My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 419

Chuck left!
What is left is the descendants of the Zhao family who can no longer control themselves.
The scene is messy!
Such a situation would happen to the Zhao family today. The family guard of the Zhao family did not expect it, the descendants of the Zhao family did not expect it, nor did Zhao Yunlei, or even Zhao Tianlong.
He feels a little dreamy.
“Come here, call Dr. Zhang!” Zhao Tianlong ordered, breaking the silent hall of the raven.
These people looked at each other!
“Grandpa, who was the person just now?” Someone asked, which simply subverted their view of their Zhao family.
Is it really a mountain and a mountain?
But the Zhao family is already a particularly large mountain!
“You don’t need to know who it is, just know it, don’t mess with him! Our Zhao family…can’t afford it!” Zhao Tianlong was very majestic.
At this time, there was a Betty slap on his face, so eye-catching.
All the children of the Zhao family were dumbfounded! what? ? There are people who the Zhao family can’t afford?
“Grandpa, are they from the other three families?” someone asked.
“Stupid thing, the other three families? Will my Zhao family get upset?” Zhao Tianlong was furious. Was his descendants so bad?
Can this kind of problem be said?
These sons and daughters of the Zhao family are stunned. ?
“If today’s thing is spread, even if it is a little, I will kill the whole family!” Zhao Tianlong said coldly.
Today is the shame of the Zhao family, but this shame, he has no way!
Can only be broken and swallowed! Never let other people know, otherwise where would Zhao’s face go?
He now only hopes that the people of the other three families have no eye-catching policy, so things will be fun.
All the guards of the Zhao family looked at each other and could only nod. Who would dare to say this? Other descendants of the Zhao family seemed to be drinking at the top of their heads. This world is complicated. How can you sit down and watch the sky like this? ?
Where is the airtight wall between the world?
Qianjia, one of the four major families!
Qian Yueying heard the news that yesterday, there were a lot of cars going to the Zhao’s house. No one knew what was happening, but some people heard a very noisy crash.
What does this stand for? ?
Did someone actually go to Zhao’s house to make trouble? Qian Yueying is a smart woman. She is a bit gloating. Indeed, the four big families have always been fighting openly. Hearing that the Zhao family has an accident, then for the Qian family, that is a great benefit!
She wanted to find out exactly what happened, but there was no way to know. Was it the hands of the other two families?
It shouldn’t be. The strengths of the four families are similar. How could the other two families do this? Turning around is not so fast!
Qian Yueying was so strange that soon she received a call from the secretary.
“All the signboards of the Zhaoxia Hotel on Huaxia Road have gone, and they have changed their names.” The secretary said that they are very concerned about all the movements of other families. This hotel was only recently renovated. How could it be renovated? No, what about changing signboards?
This is incredible!
“What’s the name?” Qian Yueying was surprised. Isn’t this hotel the one that Chuck said to buy?
“Nine days hotel,”
This name? Qian Yueying was so surprised, is this not Zhao Family Hotel? Was it really bought by that person? How is this possible?
Qian Yueying went out and drove to the neighborhood of the hotel. She was so surprised to see that the hotel changed its name. She couldn’t figure out how the Zhao family would sell the hotel.
Who bought this? Qian Yueying felt that it was definitely not that Chuck. So who is it?
She was extremely curious.
She got out of the car and swayed her long legs to the hotel. Sure enough, the front desk was changed and everything was new.
There is also a particularly beautiful girl at the front desk, wearing professional attire, this is Yolanda came here to manage for a few days. Qian Yueying came over, “Who has your boss changed to?”
Seeing her, Yolanda was surprised, this woman is very temperament, a high-end brand, who is this person?
“Sorry, our boss is low-key,” Yolanda smiled slightly.
“So, did you really change the boss?” Qian Yueying was shocked. How did you buy it?
“Yes, I changed my boss.”
