My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 418

Betty asked, now know who the young master is? ?
Zhao Tianlong was stunned. He didn’t know, he really didn’t know, because he didn’t know who the technology company that produced the metal in his hands, so how could he know who Chuck’s son was?
He didn’t know this, but it was definitely not easy to know Chuck’s parents!
The ability to open such a big technology company is totally promising! Technology is the way forward!
And Chuck’s parents have reached the forefront!
“Grandpa…” Someone from the Zhao family was forced.
What’s happening here?
When will my grandpa be like this? This expression is shocked, never happened!
You know, if Zhao family is so powerful, what can make the head of the family look so changed?
“Grandpa, what is this piece of metal?” Someone came and asked, I was really curious!
Isn’t it just a little garbage? There is nothing surprising at all.
As for letting Grandpa do this? ?
Zhao Tianlong looked at the expressionless Chuck. He came over, and the descendants of the Zhao family were stunned. What? ?
What’s wrong?
Grandpa actually got off the chair of the owner?
This is a treatment that no other three families have!
All the children of the Zhao family were shocked.
“His parents are the masters of this piece of metal?” Zhao Tianlong really didn’t want to ask, because if it were, then Chuck’s parents’ property could not be estimated.
Zhao Tianlong knew that his Zhao family invested so much money in the technology company of the United States, but it was difficult to make his company even third-rate. This is the difficulty. He has a deep understanding and can let the technology company come to the United States. Third, it can be said that one-tenth of the Zhao family is not enough.
Can only be described as amazing.
What does this stand for? ? On behalf of Chuck’s parents are rich! !
“Yes.” Betty said lightly.
“Hiss!” Zhao Tianlong took a breath of breath!
He suddenly understood why people brought by Chuck can crack their own family guards, because Chuck’s family is more powerful than his Zhao family!
He understood, why did Chuck dare to bring people over to the Zhao family, why dare to beat his grandson, why can he be so calm under the siege of hundreds of people…
All of this is over, because the Chuck family is richer than the Zhao family and stronger, it’s that simple.
“Grandpa, save me, save me, I’m so miserable.” Zhao Yunlei screamed. He was beaten by Betty so many times, and in front of everyone in the Zhao family, would he still want his face?
Zhao Tianlong came over and raised his skinny hands!
Snapped! !
Hit hard on Zhao Yunlei’s face.
Zhao Yunlei was stunned, all the descendants of the Zhao family were stunned, and his chin fell off.
What happened? Why did my grandfather beat his grandson? ?
“Grandpa, why did you hit me?” Zhao Yunlei was shocked. He felt dreaming, but the hot pain on his face made him sober.
“Fuck things, what did you do?” Zhao Tianlong hates iron and steel! brush!
All the children of the Zhao family are shocked!
My grandfather actually doesn’t care for the people in the family, what is the situation?
“Grandpa.” Zhao Yunlei was wronged, and his grandpa beat himself in front of others! Did you hit the wrong person?
Zhao Tianlong slapped again, “You can’t stop talking!!”
“Grandpa, are you confused? You don’t want to beat me, let people beat them,”
Zhao Yunlei said with a cry.
Zhao Tianlong gasped and scolded.
The hall was extremely quiet.
“What’s the point of playing like this?” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong gritted his teeth, “So what do you want?”
“Sign the contract first.” Betty took out the contract.
“Okay, I will return all 4 billion.” Zhao Tianlong didn’t even think of it himself, but actually said something like this.
“What? Grandpa is crazy, is this agreed? Returned 4 billion? My goodness!” The descendants of the Zhao family were shocked.
What does this mean? It means that his Zhao family bowed his head towards others!
All the children of the Zhao family are incredible!
“Grandpa…” Zhao Yunlei was the most shocked. He still thinks that Chuck came here is a dog jumping wall, but Grandpa’s performance has spurred his thinking. Is Chuckjia really richer than his Zhao family?
