My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 392

Chuck got up from the ground. This black rose is too powerful. He really felt like he was opposite his mother. Is this woman the same strength as her mother?
Chuckzhong is sighing. He has self-knowledge. He knows that he has entered the fighting gate, it is impossible to be the opponent of Black Rose!
But you must die with death!
Chuck spit out the blood in his mouth, his blood-red eyes, especially calm.
The black rose frowned, she felt that she had kicked out several feet herself, and Chuck could actually carry it? Physical fitness is not bad.
However, in front of himself, this Chuck is a child.
Yvette got up and ran frantically to Chuck. At this moment, she had no other ideas.
She thought that if she can survive today, she must exercise herself frantically, so that she can become stronger. Protect, this man who grew up with himself.
Yvette’s eyes are as fierce as the female leopard!
But how did the black rose see Yvette in his eyes?
She kicked it out again!
At this moment, Chuck seized the opportunity and hugged the black rose fiercely.
He was shocked. This black rose is a woman. How can you feel so much muscle around you?
How much exercise did this woman usually take?
Chuck used all her strength to hug her. The kind of break-away force that Chuck felt could not control. No wonder she was able to kick herself away with one foot.
This woman has too much strength.
Chuck succeeded, Yvette used her fighting style to attack Black Rose!
Attack again!
“You are all rubbish,” Black Rose said coldly, “You!!!”
When she was about to kick, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She looked away and saw Chuck opened her mouth and bit her shoulder!
Did Karen Lee’s son use such garbage?
Chuck couldn’t help it. He was almost stunned just now, and he could only bite it with his mouth. This would be the most direct attack by Black Rose. Make her hurt, then her attack speed will drop.
Sure enough, Chuck bit this way, she had a painful expression on her face, and there was blood in Chuck’s mouth. She put all her effort into this, and put her shoulder, no, it should have been bitten near the neck, bleeding, Chuck I feel like I can bite this piece of meat.
Yvette’s attack came, but Black Rose killed countless people. This pain was nothing to her. She glanced at Yvette and kicked it directly!
Yvette evaded, but the black rose was very flexible and kicked Yvette!
This foot is killing, especially heavy!
Yvette was kicked out for five or six meters. If he was an ordinary person, he would have been fainted to death, even if he was of poor physique, he might be kicked to death, but Yvette’s willpower was too strong, and he fell and climbed up.
The black rose frowned. At this time, she felt a trace of ruthlessness. If this woman gave her time, she might go to the same level as herself.
If it were before, she must have strangled such a plan in the cradle, but Li Shidao said that she could not be killed.
Black roses can only listen.
Seeing that Yvette rushed over again, the black rose turned Chuck’s head, and over the shoulder, Chuck fell to the ground. cough!
Chuck had a feeling of falling from the second floor, coughing violently, coughing and bleeding, but there was a piece of meat in his mouth, which was torn from the shoulder of Black Rose. Black Rose leaned his head to look at his shoulder. At this moment, There is an indescribable murder in her blue eyes!
My body is so perfect, but now I have been bitten off a piece of meat? ?
This was something that Black Rose could not tolerate. She came to Chuck, grabbed Chuck, and slapped it down, but Chuck knew that Black Rose would do this. At this time, he was in pain and only had a strong mouth. He could only bite her hand with his mouth.
“court death!!”
Black Rose was fast and punched in Chuck’s chest. cough!
Chuck was about to vomit and bleed. He couldn’t fall on the ground.
“Haha, good, good, continue to torture him!” In the video, Li Shidao held a wine glass and enjoyed the scene where Chuck was beaten. It was so exciting, I thought the scene was very exciting!
He didn’t miss any of the pictures just now.
Very cool, with the overwhelming strength of Black Rose, Li Shidao felt that Chuck was tortured very well!
Black Rose En, she swayed her perfect long legs, walked in front of Chuck, and lifted her feet. Next, she would step on all the ribs of Chuck!
The bones of the hands and feet are all broken. The black rose will control the power precisely, making Chuck all the bones broken, but in the end he will not die, making him desperate in pain! Let Chuck only twist his body like an earthworm, and die in despair and pain!
Such a death can meet Li Shidao’s requirements!
Black Rose lifted his foot, Yvette rushed over, Black Rose reached out and grabbed Yvette’s neck, “You have to protect him if you fight so hard? Well, I will let you see how he died in my hands. !”
“No!” Yvette shouted in pain!
She was strangled by the neck and struggled with force, but it was useless, because the black rose’s hand was like a vise. She watched the black rose lift her foot, which would crush Chuck’s rib!
Yvette burst into tears desperately, “Sorry, my husband, I can’t protect you, but I will avenge you, and then come down to accompany you.”
Such a picture is in a good mood, Li Shidao just wants to see this picture, then his abnormal psychology will be satisfied!
Chuck is dead, you Yvette will obediently follow you, and you don’t want to abandon you Chuck, you have to cherish!
His eyes can’t wait to stare at the picture, the next second, Chuck will scream! Remember to cry louder! !
Li Shidao is horrid!
Black Rose stepped hard on her foot. She could break the bricks with one foot. The human ribs could definitely break three or four!
Actually biting his shoulder and making his body imperfect, this is your end! !
But suddenly! The face of the black rose has changed! !
Because of a bullet, I don’t know where it came from, slam! Hitting into Black Rose’s arm, a blood bullet came out of her arm.
The pain and subconscious behavior made her give up stepping on Chuck, and gave up pinching Yvette’s neck, she squatted down, rolled to the side, looking for cover!
She glanced at the arm of the gun she was shooting, blood dripping out like this, she frowned, raised the gun, and glanced around as the eyes turned.
I can’t find where this shot was. Huh, Logan, did you come up so soon?
Black Rose’s face was ugly. She had been a killer for so long. Only when she debuted, she was shot. Later, she did not. Until she met Karen Lee, assassinated Karen Lee twice, she was shot twice.
Now there are other people who can hit themselves?
Chuck coughed violently. He got up and took Yvette, who had the same cough, to the side. He had to find cover, but now it was a shootout!
In this kind of battle, even if you fight even more fiercely, you will be vulnerable!
“My wife.” Chuck felt distressed, and Yvette was much more injured than himself.
“I’m fine, husband,” Yvette hugged Chuck tightly. At this moment, she cried. She had experienced life and death parting just now. That kind of pain, she never wanted to try again.
Chuck has held Yvette aside, his coughing and bleeding, the pain made Chuck determined that he must become a master of fighting!
Never let yourself be beaten so miserably!
Absolutely not! ! boom!
As soon as Black Rose emerged from the cover, a bullet burst through the air and shot. Black Rose immediately squatted down and the bullet missed her, but it made her feel dangerous!
She looked again for the place where the bullet was shot, but this is the rooftop, not to mention the unobstructed view, but there is not much to hide the body, so where is it?
When the black rose was searching, suddenly the blue eyes appeared cold!
Because the sound of the propeller actually came from a distance. In the dark night, a helicopter came to this side. The rumbling sound came from a distance to a close place. The black rose stared at the helicopter. There was a person on it, holding Sniper rifle, there is cold in the eyes! !

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