My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 412

Du Peixin heard the voice of this text message, she looked at Chuck, hesitated and came over, “Your phone rang,”
Because she saw that Zhao Yunlei did not mean to look at the phone.
Only a few minutes, how could there be any arrival information?
Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “The phone rang and rang…”
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“Look at your mobile phone, it’s accounted for, four billions accounted for.” Chuck said seriously.
Mom’s work efficiency, it is super fast, this is definitely the arrival information.
My mom said just now that you are taking advantage of it, of course Chuck knows. This is the best way. Who told you to look down on me?
Let you sell at a low price.
“Haha, the arrival information? Do you think I will believe it?”
Zhao Yunlei felt that if he really took out his mobile phone, he would really be laughed at, especially by this Chuck.
He would think that he actually believed, and such a move would be particularly stupid.
Zhao Yunlei thought so, his face cooled down, this is playing himself in public! !
Zhao Yunlei raised his hand and snapped his fingers.
These people immediately surrounded Chuck and looked coldly. For them, Chuck was rubbish. After all, there are many people, and one person only gives him a punch, so Chuck is estimated to be killed.
“Look at your phone, it’s time to pay!!!” Chuck frowned.
What does Zhao Yunlei pretend to be? Don’t believe it upon arrival?
“Fight!” Zhao Yunlei spit out such a word.
Du Pei hesitated, should he speak in this situation?
Said, but would offend the Zhao family.
Without saying, he will definitely be beaten.
These people immediately kicked and kicked Chuck, and Chuck was also on fire.
He still had iron rods in his hands and raised his hands to hit people.
However, there were too many people. Chuck was punched a few punches at a time. Chuck couldn’t hurt anymore. Was he beaten like this? ?
Suddenly, it was quiet!
Because everyone here heard Zhao Yunlei’s phone ringing, who dare to disturb Zhao Yunlei to answer the phone? Don’t dare to fight, pause.
Zhao Yunlei frowned and took out his mobile phone to see. This is the call of Zhao’s housekeeper. What did he call over at this time?
“Hey, what’s the matter?” Zhao Yunlei asked, but the housekeeper was deeply trusted by his grandpa, so he didn’t dare to disrespect the housekeeper.
“Master! What did you do just now?” There was an old voice on the phone.
“What did you do? What do you want to ask?”
“Oh, Master, don’t worry, I just want to ask, you just suddenly had a large sum of money in your account, so I asked,” said the housekeeper.
“Money?” Zhao Yunlei didn’t look at Chuck, because the money should have been transferred by his friend. He borrowed the money before, and it should have been returned just now, but not much, just 300 million, not to let The butler personally called to ask.
Zhao Yunlei wondered, “How much?”
“No more, no less than four billion!” The butler said. This matter is nothing to the Zhao family, but Zhao Yunlei is just one of the many descendants of the Zhao family. Suddenly there is such a large amount of liquidity. He must ask clear,
“What? How much do you say?” Zhao Yunlei suddenly burst out loud.
It’s quiet here and the needle drop is audible!
These people are even more afraid to start, what’s wrong with Master Zhao? ?
What is the situation?
Du Pei’s heart is moving, is it…
“Master, you have such a big reaction, don’t you know it in advance? Four billion!
Your account arrived four billion just three minutes ago!” said the steward.
Zhao Yunlei is sure that he heard correctly, these four billion, this is…
After he was surprised, it was unbelievable, impossible! !
He stared at Chuck. How could this stupid man have so much money? ?
“Did you read it wrong?” Zhao Yunlei was exasperated.
“I’m old, but I can’t make a mistake about this number, it’s four billion. This can’t be wrong, young master, what’s going on? Please tell me something.
Zhao Yunlei’s eyes were about to burst into flames. Suddenly, he smiled, “I will tell you later when I will go back. This is money. Others honor me…”
“Oh, that’s what it is. That’s okay. Forty billions of years to honor you, no problem.” The housekeeper hung up the phone, which is normal.
There must be someone who wants to let the young master do something, or do cooperation in the name of the Zhao family, then for the Zhao family, there is not much for the name of the Zhao family.
