My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 427

Yvette was trampled like this, she didn’t hum, and struggled to leave here, she had to leave, otherwise she would be insulted by Zhao Yunlei.
This is absolutely impossible!
Zhao Yunlei saw Yvette twisting on the ground, he laughed abnormally, and he got an indescribable joy in his heart!
At this time, his thoughts had gone to the extreme, and he laughed!
The struggling Yvette suddenly changed his face, “You are looking for death!!!”

Call, call, call!
Du Pei ran out breathlessly, and she felt palpitated, but now it’s okay, she’s okay, she won’t be insulted by Zhao Yunlei, and the Du family is okay, it seems that her decision is particularly good, too correct, and she turned to Chuck !
She looked back and said that Yvette was definitely unable to come out. At this time, he must have been tortured by the perverted Zhao Yunlei. Du Pei felt a little tangled, but wasn’t she safe?
She is just for money. In order to make money, she has to bear the risks she deserves. She should be conscious. What should she worry about? ?
Your own safety is the most important.
Du Pei prepared to leave with peace of mind, take a shower, and put on a mask.
But he was beaten to the face today, he must apply the mask to restore his beauty.
Only at this time, she suddenly heard the sound, the sound of the propeller, she looked up and froze.
A helicopter flew over, too fast, it caused a gust of wind around! Caused the people nearby to marvel!
“My God, helicopter! This high-end helicopter, tens of millions of dollars?”
“Yeah, how cool it is, take a picture and send a circle of friends, hee hee, today I saw the helicopter. It’s cool…”
The people I saw hurriedly took photos. At first glance, these helicopters were all playthings for the rich. They were so curious. Who is this inside?
The four big families? ?
Du Peixin couldn’t open his eyes anymore, the helicopter dropped directly in the parking lot! There were two people inside, one man and one woman.
Du Peixin saw these two people. She was pleasantly surprised and relieved. Chuck came over. Was it at her own speed?
Du Peixin felt a little inexplicable. How can I say that Chuck also has more money than the Zhao family, but for his own sake, he flew over the plane all night, this treatment, other people should not have it?
Did he just like him? ?
To be honest, Du Peixin has such a sense of pride in this situation, as if in the company, the boss praised her in front of everyone… attracted attention!
Du Pei knows. Chuck and Zhao Yunlei are different, Zhao Yunlei is abnormal, Chuck is a businessman!
Du Peixin walked over, she decided that she would explain to her family clearly, and then work for Chuck for five years!
After all, he came over so late, and for his own sake, he must definitely repay him!
“Mr. Zhang…” Du Peixin came over, Chuck’s servant, the anxiety and cold on his face, all for himself.
At this moment, Du Pei heart has a great sense of satisfaction.
“You came out yourself?” Chuck saw Du Peixin with a slap on his face, and he frowned.
“Yes, Zhao Yunlei caught me. I mentioned Mr. Zhang you just now, and he let me go,” Du Peixin was so envious at this time, when will he have such strength!
“Stop talking, what about my wife?” Chuck was impatient.
“Old, wife?” Du Pei froze, who is Chuck’s wife?
“Mr. Zhang, who is your wife?” Du Pei was a bit stunned. Chuck came so anxiously, isn’t it for himself, but for his wife?
“Who is Yvette?” Du Pei didn’t know, but she suddenly thought of something, Blood Leopard, didn’t she say that her husband’s surname is Zhang?
Is it? ? Du Pei’s mind was suddenly shocked, is the husband of the blood leopard, Chuck? ?
How is this possible!
Du Peixin couldn’t understand it at all. To know Chuck’s status, what wife could not find? Being able to be the wife of Chuck, then it must be Mrs. Rich, how could he come out to be a killer? Come out and protect people for money?
“It’s the woman with you, is she still inside!” Chuck said coldly!
Zhao Yunlei, you are looking for death!
Du Peixin’s face was all red at this time, so his wife Yvette was beaten by Zhao Yunlei at this time? ?
“She, she is a blood leopard, Mr. Zhang, are you mistaken? Hey, Mr. Zhang, Mr.
Zhang…” Chuck rushed in without wanting to hear!
Betty followed closely!
Du Peixin wanted to ask clearly, but Chuck didn’t care about her at all. When she chased, she fell to the ground and she was ignorant.
Blood Leopard is really Chuck’s wife? ?
This is incredible. What’s more, Du Pei lost his pride in his heart, because Chuck didn’t come by plane for himself all night, but for this killer blood leopard, he also promised you to work for you for five years, but himself This kind of talent is not as important as your wife? …

Zhao Yunlei slapped Yvette angrily. When he was about to do something to Yvette, he was suddenly hit by Yvette and he almost passed out.
He clutched and wailed in pain!
The slap prints on Yvette’s face are already obvious to the extreme, so eyecatching!
But she didn’t have any expression. She struggled to get rid of her tied hands, but it was too tight. She couldn’t get rid of it at all, but she had already subdued Zhao Yunlei just now, so let’s leave here first.
Someone outside has a handle, it certainly won’t work, so, the window?
Yvette walked to the window, his brow furrowed, it was too high, and his hands were tied, so if he continued, he would definitely fall to death.
When Yvette hesitated, Zhao Yunlei had already climbed up, “Haha, interesting.
Zhao Yunlei threw a punch on Yvette’s stomach, Yvette hurt his brow, “Let you and she kick me, kick!!!”
Zhao Yunlei’s face was horribly perverted, full of laughter!
Yvette’s body was receding, and Zhao Yunlei jumped and slapped Yvette slap!
Snapped! this time!
Yvette fell to the ground, and blood came out of his mouth, and his face was numb!
“Haha,” Zhao Yunlei limped over and grabbed Yvette, and when he was about to slap again, suddenly, there was a sound outside the door. what! !
My men seem to be screaming!
Zhao Yunlei frowned and snarled at the door, “c! What the hell is she doing??
Disturbing Lao Tzu’s interest, Lao Tzu let you die!” what!
The screaming continued, Zhao Yunlei frowned, what’s going on?
He snapped and slapped Yvette before reaching the door. “What’s going on?
Say!!!” what! boom!
The door was hit by something, as if it was hit by a kicker.
“What happened? Say!” Zhao Yunlei was terrible, but here is the Zhao family’s hospital. There is only one patient on this floor, and the rest of the people rushed below. At this time, some people are making trouble!
This is looking for death!
“Zhao Yunlei, you are dead!” Outside was Chuck’s cold voice.
Yes, Chuck and Betty went upstairs all the way. Betty was a master of fighting.
Chuck also learned a lot. The dozen or so people at the door were simply not enough to watch.
Chuck was all angry.
He kicked the door with his feet, this man is bullying his wife!
Zhao Yunlei was stunned, his perverted brain suddenly became sober, this, this is Chuck? Ignore me, Du Pei has already taken care of himself, why is Chuck still coming?
Zhao Yunlei thought about it and thought that Chuck should come over to warn himself!
Zhao Yunlei sneered and warned me? ?
One day, I will kill you, and you will die in my hands! Zhao Yunlei is mentally prepared, isn’t it just a warning? casual!
When men have bowed their heads, it’s nothing. When they are stronger, they can find it a hundred times.
Zhao Yunlei snorted and looked back at Yvette, “Damei, I’ll play with you later, I will see someone now…”
He shrugged, did he warn? You are here, I am not afraid of Zhao Yunlei!
“Master, I’m coming!” Betty has found an axe, and she raises it and smashes the door!
Suddenly, her cell phone rang, this is her men!
She answered, “Are you here? Surround the whole hospital!”
Betty opened the door and Chuck rushed in!

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