Qian Yueying is really indescribable. If it were her, she would definitely not sell it, and the Zhao family did not lack money. How could it be sold?
Too strange.
She went out and took the car again. She was curious in her heart. Was Huaxia a powerful person? Are you going to operate on the four big families?
She sent the news to WeChat, and the other two family members were also surprised. They speculated that the Zhao family had an accident?
How else would you sell a hotel?
For a time, there were many opinions, and Zhao Tianlong was extremely angry when he heard the news! Who spread the news? ?
Looking dead? ?
Du Peixin thought about it for three days, and it was really impossible to break through her bottom line. She decided to talk to Zhao Yunlei again, whether she was beaten or tortured, but she could never betray her body.
This is her bottom line, but when she was making a disturbing call to Zhao Yunlei, no one answered…
The fourth day and the fifth day were all like this. She was terrified. Did Zhao Yunlei change her mind? Did you start directly with your Du family?
Du Pei panicked, until one of her friends in the hospital, the orthopedist told her that when Zhao Yunlei was broken by someone, she was shocked…
No wonder the phone is not answered, but who dares to interrupt Zhao Yunlei’s leg?
Du Pei thought about it, a person came out of his mind, Chuck? Did Chuck fight?
Shouldn’t it? Chuck’s strength is definitely not that of Zhao Jiaqiang, how dare he fight…
Suddenly, Du Pei was stunned. At this time, she drove. She suddenly saw a car passing by a hotel. The person driving was like Chuck…
He offended Zhao Yunlei and was still intact? ?
Du Peixin couldn’t believe it. If you know that Zhao Yunlei is famous for being cruel, how could she let Chuck pass?
Du Pei’s thoughts just popped up in his heart, wouldn’t Zhao Yunlei really hit Chuck? ?
She drove along and entered the parking lot. She was surprised first. Why did this hotel change its sign? what happened?
At this time, she saw Chuck got off the bus and went in. The reception at the door was all respectful… Du Pei was shocked and was really bought by Chuck? But how is this possible?
Unbelievable, she got out and caught up, “Mr. Zhang…”
Chuck, who had just entered the hotel, turned back and saw Du Peixin. She is very beautiful today, tall, with perfect curves. She is simply a super woman, but what is she doing here?
“I want to ask you a question, has this hotel been taken by you…” Du Pei was shaking, and bought it, which means that Chuck’s strength is comparable to Zhao’s!
“Yes, I bought it,” Chuck didn’t hide it. What did you say? The woman saw it last time and changed money to Zhao Yunlei herself.
Du Pei was shocked, “How did the Zhao family agree?”
The signboards have changed, this is beyond doubt!
“I went to the Zhao family, and Zhao Tianlong agreed,” Chuck shrugged.
Oh my god, Du Pei was unbelievable. She suddenly had an idea, so she asked Chuck to help her!
Zhao Yunlei broke his leg, but he will definitely come over to threaten himself after he is well. Then if Chuck’s strength is the same as that of the Zhao family, then he seeks Chuck’s protection, then does Zhao Yunlei dare to do anything to himself?
“Me, can I talk to you?” Du Pei’s heart fluctuated a bit, this is an opportunity!
“Talk? I don’t seem to have anything to chat with you, your brother didn’t mess with me.”
“It’s not my brother, it’s me. I have something to ask you for help.” Du Pei bit his lip.
“You? Are you asking me for help?” Chuck was not able to do anything unexpectedly. Isn’t this the case with Du Peixin and Zhao Yunlei? Why ask yourself for help?
“Um, do you have time?”
“Speak straight, what do you want me to help, I think about it,” Chuckzhi said, not familiar with this woman. Although she is very beautiful and has a hot body, but she is not familiar, what is there to say?
“Me, me. Between me and Zhao Yunlei.” Du Pei summoned his courage, and said what happened to Zhao Yunlei. After Chuck heard it, he was surprised. What happened? She would be so threatened? ?

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