My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 395

Karen Lee walked in front, guarding Chuck and Yvette behind, and a mother opened the way in front. Chuck was so relieved that Karen Lee shot one shot, which is almost the same as the sharpshooter who made the movie.
Chuck couldn’t help but envy his mother’s strength. When will he get the fighting strength of his mother? You don’t need to be afraid of wherever you go.
“Mom, when can I be the same as you?” Chuck lowered his voice.
Yvette also listened carefully. Chuck is now about as strong as her. Karen Lee’s answer can give her a reference.
“You are too young now, and insist on studying and exercising every day. It will be like me. This specific time depends on yourself.” Karen Lee said.
Fighting this kind of thing requires daily exercise and study. Karen Lee now has a bracelet on her wrist, but this bracelet is a special metal, which will be very heavy, and it will weigh a few tens of pounds. She does not take it off when she sleeps.
This weight is how old she is. At that time, from half a catty until now slowly added to dozens of catty, after a while, Karen Lee will increase the weight again, because she is used to this weight, if removed, she will be as light as a swallow.
Then her punching power will be greater, so Karen Lee is strengthening her body at all times to make her body stronger in fighting.
This requires perseverance. After all, in this world, there are no gods. The only way to become stronger is to persevere in exercise every day, strengthen physical fitness, and learn to solve the opponent’s fighting as quickly as possible.
This is what Karen Lee has been insisting on for 40 years, and has created her top strength. Even the first female killer, Black Rose, cannot kill her.
Chuck understands that there is no shortcut to this kind of thing, but there is also a little hope, “Mom, is there anything like Dali Pill that can be very powerful after eating?”
“Yes, this is,” Karen Lee said.
“Really?” Chuck was pleasantly surprised. With such a thing, then did you become more powerful?
Yvette concentrated on this kind of thing?
“Yes, it’s true, but this kind of thing is like a poison. It takes a little more energy to eat, but everything is relative, and the strength is greater. Then people will not live long, just like tonics. Not compensated.” Karen Lee mentioned this more seriously.
She has researched this in a technology company in the United States, which can cut off or paralyze people’s pain sensory nerves, and feel no pain. She even wants to study what kind of serum, but the technology is limited and there is no breakthrough, but Karen Lee feels that there is no value. She Just temporarily stop research and development in this area, after all, people can’t stand such torture! People are too fragile.
It seems that it is only necessary to keep exercising.
Chuck made up his mind and will definitely make himself stronger!
“Well, mom, I know.” Chuck nodded.
Karen Lee is pleased that she only has such a son as Chuck. Now it seems that Chuck can still give her peace of mind, career and combat, but also women, it is more chaotic, she is not the same as a mother, She wanted to instill in Chuck the idea that she only likes a woman. This is respect for women, but, now, it may not work.
At this point, Karen Lee, a mother, has no choice but to be loyal to a person is love. This is what she thinks, but the baby son Chuck does not understand, and she will not interfere too much.
Among Karen Lee’s frustrations, she was the most helpless.
Yvette listened to Karen Lee’s words, which also encouraged her to learn to fight every day. It must be stronger than Karen Lee in order to avenge her father!
Karen Lee brought Chuck and Yvette into the villa. Some of the previous obstacles have been cleared by Logan. After all, Logan came here, but he was particularly angry!
“Cer, be careful, this Li Shidao still has strength.” Karen Lee said.
“Mom, you can beat him, how can you solve it?” Chuck is more curious. Li Shidao is seven or eight years older than himself. Shouldn’t he be as powerful as his mom?
“A few tricks?” Karen Lee smiled slightly, “Well… The more you reach the top of the fighting, life and death are often in an instant. I may be killed by him, and he may also be killed by me.”
Chuck understood that the mother means that the person who learns to fight will solve the enemy as quickly as possible, and will not waste the energy on his body.
After all, the longer the fight, the higher the probability of death. Everyone is a body. With a head, who can guarantee that he will never make it?
Karen Lee’s mentality is always vigilant.
“Logan, where are you?” Karen Lee started to contact Logan.
At the very least, Logan should solve a lot of people here, then Logan should be directly opposite Li Shidao.
“I am in front.” Logan’s voice came.
Chuck is at ease, Aunt Logan is fine.
But suddenly, there was a gunshot, and Chuck was nervous, “Mom, Aunt Logan…”
“Let’s go.” Karen Lee continued to lead the way, while protecting Chuck and Yvette, the gunshots continued, Chuck became more and more nervous, worried that Logan had something to do.
At this time, Karen Lee suddenly pushed Chuck and Yvette aside. Someone was putting a dark gun on this side.
“Karen Lee, you are coming quickly! Want to avenge your son so much? Do you dare to retaliate?” Li Shidao has always been calm, what panic?
He is also a god of marksmanship, and he is also at ease with Logan and Karen Lee. More importantly, how does Karen Lee dare to himself? My father is Karen Lee’s brother!
Besides, the big deal is to leave here. It’s nothing. The comeback will only make this game more interesting.
“Mom…” Chuck knew that embarrassing his mom, Li Shidao’s father, but Karen Lee’s brother.
“It’s okay, no matter who he is, dare to kill my son, I won’t let anyone go!” Karen Lee said coldly.
Chuck was moved, and his mother took the murderous opportunity.
Li Shidao sneered and continued to shoot, but Karen Lee screened well and he could not shoot.
Logan blocked Li Shidao on the other side, preventing him from leaving here.
Soon it became a stalemate. After all, this is Li Shidao’s place. He knows the most suitable place in the house according to local conditions.
There are constant gunshots in this room, Chuck is more excited because Li Shidao is about to die. suddenly!
A bullet shot and hit a place next to Li Shidao, making Li Shidao angry. He looked up and it was Logan.
“I said, I want to play a game with you!” Loganmei’s eyes are full of anger!
“Dare you dare to play games with me? My dad will die you and make you have no place in this world!” Li Shidao sneered. He didn’t believe that Logan really dared to shoot himself. She dare! ? boom!
Logan did not hesitate to pull the trigger!
At the same time, Karen Lee cooperated, and the bullet kept shooting Li Shidao where he was hiding, making him deafening and almost crazy.
The rumbling, the gunshot gradually stopped suddenly.
“Karen Lee, you did a good job this time, but I’ll see you next time, and I’m leaving, haha!” Li Shidao grinned horribly. The villa was too big, but in his eyes was worthless, and he could give up at any time.
He went out, but a fist hit him. Li Shidao sneered. This is Logan’s shot. Li Shidao feels that Logan is not his opponent, but when he hits back, there is a cold muzzle facing him!
Li Shidao glanced at Karen Lee facing him, smiled slightly, and came over,
“Come, hit me here, come.”
Chuck froze, why is Li Shidao so sure that his mother will not shoot?
Logan stopped.
“Why don’t you dare to shoot? Oh, don’t dare to put it down.” Li Shidao’s gun also pointed at Karen Lee at the same time.
Karen Lee stared at him with a hard hand, and shot Li Shidao’s gun at once. Her muzzle was still facing Li Shidao’s eyebrow! !
“Haha, don’t you dare? You are too useless. You dare to touch me today. My dad will kill you! You must know that your strength is in front of my dad. It’s unbearable!” Li Shi Dao mocked.
Karen Lee was silent, she put down the gun in her hand, Li Shidao laughed more sarcastically, “Look at you, don’t you dare to go.”
But before he finished this sentence, Karen Lee attacked and Li Shidao laughed,
“Okay, I will see what your strength is today!”

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