My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 424

Yvette is dumbfounded, what is the situation?
This hotel is Chuck? ?
When did you buy it? Yvette didn’t know at all!
She thought of it, and she should have thought of it already. When Du Peixin said Mr. Zhang, she should think that it was Chuck!
Where are so many Mr. Zhang in this world?
However, when did Chuck become enemies with Zhao Yunlei of the Zhao family?
Zhang Qing’s mother Karen Lee is more powerful than the Zhao family?
After Yvette was surprised, he felt powerless, and Karen Lee was so powerful!
The person Du Peixin was looking for was actually Chuck, so how did the two of them know each other? ? what relationship?
Will Chuck help her?
What’s more, what did you buy in Chuck? ?
Yvette’s mind is all chaotic, too unexpected for her!
“Mrs. Yvette, Mrs. Yvette…” Yolanda said, so surprised?
Chuck’s strength, bought this hotel, to tell the truth, she was shocked when Yolanda knew, after all, Yolanda knew that Chuck’s background was strong, but Yolanda did not expect that it was so powerful that the four families would bow their heads and compromise. !
Yolanda couldn’t understand Chuck more and more, but she was more certain. At that time, choosing to follow Chuck was the best decision in her life.
“Teacher Yvette…”
“Ah? Well,” Yvette recovered, she looked at the hotel and muttered, “Where is Chuck?”
“No, he has gone back long ago.”
Yeah, what time is it?
Chuck is definitely going to sleep!
“Ms. Yvette, why don’t you call Chuck and ask?” Yolanda is even more strange.
How come Yvette is here so late?
“No,” Yvette shook his head. At this time, Du Pei’s heart hadn’t come out yet, and she was definitely calling Chuck on her behalf!
What are you doing now?
“Yolanda, I beg you one thing,” Yvette was particularly serious.
“Mrs. Yvette, don’t say that. If you need it, you can just direct it. After all, Mrs.
Yvette, you are my boss.” Yolanda smiled.
Yvette blushed, lady boss? ?
Yes, I am Chuck’s wife, then the boss lady, but, alas…
“I have no other requirements, that is, you should not tell Chuck, see me here,”
Yvette said, and absolutely must not let Chuck know that he was a killer, then Chuck would be very worried.
“Teacher Yvette, can I ask why?” Yolanda was particularly surprised. Why did Yvette make such a request? ?
“Me. I don’t want Chuck to know what I’m doing,”
“I don’t understand, but Teacher Yvette is assured that I will keep my mouth shut,”
“Thank you,” Yvette assured.
“It’s okay, Teacher Yvette, have some supper.” Yolanda gave Yvette the supper he just bought.
Yvette refused, but Yolanda had already stuffed Yvette, “Slow down, I will buy another one.”
Yolanda smiled and went back to buy supper.
Yvette was indeed hungry too. She finished the supper and felt full, so she continued to wait in the car. What would Du Peixin say to Chuck?
Soon, Du Pei Xin from the hotel, she sat in.
“What did Mr. Zhang… agree?” Yvette looked at Du Peixin, her expression was so tangled, what does it mean?
Isn’t Chuck… well, you husband, little pervert you.
Yvette whispered in his heart, did you let Du Pei heart accompany you?
Otherwise, how could Du Peixin have such an expression?
Yvette was a bit sour and felt jealous.
“It was agreed, but…” Du Pei was entangled. Chuck did not ask her what to do with him, but asked herself to rely on Chuck.
Yes, Chuck is not interested in Du Peixin, but why should Chuck help her?
Kindness? Virgin bitch? Chuck is not.
Unless Du Peixin is his own.
Why are you alone? ? Chuck’s request, let Du Peixin help himself work for five years!
After all, Chuck had the idea of building his own business empire. In the early days, he was definitely short of people. Du Peixin’s business ability was still very good. It helped him to work for five years.
This is your own person, so to help yourself, Chuck is no turning back!
But Du Peixin is now the president of many Du companies. How can he help Chuck in such a situation?
Would she let her leave the Du family and turn to Chuck?
Du Peixin asked this question, but Chuck’s answer to her was, you figure it out!
Anyway, this is Chuck’s request.
“Alas, Mr. Zhang asked me, let me…” Du Peixin couldn’t say it herself, she hadn’t decided yet, how to talk to the family?
“Well, I know,” Yvette’s eyes were sad, her husband, you are really … really bad, so threatening others.
“You know?” Du Pei was surprised, how did she know?
“En.” Yvette didn’t want to say more. She thought about the days when she was away. Is Chuck…
Du Peixin didn’t want to say more, she was troubled.
She drove, ready to go back to rest.
Today, I am haggard, beaten by Zhao Yunlei, and Chuck is actually the kind of request. What other methods can I have?
She sighed.
Driving away, Yvette watched something cautiously from the rearview mirror. She said, “Why don’t you let me drive?”
“Okay,” Du Pei was also tired.
The two men changed positions. Yvette stepped on the throttle violently, the engine roared, and the car ejected out. On the road, there were four cars catching up.
Lu Yuwen, who had just bought a late night snack and was going back to eat, saw Yvette leave. She was curious and left so soon? ?
But when she saw that the car was being followed, she was shocked. What happened? ?
She was busy taking out her mobile phone…

“Blood leopard, what are you doing so fast.” Du Peixin saw that it had reached one hundred and four. This is the urban area, which would scare the dead, and it is very likely to have a car accident!
“We were followed,” Yvette found that there were cars behind, and there seemed to be a lot of people sitting inside.
Needless to say.
This is the person Zhao Yunlei called.
Du Pei was startled, and turned around hurriedly, and really saw the car in front of him, and the people inside were smiling coldly.
Du Pei quickly took out the phone, ready to fight Chuck!
In this case, you must call Chuck, otherwise you will be arrested, so the end will definitely be miserable.
“You… are you going to call Mr. Zhang?” Yvette saw, then Chuck didn’t know he was a killer? ?
“Yes, you must call.” Du Peixin began to call.
Yvette was silent. At this time, she couldn’t stop it? Then it can only be said that it is the person who solves the talents behind this, then the matter is resolved, Chuck will definitely not come.
Yvette immediately analyzed the people behind, the Zhao family is the four big families, so the people who come here must be amazing!
How should I face it? ? boom!
On the road to no one, the car behind came over, Yvette’s eyes were cruel, Du Pei was scared.
Answer the phone quickly! ! boom!
The car behind had already driven to both sides, and Yvette was sandwiched between them. Yvette was now courageous, and his speed accelerated.
The phone is connected.
“How did you think about it?” Chuck was confused, just fell asleep, and came again.
“I, Mr. Zhang, I was chased by Zhao Yunlei’s car at this time, can you help me,”
Du Pei was very worried.
“I asked how did you think about it? Just answer this question for me.” Chuck asked again, to be honest, what about Du Peixin’s arrest at this time?
Why not help her?
“I, Mr. Zhang, I belong to the Du family, what do you make me…” Du Pei sighed.
“I said it straight. You are all business people, and you only have business acumen.
Let me take a fancy. You didn’t think about it. After you think about it, call me again.” Chuck was ready to hang up.
“No, Mr. Zhang, I, I am willing.” Du Peixin made a compromise.
There is no way out. There is no compromise in this situation, so today is all over.
Let the people in your family send someone over? That won’t work.
“Okay, tell me the address, I will come.” Chuck said lightly.
Du Peixin hung up the phone, added Chuck’s WeChat, sent a message, and returned, “Mr. Zhang, please hurry up, they will catch us…”

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