My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 426

Chuck’s sudden reaction, Betty was stunned, what’s wrong? ?
Just now Yolanda called and said that he saw Yvette!
Chuck was surprised, how could Yolanda see Yvette!
Because Lu You is at the new hotel, so, Yvette went there?
Yolanda also said that Yvette and Du Pei were together and were chased by someone else!
Very thrilling!
Chuck doesn’t know how Yvette got there, but knows that Yvette is dulled by Du Pei!
Because Zhao Yunlei is looking for someone to catch her at this time!
Yvette is so beautiful, Zhao Yunlei will absolutely perverted Yvette, and even tortured Yvette.
Yvette is Chuck’s wife, how can she be tortured by others?
“Parking! Master, we will go upstairs and take a plane now!” Betty said seriously.
Chuck got off immediately, and Betty took Chuck upstairs!
There is a helicopter on the roof! !
“You continue to drive! Let’s go first!” Betty instructed that the helicopter must not take too many people, only to let these men continue to drive!
To the top of the building!
Chuck got into the helicopter and opened it by Betty!
The plane flew immediately and went to a place.
Soon, a beautiful and extreme woman came out of the roof, Logan.
She was woken up, but Chuck didn’t call her.
She looked at Chuck, who was away, muttering to herself, “What’s the matter with Ce’er? Why are you so anxious?”