Impossible, absolutely impossible! My Zhao family is the four big families of China!
Zelda was dumbfounded. The dazzling Zhao family head actually bowed his head to Chuck? So what is his background?
“Master, what do you mean…” Betty asked Chuck, if Karen Lee was here, she would definitely shake her head, one code at a time.
“No need to refund money, I bought your hotel, just buy, sign!” Chuck said.
Betty is pleased that at this point, it is still the same as Karen Lee’s point of view, worthy of being Karen Lee’s son.
“Okay.” Zhao Tianlong glanced at Chuck and immediately signed.
Betty put away the contract.
“You Zhao Yunlei deceived my young master, you broke my leg!” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong was angry, “What are you talking about?”
Betty raised her hand and slapped it out. It was not someone else, but Zhao Tianlong! The owner of the Zhao family!
The descendants of the Zhao family froze, and all the Zhao family escorts around this place froze.
“Grandpa, I am!!!”
The Zhao family’s children are angry!
The hot pain on Zhao Tianlong’s face, he raised his hand, the same silence in the hall!
Betty glanced at him and leaned over, “Zhao Tianlong, did you not hear of Karen Lee when you were in the United States…”
“What?” Zhao Tiantian froze as if struck by thunder.
Why hasn’t she heard of it? When he was in the United States in his early years, he knew clearly that there was one Li family among the four major families in the world!
I heard that the Li family head has a daughter who is very beautiful! At that time, he was still thinking about Gao Pan’s Li family and letting himself marry Karen Lee, but everyone ignored him, and he was helpless!
After all, the difference between China’s four big families and the world’s four big families is that the little witch sees the big witch. It is no wonder that you have the money to invest in such a big technology company.
“You mean, he is Li…” Zhao Tianlong lowered his voice.
“Yes, what is your Zhao family? You talk about it.”
Zhao Tianlong was speechless and even sighed, yeah, compared to the world-class family, what is his Zhao family?
People like him know the power of the family. Apart from the other three families, Huaxia didn’t take other Huaxia families into his eyes. He wanted to get it right.
It’s the same now. How can other world-class families put their Zhao family in the eye? in?
Really better than that, Zhao Tianlong didn’t feel confident.
“So, I don’t want to repeat it again! My young master is particularly annoyed, so he broke his leg!” Betty said.
Zhao Tianlong was tangled. He glanced at the brutal Zhao Yunlei and gritted his teeth to command, but Betty shook her head, “I’m talking about you.”
“have opinions?”
Zhao Tianlong gritted his teeth and stepped aside. When everyone was at a loss, he picked up an iron rod and hit him hard on Zhao Yunlei’s leg.
Zhao Yunlei stared his eyes wide and looked down at his legs. The sunken, his eyes closed, his eyes black, fell to the ground and passed out.
His face remained unbelievable, his grandfather broke his leg?
All the children of the Zhao family were completely stunned.
“What happened? Grandpa, Grandpa is crazy…”
They mumbled and couldn’t believe it! This is completely subverted. This is the Zhao family. Zhao’s site, his grandfather helped outsiders beat his grandson?
“Not bad.” Betty shrugged, then looked at Chuck, “Master, how do you feel?”
“Almost,” Chuck glanced at Zhao Yunlei. This pen should know his strength!
“Well, then, go back?” Betty asked.
Chuck had no opinion, he still wanted to go back to sleep, “Sister Zelda, let’s go back.”
“Okay, okay,” Zelda couldn’t recover from her thoughts at all. This was simply a dream.
Bringing people over to the Zhao family, and letting the head of the Zhao family break his grandson’s legs, if this news comes out, everyone in China will be shocked!
Zelda followed Chuck blankly, and Chuck suddenly turned back and looked at the silent descendants of Zhao’s family. “Eye brightened a little. I’ll mess with you next time. I will let your Zhao family disappear in China!”
Yes, Chuck was angry!

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