My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 396

Karen Lee, who had no expression on the opposite side of Li Shidao, was sneer, and his breath was filled with swords! Let the whole ruined house become cold!
Chuck looked at his mother intently.
Logan didn’t move, neither did Yvette.
Li Shidao came over, the momentum was so amazing!
Yvette was beaten by Li Shidao. She knew exactly how powerful Li Shidao’s attack was. She subconsciously grasped Chuck’s hand. “Hubby, he is going to start…”
Chuckzheng was attentive and concentrated on seeing if he could learn some fighting skills from a few to improve his strength. Suddenly Yvette spoke, and he turned his head to look at her.
“Husband, what’s wrong?” Yvette whispered a little.
“You want my mother to win, or…” Chuck asked.
“Me. I hope your mother wins.”
Chuck was relieved, but Yvette continued, “Then I will kill her…”
Chuck sighed and didn’t know how to deal with this matter. Yvette saw Chuck’s sadness, she was also sad, otherwise how to answer this question?
She does not want Karen Lee to die in the hands of others, but she hopes to die in her own hands.
Yvette subconsciously let go, Chuck grasped her tightly, Yvette lowered his head and fell into pain.
At this time, Li Shidao had kicked out, and as expected, he acted resolutely and vigorously.
Chuck was shocked. If he kicked this foot on himself, he would definitely be unable to carry it. He had to work hard!
Seeing Li Shidao’s shot for the first time inspired Chuck to become stronger!
You must make yourself stronger!
Chuck saw how Karen Lee resisted. She backed away, and then punched out with one punch, and the same move would kill him!
The two were fighting together, Chuck was dazzled, this is the real master showdown, one punch and one leg, both are tricks!
Li Shidao sneered and ridiculed, “My dad said that you are very powerful. Ten years ago, you were able to deal with my dad barely. Now you should be able to resist my dad’s ten tricks, yes, yes, but this is the strength Is it garbage?”
Li Shidao ridiculed and fisted, all attacked Karen Lee’s key points, head, neck, and heart nest.
Chuck was frightened! So thrilling!
Ordinary people have long been dead and do not know how many times, but Karen Lee has been retreating. Li Shidao seems to force Karen Lee to retreat!
Chuck sinks, is this Li Shidao so powerful?
But Tang’s expression changed a little. She may not have seen Karen Lee’s real shot for a long time, so she was a little enchanted.
Just when Chuck was anxious, he suddenly saw Li Shidao attack unearthed with a punch, it was so sudden!
“Mom!” Chuck was shocked.
Karen Lee expressionless, grasped the palm, actually grabbed Li Shidao’s fist steadily!
The man’s hand was originally larger than the woman’s, but Karen Lee grabbed a big fist with his small hand and actually grabbed it firmly.
“Want to grab my fist? Haha. You…” Li Shidao laughed. His fist was working hard, but what he greeted was a heavy slap! !
It was a crisp skin flicking sound, and Karen Lee’s palm hit Li Shidao’s face. Li Shidao was shocked for a moment, and the hot pain made him a little confused.
Another slap shot, Li Shidao stumbled to kneel, just because his fist was caught by Karen Lee.
“It hasn’t been big or small,” Karen Lee said.
“Dare you dare to hit me?” Li Shidao was terrible, and his saliva came out with blood.
Karen Lee’s slap is heavy! boom!
Karen Lee kicked it, as if the car crashed out!
“Ah!” Li Shidao’s body flew up. Like a prawn, he curled his body and fell to the ground. He spit out blood and his face was incredible!
In less than a minute, I was so defeated? ?
He felt dreaming, Chuck was stunned, Yvette stared at Karen Lee, his eyes were ruthless.
Logan smiled, she could not see Karen Lee’s strength.
Constantly strengthening, such terrible self-discipline, also inspired her to move on.
“You…” Li Shidao got up, and Karen Lee came over with a slap.
Snapped! !
