My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 402

Chuck woke up and Yvette was lying next to him. For several days, the two people slept together. Yvette did not say to leave because Chuck said that his mother had returned to the country.
Chuck kissed Yvette, she opened her eyes and slept soundly last night, “Hubby, are you going to school today?”
After killing Li Shidao, plus those days, and these days, Chuck hasn’t gone to school for nearly ten days. How can this be done?
This is the sophomore year, and the class is about to be absent. Yvette is very worried about Chuck’s studies.
Chuck was thinking that his mother called yesterday to let him study fighting well, so Chuckde temporarily stopped the course, because if Li Overlord came to China, then he would not have improved and would definitely die.
“Hubby, you are too young to give up your studies. I’ll give you a make-up lesson, will you?” Yvette is more serious. She is a university teacher, and she has excellent grades from childhood to big. As long as Zhang Zeken learns, You can graduate with the best grades in the school.
Chuck said in Yvette’s ear.
After Yvette heard it, his ears were all red. “Hubby, be more serious, I won’t teach you that, and I won’t, you know.”
“Then I will teach you.” Chuck hugged her.
“No, take it seriously.” Yvette sat up, but Chuck was unwilling, she took the initiative to kiss Chuck.
Chuckcai let go.
This trick is really a try.
“Get out of bed, get ready, I will teach you the university courses today, I am your teacher now, ah, no, um…”
Yvette blushed, and her eyes were tender. She took Chuck, but fortunately, no matter what Chuck did, Yvette kept his last line of defense.
Chuck and Yvette got up, and Yvette taught Chuck University courses. At noon, Chuck received a call from Zelda and asked if she could help her?
Zelda has been tortured by her mother for so long, so she can’t help calling Chuck, after all, Chuck has been missing for so long.
Chuck has been entangled for a long time. My mother said that although she is temporarily safe, she is still in danger, but Chuck knows that Zelda’s character is too compelling.
Chuck agreed, but how to tell Yvette?
This is a problem. Chuckke did not know that Yvette slapped Zelda before.
Chuck can only say one trip. When Yvette was worried, it happened that her cell phone also rang, it was her mother Yan Li’s phone.
The two separated, Chuck went to find Zelda and came back tonight, and Yvette went to find her mother. On the phone, her mother let Yvette pass by.
Yvette went to find her mother. In a ruined place, besides her mother, Yan Li, and her bodyguard, there was also a woman who still had charm. She was very strange.
Yvette was subconsciously alert and approached his mother.
“This is a person from Phoenix, the international killer organization. I have already signed up for you, but your daughter has already been admitted. You are not ranked in the world now. The killer is divided into three stages. It is unknown and unknown. When the news is over, it’s frightening!” Yan Li said.
This is the best way for Yvette to improve her thoughts these days.
Being a killer, being a killer, you can make money and improve your abilities. This is the best of both worlds!
Yan Li did it for a period of time without Yvette. It was very bad. It was only
5,000 US dollars at a time. When it was the best, it was only 30,000 US dollars.
That was more than thirty years ago, but it was also able Let Yan Li come into contact with the killer organization.
Can also make Yvette a killer!
It’s just that at this stage, no guest will order it personally. Without fame, who will find you?
So at this stage, Yvette can only get some jobs that others don’t want, such as killing ordinary people.
Huaxia currency is around 50,000 yuan.
Very cheap.
Yvette is silent, being a killer? She hesitated a little.
“You can make your own rules, such as not killing anything,” the strange woman reminded.
Yvette considered that at this time, she only had this kind of compromise. Be a killer and exercise herself, otherwise she could not recapture her property from her cousin!
After all, it is very simple, fighting needs practice!
The killer is the best practice!
“Black Rose, the number one female killer, has a starting price of 10 million US dollars. It is the dream of many people to achieve this level, but she is not the pinnacle. The most powerful thing is the night sky, the number one killer before her. The starting price is 50 million US dollars. The rule of the night sky is not to kill the old and the young, not to kill the sick, or to kill the good people,” said the strange woman.
Yvette remained silent for a few seconds and agreed, “Okay. I agree to be a killer.
My rules are the same as the night sky you said!”
Yvette has never been in contact with the killer industry. She must have never heard of the overnight sky, but once for 50 million dollars, Yvette did not deny that she was emotional, and this killer called the night sky is very humane. Yvette Feeling similar to herself, she decided in her heart to make this night sky the ultimate goal! !
“Yes, you can code yourself. The killers all have codes.”
“Blood leopard!” Yvette’s eyes were cold.
“Good.” The strange woman, according to this name, entered the name into the list of killer organizations. Now she is at the lowest stage of killers, and also the stage where 96% of the killers are in the unknown.
At this time, Yvette did not have any fame, and the name Blood Leopard had just entered the system.
“Do you have a job now?” Yvette said.
The woman glanced at Yvette, “Are you short of money?”
“I…” Yvette could not answer, lack of money? As long as Yvette mentions Chuck, then her account is at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, and there is no shortage of money, but Yvette doesn’t want Chuck to support him, so what?
She has to support herself.
Yan Li also looked at Yvette.
“No shortage, but want to work,” Yvette finally said, in this kind of work, you can hone yourself!
Women, “Let me see, your current price, according to fame, is less than 30,000. If it is 30,000, you need to give the organization 20%. This understand?”
“Understood.” Yvette must understand that such an organization is not a public good.
“Okay, there is a killer mission. According to your rules, there is a suitable one, a boss.”
“What’s the name?”
“I will send the information to you, but I want to remind you that if you die while performing the task, it has nothing to do with the organization. Is this clear?”
“Well, the information has been sent to your mobile phone, you can check it, you can contact me if you have anything, I said to you in advance, the killer does not only kill people, we also do to protect people.” The strange woman left.
“Where is the black rose now?” Yvette’s eyes were cruel!
This black rose never showed up and was seriously injured.
“Do you know Black Rose?” The strange woman was so surprised.
Black Rose is the headline of the killer organization. Too many people have been found to kill her. Her work is too busy, but Black Rose really does everything, kill men, women, children, whatever is good or bad, as long as you have money .
But Black Rose only receives one order a month, and it depends on mood.
“Know, tell me where is she now?”
“We don’t know, and even if it is clear, we won’t reveal it. Similarly, if Black Rose asks you through the organization, we won’t answer.” The strange woman said, this is the rule, otherwise there is no such rule, the killer organization is not a mess Anymore?
Yvette was silent, which was fine.
“I personally advise you that Black Rose is the world’s first female killer. Don’t look for her, because you will die in her hands,” the strange woman said.
Yvette will definitely find her, because she tortured Chuck so miserably! Chuck must be avenged!
The woman leaves.
Yvette looked at his mobile phone, with photos on it, and a detailed address. This person did meet his requirements.
“Daughter.” Yan Li was at ease, as she was capable of this.
“Well, mom, you two are hiding for a while, I started to perform the task,” Yvette said, this person is not too far from himself, if it goes well, there will be results within these two days.
For the first time as a killer, Yvette cheered himself up, cheer, his price will definitely exceed 50 million US dollars! Over the night sky!

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