Before, someone sent 6 billion to the old man, saying that he wanted to take shelter…
Is 4 billion more than 6 billion? Not much at all.
Zhao Yunlei received his cell phone, looked at Chuck sarcastically, and snapped his fingers. These people backed away temporarily.
“I can’t see it. You really have 4 billion out. It’s good, good,” Zhao Yunlei laughed.
The dozens of people present were dumbfounded, but they actually turned 4 billion?
So this kid is also rich second generation? ?
But what is the second rich generation in front of the Zhao family?
Not a shit!
Du Pei was not surprised. How could Chuck come up with 2.5 billion yuan before?
How could he not get 4 billion yuan?
But the four billion yuan came out, Chuck, dare you pick this hotel? Are you afraid that Zhao’s face will not recognize people? ?
“So this hotel is mine, and tomorrow I will let someone come to handle the transfer procedures,” Chuck shrugged. This matter must have Yolanda come to handle it.
Taking over this hotel, Yolanda will be more busy. Chuck is thinking, yes Shouldn’t I have to find someone else?
After all, it is not possible for Yolanda to manage too much. Let Yolanda grow bigger and give Lu You cultural relics some helpers. Chuck thinks so. Look, if you have this ability, Chuck will win.
“Haha! I’m curious, who did you call?” Zhao Yunlei laughed.
“My mother, my mother is very rich,” Chuck said seriously.
“Haha, haha!”
These people laughed, what did they say in front of the Zhao family? ? There are actually such ignorant people, haha, to laugh at the dead.
Du Pei was embarrassed, she was curious, Chuck, who the hell are you? Show off your wealth in front of the Zhao family, are you really as rich as the Zhao family? This should be impossible!
Because the four big families are the richest people in China.
“Are you going to laugh at me?” Zhao Yunlei came over and patted Chuck’s shoulder, as if he were patting a pen.
“I didn’t make you laugh, this hotel is mine, you can leave.” Chuck said lightly.
“Haha, you’re really a pen, I’ll give it to you, do you dare to ask for it?” Zhao Yunlei was terrible.
“Not you gave it to me, I bought it, you must give it to me,” Chuck shrugged, not given? That’s easy.
Hundreds of people were asked to come over and enter the Zhao family directly, to see if you give it or not!
After all, those people are all trained by mothers, all of them can play more than ten.
Zhao Yunlei’s brow furrowed, and the grimness became more obvious, “Shabi, your money is filial to me, and you still don’t understand? Hit, hit me!!!”
Chuck glanced at him, his heart was heavy, come this set?
He took out his mobile phone and called.
The phone connected, “Young Master.”
This is Betty’s voice.
“Call someone over, I took over a hotel.” Chuck said.
“Good young master, wait a minute.”
The phone hung up, Zhao Yunlei sneered, “Do you know what the Zhao family means?”
“I don’t know, but I bought your things. If you don’t give them to me, I will let you know who I am.” Chuck shrugged.
Calm down to the extreme, what are you afraid of?
“It’s a waste of tongues to talk to you, don’t say it, give me a half-death first, and then say.” Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, half-dead, and then let the people in Chuck’s house come over and kneel to admit that he was wrong? !
“Yes, young master!” These people came immediately, Chuck looked at Zhao Yunlei, who sneered sneerly, and he suddenly caught him.
“What are you doing? Let go of our young master!!!”
Thirty people present glared at Chuck!
Zhao Yunlei calmed down, he was pushed by Chuck with an iron rod, but what was he afraid of? This is the place of the Zhao family.
When talking about Huaxia, he really didn’t encounter it, some people dared to move their own.
Ha ha, today I met a man who is not afraid of death.
Du Peixin is so weird, Chuck, what are you doing, do you know?
Ignite the upper body!
“Boy, I counted three, and you let me go, otherwise, I’ll let your family die!” Zhao Yunlei dared to move himself? This is the end!
“I ask you, did you give me the hotel honestly?” Chuck looked at him.
“Dare you want?” Zhao Yunlei sneered, knowing the sky is thick! !

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