My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 415

In the roar, the Zhao family’s convoy drove out.
Stopped the car directly!
Chuck was sitting in the car with no expression on his face. Zelda was nervous. He really came to the Zhao family. Didn’t he dream?
“Come out of three cars and hit me!!” Betty ordered!
These rear off-road vehicles are not ordinary vehicles, comparable to armored vehicles, they have been specially modified!
The materials of these bodies are new metals developed by Karen Lee Technology Co., Ltd., which are particularly crash-resistant!
This metal has not yet been announced, but this metal in Karen Lee Technology Company has been favored by the US military, but Karen Lee did not agree!
Three off-road vehicles drove to the front!
The captain of the Zhao family’s family guard team frowned, “find death, hit me!!”
This car team, but there are dozens of cars! Afraid of you?
“Captain, the opponent does not slow down!”
“What are you afraid of? Hitting Lao Tzu!” The captain sneered, and now everyone dares to come and force at Zhao’s house? ?
The cars are speeding up!
The engine is roaring! boom!
The car collided with the car, and the captain was immediately shocked, because after the collision, there was no other party being hit and flew. Instead, his team was overturned and it seemed to be cleaned up. It was overturned by several cars at once. .
How is this going?
“Ah, Captain, their car is so hard!!” Someone was screaming!
“Hum, look for death, hit me all!!” The captain yelled!
More than a dozen cars crashed past, this is a particularly scary scene, more exciting than making a movie!
However, the car hit, Zhang Ze’s three cars here, the loss is not great, more than ten other cars were actually overturned!
The captain’s eyes widened, “How is this possible? It’s all cars, why are these cars crashing like this? Ah!!!”
Three cars crashed in!
The captain played the steering wheel frantically, but late, the drivers in the other three cars were all expressionless and specially trained! boom!
The captain screamed because the car he drove was knocked over!
He looked at these three cars in shock, drove quickly, and the other cars behind drove one by one. The captain felt incredible. Who are these people?
“Old Zhao, the family guard they…” The guard’s head widened his eyes!
This is damn, this is the Zhao family guards, each member is a master driver, and even a few are racing drivers, how could it be so frightened to be hit directly? ?
Lao Zhao’s eyes narrowed, and he said coldly, “The family is vigilant! Let the family number three come out!”
The guard head hurriedly did as instructed.
What kind of monsters are these cars? They are so terrifying.
Rumbling, at Zhaojia Airport, ten helicopters flew out, and in the rumble, came towards Chuck’s convoy!
“Sister Li!” Chuck was vigilant and actually dispatched a helicopter, and there were only ten vehicles at a time. Sure enough, this Zhao family is indeed one of the four big families!
The helicopter flew over, this whirlwind!
“Master, don’t worry! Our cars are all developed by President Li’s technology company in the United States. They have good capabilities!” Betty used the intercom. “Ten out of ten cars will solve these problems for me!”
Chuck didn’t understand how to solve this solution. After seeing that the car behind stepped on the accelerator, ten cars came out, suddenly. An opening was opened at the front of these cars, and suddenly an arrow as thick as an arm was shot!
This arrow has a chain link! boom!
Shot a helicopter flying fuel tank!
Then the car turned around and drove. The car’s horror engine power actually pulled the helicopter upside down. The helicopter’s flying cockpit was startled and madly controlled the aircraft. However, the car’s horsepower was too high. He pulled from the sky! boom!
Chuck was shocked, so amazing! Zelda stunned, what kind of car is this? Why is it so powerful?
The people trained by Karen Lee were too fast. After this helicopter was pulled down, other cars also shot arrows, and all of them shot the plane without mistake!
Boom, rumbling sounds, there are ten sounds!
Just came out, the whole family guards were wiped out! !
The guard’s head was shocked. Isn’t this a movie? Isn’t it?
Zhao Lao’s clouded eyes were startled, what’s the situation? The proud family escort has been solved this way? ?
“Call me all!” Zhao Lao stared at the Rolls-Royce car!
Betty drove to the door of Zhao’s house and stopped. She got out of the car and looked up at Old Zhao. “Open the door! I want to see your owner!”
“Who are you? The head of our Zhao family, can you see it when you say it!”
Who is this woman? He has been in China for so many years, he has seen many people, but this woman is too strange.
“My young master wants to see you!” Betty said, “I will break in without opening the door, after all, it’s your fault!!!”
“What’s wrong with us? What do you mean?” Lao Zhao looked ugly.
“You are a housekeeper, right?”
“Yes, I am the steward of the Zhao family!” Zhao Lao was proud, but the steward was better than too many rich people.
“Then you should know the flow of kajin for all your descendants of the Zhao family?”
“This, know, what do you mean?”
“Your Zhao family’s Zhao Yunlei received my family’s forty billion yuan, you know this matter!”
“Know how, don’t know how?” Zhao Lao stared at Betty, it turned out to be the matter!
“Just know, these four billions are the money that my young master bought your hotel in Zhao’s house! I brought the contract and let your owner sign it!” Betty said.
“What? Ridiculous!!!” Lao Zhao mocked and bought a hotel in Zhao’s forty billion yuan? The worst hotel in the Zhao family is about 4 billion, let alone, the Zhao family does not have any meaning to buy a hotel!
“Ridiculous? I don’t think it! Open the door!” Betty said.
“You came over for this matter, you know how much you lost to our Zhao family just now? Thirty cars, one million, a plane, 30 million!”
“Not enough, you haven’t counted the door yet! Open the door for me!!!” Betty ordered!
Twenty cars behind me drove insanely and crashed into the door! Zhao Lao’s face is twitching! Hot, this is a straight face! boom! !
The door was knocked open!
These cars drive in.
Betty returned to the car to continue driving!
Get inside!
Betty came out again, but there were already hundreds of people surrounding him.
However, Betty’s look did not change a little, and all the people she brought out came out, and the atmosphere here solidified!
“I don’t know if the sky is thick, I dare to come to Zhao’s house and let me catch them!”
Old Zhao Zhao scolded! !
“Ah!” Zhao’s escort team all attacked. One or two hundred people fought here, Betty’s men. Really played several, the scene was boiling!
“Master, wait a moment!” Betty said. Chuck nodded in the car, he could have seen the strength of his mother!
As long as it is not an armed force, these people of the mother can solve it!
Less than ten minutes later, Chuck fell over seven or eight people, and everyone was breathless, and all of the Zhao family were lying on the ground and wailing!
Betty swayed his long legs and walked in front of Mr. Zhao. “I will only say it once again, and tell your housekeeper to come out!”
“Do you know what you are doing? Here is!!!” Zhao Lao shocked, who are these people? Mercenaries? No, better than mercenaries!
Actually, the family guard of the Zhao family was solved like this!
It’s scarier than making a movie!
“You are challenging my patience, I don’t want my young master to wait, so.”
Betty raised her hand and slapped it out!
This slap is heavy!
It hit Zhao Lao’s face and shocked his wrinkled face.
When Zhao Lao fell to the ground, he was going to be stunned. Betty grabbed him and said, “Zhao’s family, very powerful? In our young master’s eyes, nothing counts!”
“Dare you dare to beat me?” Zhao Lao felt that after dreaming, he became the housekeeper of the Zhao family, how many wealthy people in China would have to face himself, and was actually beaten by a woman? This is hitting Zhao’s face!
Betty slapped!
Old Zhao screamed, he was really beaten!
“Also, let Zhao Yunlei come out, I want him to know that our young master can trample him!” Betty said coldly!

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