My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 393

When Black Rose saw this man on the helicopter, her blue eyes were furious. She aimed at this man and pulled the trigger fiercely! !
Bullets shot out!
The person on the helicopter narrowed his eyes and pulled the trigger in the same way!
Two bullets blasted in their respective tracks!
Neither person moved, and the bullets emptied a few centimeters from each other.
This is a duel between sniper masters!
The roar of the helicopter rang in the air, and came quickly, Chuck saw this man in equipment, Chuck spoiled, his mother Karen Lee who had been in the United States recently returned.
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The weak Yvette saw Karen Lee, and her complexion was a little inexplicable, and she hated it, but she was very weak.
Black Rose’s face was ugly. She thought Logan shot the shot just now, but Karen Lee shot it unexpectedly.
Isn’t she in Rice?
Why are you here at this time?
The beauty of black roses and blue has an astonishing killing intention. This woman who came by helicopter, she was assassinated twice, but no matter how elaborately designed and arranged, the final result is always a failure. In the killer career of Black Rose, there are two shame!
Today, Karen Lee actually gave herself another shame!
Black Rose hates! !
The rumbling helicopter came and the figure jumped from the helicopter. Black Rose took the opportunity to shoot, but Karen Lee jumped and found a place to cover.
Karen Lee’s eyes saw Betty falling in the pool of blood, her face immediately had a murderous opportunity!
That’s right!
Although she is far away from the United States, she is paying attention to the affairs of China every day. She discovered yesterday that the black rose was suddenly not in the United States. Karen Lee felt uneasy and immediately put down everything in her hands at the fastest speed. Came here.
Fortunately, time is enough, but Betty… boom!
The bullet came, it was Black Rose’s hand.
Karen Lee fired the same. The two men were evenly matched in terms of guns. The banging sound continued to sound like a firecracker. Chuck was in the rain of gunfire and hugged Yvette. He was at ease. His mother came. , What is there to worry about? suddenly!
The bullet came out and shot into Black Rose’s arm, and the severe pain made her almost lose her gun.
“Karen Lee, I’m going to kill you!” Black Rose was annoyed. She hadn’t suffered a loss in other people’s hands, but Karen Lee alone! boom!
Another bullet came out, and Black Rose grabbed the gun. At this moment, she was so angry that she shot Karen Lee again!
In just a few minutes, the gunshots didn’t stop, it was always the guns and bullets.
Suddenly, the black rose shot at Karen Lee’s side, Karen Lee frowned, she shifted the place, and shot one by one by chance.
Under the rain of bullets, Karen Lee once again found a new cover.
The head-to-head gun battle between the two men finally stopped temporarily.
“Karen Lee, have you seen it? How badly did I shoot your rubbish son? Did you see it?” Black Rose sneered, what about the two shots? Relative to the pain, she is more happy and revenge.
Karen Lee has a cold face, “How old are you, how old is my son? You actually put my son like that, you must die here today!”
“In this world, people who have not killed me Black Rose, you are not, you killed me!” Black Rose sneered. Although she could not assassinate Karen Lee in two assassinations, but in the same way, Karen Lee did not kill herself. !
This shows that Karen Lee can’t kill himself at all! boom!
A gunshot broke the words of the black rose.
The two men continued to attack with guns, and suddenly, the black rose was shocked, no bullets!
Bang, Bang, Bang!
After firing one shot at a time, Karen Lee frowned, and the two people shot a lot of bullets in the gun battle, but she didn’t have any bullets!
Karen Lee felt that there was definitely no black rose. At this time, the roof was suddenly quiet and terrible!
Chuck hugged Yvette, this quiet, people scalp numb! ! what’s the situation?
Karen Lee frowned, turned around and kicked out.
This foot is very heavy!
Yes, Black Rose didn’t hear the gunshots, so simple, Karen Lee absolutely no bullets, so desperately!
But what Black Rose didn’t think of was that Karen Lee reacted at once.
This foot kicked her, and the black rose spit out blood and flew out, fell to the ground, Karen Lee walked over, another foot, the black rose was kicked again and hit the wall.
The black rose climbed up, “It really is Karen Lee, amazing! But you still don’t want to kill me!”
Karen Lee walked past, using precise fighting moves and fighting with black roses!
Chuck was dumbfounded, but he rarely saw Karen Lee shot, but Chuck now sees that the direct purpose of the move is to kill, without any redundancy, Chuck feels dazzled.
Yvette was also shocked. Is this the strength of Karen Lee? When can I catch up?
Suddenly at such a moment, Yvette had an inferiority complex, and this gap was too great.
Karen Lee punched Black Rose in the chest with a punch. This punch broke her one rib!
The black rose was beaten.
“I will help my son get it back with one punch!” Karen Lee said coldly. Black Rose climbed up, she sneered, and the blood on her face made her face grief, “You can’t kill me!”
Karen Lee ignored it and kicked out.
Black Rose couldn’t hide at all. She had gunshot wounds on both hands, so she couldn’t avoid Karen Lee’s attack. This time, she felt that her stomach was about to be kicked. Karen Lee was really angry!
She walked over again, she had to help Chuck back ten times and one hundred times!
When Karen Lee left, her eyes flicked, and she saw the mobile phone set aside.
There was a surprised expression on the screen!
Yes, Li Shidao was surprised!
He was surprised by two points. The first point is that Karen Lee actually came back to China?
The second point is that he just witnessed the fierce shootout. He thought that the strength of Black Rose was the same as Karen Lee, but what he did not expect was that Karen Lee actually overwhelmed Black Rose.
Karen Lee stared at Li Shidao inside the screen.
Just stare like that.
“My son calls you cousin, your dad is my relative, so you treat my son so?” Karen Lee said coldly.
Li Shidao’s surprised expression is gone, and some are cold, “I will do it, how can you take me?”
Yes, Li Shidao is fearless. What is he afraid of? Don’t say what Karen Lee can do to herself, it means she dare, she dare not! I dare not, because my father is her brother!
How dare she? !
“Don’t forget, my dad is your brother.” Li Shidao reminded that although he had not fought with Karen Lee, he thought that his fighting strength was the same as Karen Lee, then he would not be more afraid.
What about you, Karen Lee is so powerful? I have the same strength as you, how can you treat me? ?
“Do you remember who I am?” Karen Lee regretted it. This Li Shidao, Karen Lee still hugged him when he was a child, but what did he get in return? In exchange for his son?
“I am who you are? Who prevents me from inheriting the Li family, even my dad, I can still kill you! What can you do?” Li Shidao mocked.
Karen Lee stared at him for a few seconds, did not answer this question, but kicked the black rose on one foot. The black rose was kicked flying, spitting blood, embarrassed!
“Black Rose, what are you doing? Kill Karen Lee, and I will give you 50 million dollars!” Li Shidao scolded!
The black rose climbed up, her blood-red eyes staring at Karen Lee.
Karen Lee glanced at Li Shidao and punched out.
Black Rose was resisting, but all her routines were unclear and could not be stopped. She was beaten away. At this moment, Black Rose had endless shame in her heart. This was all given to her by Karen Lee.
She resented her and stared at Chuck and Yvette next to her. She rushed forward vigorously and had to seize Chuck. Then she had the opportunity to let Karen Lee submit and let Karen Lee die! !
But Karen Lee had already prepared for it, grabbed a dagger on his body, and threw it over. Shot into the back of the black rose, the black rose fell to the ground, and there was a continuous flow of blood in her mouth, dyeing her blond hair.
“Black Rose, you shouldn’t have taken the business of Li Shidao, today is your death!” Karen Lee feels enough, and she should be given an end to completely eliminate the troubles!

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