Li Shidao couldn’t even get his hands, he was shocked, impossible, how could he be so vulnerable?
When the slap came down, Li Shidao’s eyes were dazzled. He had blood in his mouth, and his teeth were all smashed. He was very powerful. If you know that Karen Lee had a bracelet with dozens of pounds on her wrist, these three slaps are multiple. ?
Li Shidao fell to the ground, “Karen Lee, you are dead, dare to hit me like this, I want to call my dad, don’t come over, don’t come over.”
“You fight.” Karen Lee said.
Li Shidao got up, and he took out his cell phone, called his father, Li Overlord, and connected, “Dad, Dad, Karen Lee hit me…”
Li Shidao sneered, Karen Lee has been very honest in front of his father, and he dare not say much. Now that he hears his father’s voice, does Karen Lee not scare her urine? Haha!
“What? Where is she?” There was a cold voice on the phone. .
“I’m in front of him.” Karen Lee’s face expression.
“You apologize to him, did you hear that!!!” Overlord Li scolded, his voice very angry.
“Do not.”
“Dare you say no to me?” Li Batian’s voice calmed down.
“Yes, no. I have to let you know that I’m playing with him.” Karen Lee walked over and slapped it out!
Li Shidao grumbled to the ground, his face was already the same as the pig’s head,
“Dad, Dad, you will let her kneel down for me!!”
Li Shidao is Li Pao’s favorite son. He has everything since childhood, including letting Karen Lee kneel!
“Karen Lee, do you dare to beat my son?” Li Batian’s voice was poisonous.
“Yes, hit, because he was going to kill my son.” Karen Lee’s eyes were cold.
“Kill your son? Karen Lee, you can do it, you are upset, even if the world kills your son, what are your qualifications to beat him? What kind of garbage is your son, don’t you know? After birth, put him in China Now, what do you want to do?
How does he compare with my son? One rubbish, die if you die, and I will give you a billion dollars in return, you are still young, you can still have one,…” Li Batian said coldly .
“I’m just a son, and you can have one,” Karen Lee grabbed Li Shidao’s neck, and there was a murder in his eyes.
“Dare you? Let go, have you heard? If my son has something to do, I will drive you out of Li’s house! Did you hear me?” Li Batian growled!
He heard the painful voice of his son, and he was surprised that his son had strength. How could it be defeated by Karen Lee?
Karen Lee used his fingers to lift Li Shidao. Li Shidao felt that he was having difficulty breathing. For the first time, he felt that death was in sight.
“Dad, Dad, she is going to kill me…” Li Shidao was finally afraid. He saw Karen Lee’s indifferent gaze. He saw it, as if he saw the god of death…
“Karen Lee, you give me a hand, have you heard?” Li Overlord growled.
“How does he kill my son? Why should I let go?” Karen Lee’s voice was particularly cold? !
According to her temper, if other people play with Chuck, she will kill all the men in this family!
Today, she is kind enough!
“Why? Just because your son can’t compare with my son, just because he is your son, and the world is my son! This is the difference! Why do you want to rely on?”
Li overlord scolded!
“Brother, Ce’er also called your uncle, you have to…” Karen Lee sighed.
“Uncle? Don’t insult me. The garbage man you were looking for gave birth to this wild seed. Are you still proud?” Li Bazhu laughed.
Yes, the Li family is one of the four major families in the world. It has such a deep background. What kind of man can’t find such conditions as Karen Lee? But I just found a man who has no money and no power. This is a self-proclaimed identity!
This is the shame of the Li family!
Chuck was surprised. What does he mean? Is his dad, the poor boy chasing the strong woman? Maybe.
“I’m not proud, I think my life is like this, just like it, nothing else.” Karen Lee sighed and shook his head. After so many years, they are still talking about this, and now they say Chuck is a wild seed, and Karen Lee is angry At the extreme, Chuck is his own child, the only child. , She forbids others to say so! !

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