My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 398

Indeed, Karen Lee has nothing to fear. Li Shidao first moved Chuck, not Chuck first. Even if Li Shidao died in his own hands and was impeached by his family, Karen Lee would calmly face it.
She hasn’t encountered such a scene. When she married Chuck’s father, basically everyone in the family opposed it, because Chuck’s father had no strength, no background, and no money.
The people in the family basically think that he is not worthy of Karen Lee. These Karen Lee are calmly faced, fighting against the opposition. If you oppose you, I marry me.
Karen Lee finally got his wish.
Facts also prove that there has been no conflict with Chuck’s father for so many years.
If Karen Lee compromised then, what would happen?
Karen Lee is so calm, Logan is at ease, but she knows that Karen Lee has experienced too many strong winds and waves. Although today’s incident is serious, it is very likely to be driven out by the people of the Li family, but Logan believes that Karen Lee will survive this incident safely. .
However, Logan is also a bit worried. After all, the Li family is patriarchal. Karen Lee has been in a low position since being born in the Li family, and even looked down upon by many people in the family and was excluded from the rest of the family.
Because Karen Lee was an excellent child since she was a child, she was particularly independent, and she was particularly capable. She was better than many people in her family.
At that time. Karen Lee’s elder brothers each had hundreds of thousands of pocket money, and she was only a few hundred dollars in college. This difference can be said to be so big.
But Karen Lee didn’t complain. She was very grateful. She came out to do things herself and achieved the countless wealth today. Several of her elder brothers are far behind her in this respect.
Karen Lee grew up in this situation.
In this case, Karen Lee killed his family’s candidate heir, Li Shidao. One can imagine what he would encounter and besieged by the whole family.
Logan wants to go back to the United States with Karen Lee.
“Aunt Karen, do you want to tell Ceer now?” Logan worried.
“This is not necessary,” Karen Lee certainly will not tell Chuck at this time, how serious this matter is, no matter whether the fatal blow that killed Li Shidao is Yvette, in fact, for Karen Lee, Li The world will die today! !
“Well,” Logan sighed.
“I’ll go back first, and I won’t talk to Ceer in person,” Karen Lee got on the helicopter. She drove to the airport and took a private plane that she had already prepared to return to the United States.
Watching Karen Lee leave, Logan worried, she turned around and saw Chuck out.
Chuck knew that his mother was leaving, but did not expect to leave so anxiously.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck felt that his mother was in trouble, probably because of Li Shidao’s death. Overlord Li would definitely start to retaliate.
“Ceeer, you go first and take a good rest.” Logan felt distressed. How to say this evening, Chuck was badly beaten and should take a rest.
“Well, Aunt Logan, you are so kind to me.” Chuck didn’t know how to express it.
Logan appeared. Chuck was deeply moved. Will she refuse if she hugs her thanks now?
Chuck did not dare, and Logan became more and more respected in his heart.
“Don’t say so, go and have a good rest.” Logan felt that she wanted to check Chuck’s injuries, but Yvette was there. How did she check?
“En.” Chuck looked at the old mother who had left, Chuck turned around, and went down from the top floor with Logan. The Yeshi Hotel was damaged. It must be repaired tomorrow, otherwise it would not be able to continue business.
Chuck returned to the room and found that Yvette had fallen asleep because she was too tired. She was also seriously injured today. Chuck walked past with pain and lay gently beside Yvette and kissed her on the cheek.
Chuck embraced Yvette and closed her eyes. Yvette felt a little cold. She curled up and got into Chuck’s arms.
Chuck felt relieved and didn’t do anything, so he slept with tired Yvette…

When Karen Lee arrived in the United States, she calmed down when she got off the plane, because there were more than ten black Mercedes-Benz parked in the private airport of the United States. These were all members of the Li family.
Karen Lee was silent and fast.
Karen Lee got off the plane and an old Tang suit came down from the car. This is Xiao Xian, the steward of the Li family.
There were also people coming out of other cars, all in uniform clothes.
Karen Lee came over, “Old Xiao.”
“Miss, you are fine today, let’s go back to the family with me,” Xiao Xian sighed.
The whole family went crazy last night. Li Shidao was the first heir of the family.
He actually died in China, and he still died. In the hands of my aunt!
The people of the Li family are furious! !
“Good.” Karen Lee didn’t fluctuate in her heart. When she entered the rice country, she knew what she was about to face, but she didn’t regret it. When she flew back from the country to China, she knew it.
“Miss, please!” Xiao Xian reached out and Karen Lee got in a car. The car of the big army took Karen Lee back to Li’s house.
In the car, the housekeeper Xiao Xian saw Karen Lee being so calm. He sighed. He has been in the Li family for decades. He knows what kind of character Karen Lee is, and he is especially good to the people in his family, but he has received it. Too much unfair treatment, but Karen Lee did not care about these.
The Li family has such children, and it is also a blessing for the Li family, but the rest of the Li family don’t think so!
Xiao Xian sighed when he thought about it. This time he went back to the family and looked at the people in the family. The emotion of anger, Karen Lee will definitely not be good in the end.
Karen Lee smiled, “Old Xiao, how is your granddaughter’s illness?”
Xiao Xian sighed, the situation was not very good, but Karen Lee did so much for this matter, but Xiao Xian was grateful, but such a good young lady, now under the oppression of everyone in the Li family.
“Miss, is your son okay?” Xiao Xian cared.
“It’s okay, he’s fine, but it’s your granddaughter’s disease. Our pharmaceutical company has already developed special effects drugs, and it’s almost time for clinical trials. You can rest assured,” Karen Lee said.
“Thank you,” Xiao Xian sighed even more.

Li family!
In the super-large villa, there are all direct families of the Li family, there are more than 30 people, including Karen Lee’s elder brother four, her elder brother more than ten children, and Li family’s current owner Li Yuancang!
Everyone on the scene was glaring at them. They were so angry. Li Shidao was the most capable one among the descendants of the Li family. It was so dead!
And he was killed by the elders in his family.
Several brothers of Karen Lee are distressed! !
“It’s so ridiculous, Karen is too much this time, actually killed the world!” Karen Lee’s second brother was angry!
“Yeah. She knows that the rules in the family are absolutely infighting, even if you commit a crime, you still have to die! Is this what elders should do? It is just cold and ruthless, what about our Li family? Will there be such a descendant? This makes it difficult for all the fathers and ancestors to calm down their anger!”
“Absolutely punish her this time!”
“I agree, this nature is too bad, killing the world, this is to make his son higher?”
“It must be!” The Li family was very angry.
“Dad, this time quietly killing my son is a flagrant violation of family rules. She just didn’t put you in your eyes. This family can accommodate her?” Li Pai’s eyes were red and heartbroken! !
“Yeah, I think I’m going to drive her out of our Li family! Our Li family doesn’t have such a cruel descendant! If I let her stay in it, would it be good? My son is also capable. She wants to put her son in position. My son also killed?!”
The main face of the Li family is ugly. This character is indeed too bad to punish severely. How will the Li family manage it in the future?
Isn’t it messy?
Overlord Li was cold. He told the matter last night. Sure enough, the whole family was boiling. This is annoying!
“Quiet, Xiao Lao has picked her up at the airport, and I will deal with it.” The head of the Li family spoke, and the people of the Li family became quiet. In this case, they wanted to see Karen Lee being driven out!
“Go back to the old man, the lady brought it back.” Xiao Xian ran in. He felt the cohesion of the atmosphere at the scene. This was angry. He sighed. Karen Lee must be finished today. Alas, will such a good person be expelled from the Li family? ?
Then Karen Lee will also be sad! !

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