“Come in!” Zhao Yunlei is in the ward. This hospital belongs to the Zhao family.
She does whatever she wants.
Scarface pushed open the door and brought Yvette and Du Peixin in.
Du Pei’s face was white and her eyes were full of tears. She was terrified of them.
Now she has been caught. She was caught. What should I do…
Yvette’s eyes have not changed, just cold and ruthless!
There is nothing to be afraid of.
She was held in that place by her grandfather’s hands before. She was tortured every day, didn’t she resist herself?
This time too!
Zhao Yunlei was excited, and he came over in groups, “Say, you can’t escape. Get out!”
He told Scarface to go out!
At this time, Yvette and Du Pei were tied.
The scarred face was relieved and turned around.
“Slow down!!” Zhao Yunlei’s face sank.
“Master, what did you tell me?” Scarface hurried back.
Zhao Yunlei pointed at Yvette’s red cheeks, “Who did this? My dad, do you dare to fight?”
Scarface knelt down with a trembling face, “Master, I’m sorry, she attacked me…
Zhao Yunlei smashed the ashtray, his face scarred immediately, and he screamed!
“My great beauty, can you fight? Get out!” Zhao Yunlei perverted into a terrible situation.
“Yes, yes, thank you, Master!” Scarface ran out covering his bleeding face.
Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “Damei, are you okay? Does it hurt?”
Yvette stared at him, “Let us go!”
“Haha, I like you like this. You said how bored I am in the ward alone. You must have a beauty like you to accompany me!” Zhao Yunlei laughed!
His heart tickled, and he felt more and more that Yvette was very good.
“Zhao Yunlei, let me go, let me go, I’ve already found someone,” Du Pei really couldn’t stand this strange atmosphere.
Zhao Yunlei slapped Du Pei heart slap!
“I’m talking to the big beauty, do you dare to intervene?” Zhao Yunlei said abnormally.
“Zhao Yunlei, you’re about to let me go. I already called Mr. Zhang. He said he would come!” Du Pei felt confident, and he promised Chuck, then he would definitely come over!
Zhao Yunlei laughed. This slap made Du Pei’s face red. “Return her, Mr. Zhang?
Which shit Mr. Zhang?”
Yvette’s eyes were cold! !
“Chuck, Chuck, who broke your leg!” Du Pei growled!
Zhao Yunlei frowned, and the abnormal smile on his face disappeared a little, “He came?”
“Yes, I know Mr. Zhang, and I find him to shelter me!” Du Peixin tried to get up, and he was confident.
“Let me go! Otherwise Mr. Zhang will come, you will be ugly!” Du Pei said coldly.
Zhao Yunlei looked ugly, he knew Du Pei knew Chuck.
But Chuck will help her? Does this want to play with her?
“A slut,” Zhao Yunlei walked horribly and slapped Du Peixin several times in a row. Du Peixin’s mouth was full of blood.
“Have you agreed to that Chuck, so he helped you?” Zhao Yunlei was annoyed, this Chuck actually robbed a woman with herself?
According to his previous temper, he had already found someone to rectify Chuck, but now, he can do nothing!
My grandfather has broken his leg, what else can he do? ? I’m afraid it did, then Grandpa will continue to beat himself!
“Yes, follow Mr. Zhang, ten thousand times better than you!”
Zhao Yunlei threw a slap, Du Pei heart fell to the ground again, she was angry,
“You hit me again, when Mr. Zhang comes over, do you want another leg?”
Du Pei’s words are reassuring!
The pain in Zhao Yunlei’s heart was stepped on, this is the person! !
Du Pei got up, “I advise you to let me go!”
Zhao Yunlei stared at her fiercely, “Will that person really come over?”
“I have promised him, he will come, you don’t believe it, you can watch my mobile phone communication!” Du Pei was relieved, Zhao Yunlei was afraid!
He is afraid!
Zhao Yunlei had a great anger in his heart. At this time, he wanted to kill Du Pei, but Chuckzhen came over and couldn’t keep his leg. He couldn’t gamble.
“Well, I can let you go!” Zhao Yunlei sneered, Du Pei heart away, is there not a big beauty to accompany himself?
“She, won’t you let go?” Du Pei asked in a whisper.
Zhao Yunlei slapped, and Du Pei stepped back in horror.
“Lao let you go, do you still want to take care of other people’s affairs? Get out!”
Zhao Yunlei laughed terribly. At this time, what he originally thought was Yvette, Du Pei heart left, it doesn’t matter!
Du Pei heart looked at Yvette, she was a little hesitant, if Yvette was here, then it must be over, and she would be tortured to death.
Yvette just let himself go just now! However, she is to make money.
What does it have to do with yourself? Have a chance, leave here quickly!
Du Pei was at ease.
She bit her lip and walked to the door, Zhao Yunlei said, “Open the door for her!”
Someone outside opened the door and Du Pei walked out. “You better let her go because she was with me.”
Say this sentence.
Zhao Yunlei was grim, “With you? With you?”
Zhao Yunlei slapped Yvette’s face with a slap!
This time, Yvette blushed.
But there was no expression, no pain.
Du Pei was scared.
“Not yet!”
Du Peixin was relieved and ran away. This place was hell. She didn’t want to stay for a moment, she just wanted to escape!
The door closed again.
Zhao Yunlei smiled slightly, “Damei, why are you so calm?”
Du Pei’s heart is gone, then he has only one fun left, that is Yvette.
“Please beg me, I might let you go, kneel down, haha!” Zhao Yunlei saw Yvette’s expressionless face. At this moment, he felt too conquered.
Yvette’s eyes stared at him like this.
“I have many kinds of games, let me think about it, what games should I play with you? Haha, I thought of it,” Zhao Yunlei walked abnormally, Yvette’s eyes cold, suddenly kicked!
Zhao Yunlei screamed and was kicked out. He covered his stomach and his face was extremely cruel. “Haha, well, you are the first woman to resist me. You let me find more fun!”
Zhao Yunlei got up. At this time, Yvette was tied up and it was inconvenient to move. Zhao Yunlei walked behind Yvette in a group. When Yvette turned and kicked himself, he slapped hard. Yvette’s face.
There was blood in Yvette’s mouth, but there was still no expression. This pain, she could bear it.
Zhao Yunlei laughed, kicked Yvette, Yvette fell to the ground, she began to struggle calmly, Zhao Yunlei came over, stepped on Yvette, “Fun, fun! Now, I’ll play with you for something else, after all, you’re so beautiful, and I won’t be willing to fight like this again,”
Zhao Yunlei is very happy in his heart. Chuck’s pain can be recovered from this woman today!

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