My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 425

Yvette drove the car to a terrible speed, but was hit again, and her eyes stared back fiercely, and suddenly a big drift came!
Good, great!
Du Peixin feels dazzling, Yvette’s car skills are too good, right?
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But it’s useless, others are catching up again.
“Support, Mr. Zhang agreed to come over,” Du Pei said quickly.
She was in a panic. Zhao Yunlei was so overbearing that he came to catch people, and she was so unscrupulous, indicating that Zhao Yunlei was on fire. She was so perverted that she could really be caught, then what would happen, torture herself , Perverted torture, and may also be to myself…
Du Pei dare not think about it anymore! so horrible.
Du Pei screamed, because the car crashed over, the glass of the car she was sitting next to broke, and the four cars actually blocked the car and could not get out.
Du Pei’s face was white, and Yvette’s face did not change color!
She has just started her killer career, but her psychological quality is already very good. In this case, it is useless to ask for mercy, only desperately! !
“Boss, I go out, and then you find a chance to drive away!” Yvette said, this is her duty to protect customers.
At this time, the four blocked cars, the people inside one after another came down one after another, all of them were dreadful!
“C!! I still want to run! Brothers, smash the car for me! Force them out, but don’t hurt these two great beauties, this is the younger master!”
“We don’t want to hurt such a beauty, especially the big beauty who drives, it’s so beautiful…”
These people came around.
“What do you do?” Du Pei bit his lip heartily.
“You are the boss, I said, and I will protect you,” Yvette took out his dagger. “You see the opportunity yourself, step on the throttle, and leave!”
When she finished speaking, she went out. Du Pei struggled a little, but moved to the driver’s seat. She had to leave here, otherwise she would really be unacceptable.
Moreover, this blood leopard, who was invited to pay for it by himself, should just protect himself.
Worry about what she does No need, it is her duty to do this, she is all for money.
Du Pei convinced himself that he was at ease.
Yvette came out and looked at these twenty people, but she was expressionless.
“Big beauty, you still want to resist? Be good, don’t let us do it, you can’t carry it, our young master deliberately wants to focus on grabbing you.” A man with a scar on his head smiled slightly, terribly.
Yvette has no nonsense, and strikes instantly!
Her fighting talent is very good. After continuous training, she is already quite powerful. She must kill a bloody path. How can she fall into the hands of others? Insulted? ?
“Ah! c! This bitch will fight, everyone will go together and catch her!!!” A man covered his blood-sucking belly, his face was incredible!
So fast! Can’t stop yourself?
Everyone rushed up, Yvette turned back, “Hurry away here!!”
Her client Du Pei is safe, so she can find a way out.
Du Peixin saw the blood, she was panicked, stepping on the accelerator in pale, rumbling, the car drove, hit a mouth out, she drove away! Without any hesitation, she had to leave. She was afraid, let alone Yvette. She was invited by her own money!
Cars gallop!
“She? A few of you are going to chase!” The scar face with the head shouted.
This kind of woman is not difficult to chase because Dupei’s car skills are not good. This kind of woman usually drives while driving. How can it be possible to chase after the car?
Some people drove two cars to chase, and there were more than a dozen people around the scene.
Yvette saw Du Peixin left, she felt at ease and began to find a way to leave here.
“Still resist, come on!” Scarface ordered, and everyone came up.
Yvette knew that this situation was too dangerous and could only attack the leader and kill the leader before she could leave!
Yvette attacked and attacked directly, dagger straight into the heart of the scar face!
Scarface sneered. If you were killed by a woman, would you still be fooled? ?
Everyone attacked and punched the soles of the feet. Yvette had unavoidably been beaten. He was kicked several times and punched several times in the back, but Yvette could bear it. Her goal was this. Scar face.
The scar face laughed, kicked, Yvette’s eyes were fast, and he stabbed with a dagger!
The scar on the face was sore on the leg and the dagger poked into his bones.
Yvette was ready to end up with him, but suddenly, she had three or four knives on her neck.
The sharp blade has made Yvette’s skin hurt.
“Still resist? So many of us, if you are run away, we still mix hair? Resist!” Some people laughed.
It’s hard to block four hands with double fists!
With one person dealing with so many people, do you think you are the champion?
“Ah!” Scar scarred, Yvette made him ugly!
“Did you dare to stab me? Lao Tzu let you stab!” Scar face flicked out!
Hitting Yvette in the face, he wanted to vent his anger! !
Yvette didn’t move and stared at him like that, but his beautiful face full of collagen had a slap mark on it, which was particularly eye-catching.
“I will kill you!” Yvette’s eyes were ruthless.
“Kill me? You still don’t understand what you are going to face, you will be killed by the young master, do you know? Haha!” Scarred face grinned, Zhao Yunlei did a lot of such things!
He deeply knows how perverted Zhao Yunlei is! Yvette wants to be obedient, so he can survive, if he is not obedient, then he is tortured like a slave.
“Bring her to the car!” Scarface scolded, and he didn’t dare to go too far. After all, this is the great beauty that Master Zhao fancy, so slap it out, I don’t know if Zhao Yunlei will be angry… Scarface There’s such a bit of anxiety.
But it’s fine, I have followed Zhao Yunlei for so long. nothing.
He dragged Yvette into the car. At this time, a car came over. Yvette turned back and his heart was cold. Several people dragged Du Pei’s heart out of the car. Du Pei’s heart was full of fear. She did not run. Off.
“Don’t catch me, don’t catch me…” Du Pei was horrified.
Someone slammed Du Pei’s heart.
“Bring the car, the young master is waiting anxiously! Delayed the interest of the younger master, we can’t eat it!” The scarred face bandaged the wound himself, and he blamed himself and got on the car first.
The others got into the car, Yvette and Du Peixin were pressed into the car, Du Peixin shook his head and wept, “It’s over, it’s over…”
Yvette sighed, what are he afraid of? The big deal is death. Scarface will lead the team to drive. He must hurry up. Zhao Yunlei can’t wait! Haha! !

Chuck got up from the bed, and Betty was protecting himself outside, as was Logan.
It’s just that Chuck didn’t mean to disturb Logan, and said directly to Betty, asking someone to go out.
Betty didn’t ask why, she nodded to inform the person, and soon the people arrived, at this time, Zhao Yunlei was still in the hospital, so just go directly to the hospital.
Save Du Peixin, then she will honestly work for herself for five years, of course, Chuck will not let her do it in vain, how much money should be given, Chuck will not lose one point, and Du Peixin does well, then the end of the year Award, Chuck will not be stingy.
“Master, if we are in a hurry, we can take a plane,” Betty said. At this distance, a straight plane would be much faster.
Chuck shrugged, “No need, just drive,”
“Yes, it’s ready below,” Betty nodded.
Chuck thinks it is not a bad thing to make Du Pei feel bitter. At the very least, it will make her work more honestly for herself.
Chuck followed him downstairs. Ten off-road vehicles were prepared below, which brought a lot of people, enough.
This time Zhao Yunlei should be well done! !
Chuck got in the car and Betty was together, and when he was instructed to drive, Chuck suddenly had a cell phone ringing. He took it out to see it. It was Yolanda.
She hadn’t slept so late?
What is this saying? Chuck didn’t think much, and swiped to answer. Ten seconds later, Yolanda spoke inside, anxious, and Chuck was shocked, “Lu Yuwen, what are you talking about?…Okay! Take a rest!”
Chuck hung up the phone and said to Betty, “Sister Li, stop? Let’s go by plane!
Hurry up!!!”

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