My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 414

Betty’s injury is not good, but the team has come over. She is the fastest driver. She is worried that Chuck has been hurt. The big army is still behind. You can come over immediately!
Chuck walked past, and Betty saw Chuck didn’t get hurt so much, her relaxed heart relaxed.
“Master!” Betty came out of the car.
“Sister Li,”
“Well, what is the situation now, Master?” Betty asked.
After Chuck called her and said that when she bought a hotel, she immediately checked who the hotel was.
It was actually the Zhao family.
Betty was a little surprised, but not surprised, but surprised Chuck how he liked this hotel? ?
“The money was given, but this person gave me the hotel.” Chuck said coldly.
“Well, this? Master, let me deal with these things.” Betty said, this matter is simple.
Karen Lee is one of the four largest families in the world, but it is much more powerful than the Zhao family in China. The pattern is different!
This is really a small matter for Karen Lee.
“Good,” Chuck was relieved. Bai Ce’s performance, Chuck understood, he still underestimated his mother’s strength.
This confidence is definitely more powerful than the Zhao family.
“Master, wait, people are still behind.” Betty has experience in this area, and there are too many.
“Well,” Chuck had no opinion, let Betty deal with these things, and then let Yolanda come to take over the matter tomorrow.
At this time, Liu Meili and they came down. The manager didn’t come over to drive them away. She was really surprised. Is this the solution? Otherwise, why didn’t the manager come?
Is this Chuck’s background better than the Zhao family? Is this unlikely?
But this is how it is solved. Maybe Chuck knows other people, such as the other three big families?
“Daughter…Is the matter resolved?” Liu Meili asked when she came over, the reception was over perfectly, she had a great face!
“Solved…” Zelda muttered to himself.
“How to solve it? Did Chuck know people from other families, so they can solve this matter?” Liu Meili felt that it must be so.
How lucky is Chuck to be able to meet people from other families!
I didn’t expect Chuck to have this skill!
Liu Meili is more satisfied with Chuck.
“No, the reason is solved because Chuck bought this hotel.” Zelda said, she all feels dreaming, what a Baller can do, the solution, so straightforward, just buy it That’s it.
“What? What are you talking about, daughter?” Liu Meili froze, her jaw stunned, bought this hotel?
This is Zhao’s hotel? How to buy this? ?
What’s more, how much is this hotel? Billions? Seven or eight billion is possible, but it was solved in less than an hour? Liu Meili was so indescribable.
“Buy, Chuck bought this hotel.”
Liu Meili was shocked and speechless. Who was Chuck? ?
“Master, let’s go to Zhao’s house now, it’s not too far away,” Betty thinks, it’s better to solve this matter today, so much night long dreams!
“Okay,” Chuck said.
Betty sat back in the car and called the people behind, “Everyone turned around!”
“Sister Zelda, are you going?” Chuck asked her opinion, can’t he directly pull Zelda?
“I, I go,” Zelda worried about Chuck, but this went to Zhao’s house!
“Then get on the bus, auntie, go back and rest,” Chuck said.
Liu Meili no longer talks.
“Chuck, you get in the car first, and I will say a few words to my mother,” Zelda said helplessly.
Chuck shrugged and sat in the car first.
“Mom, go back with Dad first.”
“Ah? Daughter, aren’t you kidding? This is the Zhao family’s hotel? Isn’t it possible to buy it with money?” Liu Meili was so shocked that she couldn’t describe her heartbeat.
“No, Chuckzhen bought this hotel.”
“Agree? Others agree?” Liu Meili couldn’t understand. How could Zhao Yunlei agree? Let others know that Zhao Jiaran betrayed the hotel, this Zhao’s face was about to be beaten!
“The money was given, but…” Zelda couldn’t say it. If that’s to say, now going to the Zhao’s house to ask for a hotel, his mother would be scared to death.
“But what. Your daughter?”
“it’s okay no problem.”
Liu Meili breathed a sigh of relief, “Daughter, this Chuck really surprised me. I tell you, don’t break up with him, you can’t find a few such powerful men.”
Zelda smiled bitterly, he had no definite relationship with Chuck, so why break up?
What’s more, Zelda thinks that this should be the limit, but she has an idea. She wants a child, a child of herself and Chuck, but this depends on Chuck’s consent!
“Mom, I know. I’m gone. You and Dad are going home,” Zelda got on. Betty drove outside.
Liu Meili was so proud that her daughter had a good vision, and actually found a man who could buy the Zhao Family Hotel!
“What are you still doing here? This hotel is my son-in-law.” Liu Meili looked at the young woman who had been forced.
She just saw a lot of things here just now, but she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak. It turned out that Chuck was not a duck, that Chuck had more money than her, that she was rubbish in front of Chuck…
“I, I…” The young woman blushed.
“Go! Go for me now!” Liu Meili is proud and can finally pull back a round. This feels good!
The young woman blushed and went to the parking lot. She murmured and looked away. She already knew that he was just WeChat just now. His body is so charming. Maybe he likes this type of young woman like him?
Young woman getting on the car lusciously.
She drove away, but Qian Yueying hadn’t left yet. She just saw Betty driving in Rolls-Royce. Who is this woman?
Is this woman going to buy the hotel? Bought it? ? should not. She didn’t know this woman, so how could Betty have the ability to buy Zhao’s things?
Qian Yueying felt that she wasted too much time. Today she was ridiculous. Chuck ended up okay, but without the police coming, she was estimated to be beaten badly. She drove away.

Zhao Family!
As one of the four major families, the Zhao family, this place is particularly large, and the entire villa community belongs to the Zhao family.
No one else can get close to this place! !
Because this is the place of the Zhao family, others are not qualified to come over!
Zhao’s housekeeper, Zhao Lao, was resting, but at this time, there was a knocking sound outside his door.
He opened his eyes and got up. Open the door, it is the guard of the Zhao family!
“What’s the matter?” Lao Zhao asked.
It’s already early in the morning, what are you doing?
This situation is too few, basically not, because the Zhao family has been on the right track for too long, and nothing will happen at all.
“Old Zhao, there is a team of cars coming here,”
“Team? What team?” Zhao Lao frowned, no one applied for a visit today, not to mention, what time is it now, and come back? What is this for?
“The leader is a Rolls-Royce, and the rest are all off-road vehicles. There are more than 20 vehicles.”
“Get rid of them! The Zhao family didn’t see anyone without applying!” Zhao Lao said.
The guard immediately commanded with the intercom, but the response on the opposite side was unstoppable.
Zhao Lao frowned, “Go, go out and see. Someone dared to break into the Zhao’s place, don’t die?”
People of other families will not do this, after all, they have not torn their faces!
But in addition to the other three big families in China, who has this courage?
They came to the door. This is the door of the Zhao family. The atmosphere was very special. Zhao Lao stood on it and looked through the telescope. Indeed, he saw a convoy coming over here. Ignore Zhao’s warning completely!
After all, such a big family of the Zhao family must have their own guard team!
“These people don’t know, how come they come to Zhao’s house?” The guard head asked
“This is not a problem, go to the Zhao family, who he is, and let him regret it! The family guards are dispatched! Stop them!!!” Zhao Lao ordered coldly.
This is a violation of the dignity of the Zhao family and must be severely punished!
“Yes!” The head of the guard immediately began to order, rumbling, Zhao family guard team came out of the villa!
Dare to break into the Zhao family? A dead end!

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