell strange.
“You’re looking for me?” In the corner, Chuck stood up in a daze. Yolanda was the infamous campus beauty, someone he had heard of and known despite being an introvert and socially awkward. Her beauty was indeed beyond words, but the point was that Chuck didn’t have any contact with her. He had only seen her once from a distance away when she was in school. Why was she looking for him?
“Yes, I came to see you.” Yolanda said seriously.
The students in the class burst into an uproar. They weren’t wrong, she was really looking for Chuck. But, for what?
“Am I crazy or is everyone crazy? Zelda Maine was looking for him, and even Yolanda, the campus beauty is looking for him! What’s so attractive about this guy?” Lara muttered and felt even more uncomfortable.
Meanwhile, Yvette just gaped at Chuck in astonishment. Fot a moment, the whole class was discussing about them bitterly.
Chuck was sure that he didn’t hear wrongly, so he asked, “Then why are you looking for me?”
Yolanda came closer and whispered in his ear, “Boss, I’m here to apply for the position of the square manager!”

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