My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 43

Chuck was stunned. Yvette actually wanted to get the phone number and “call him”. How could he give it to her when the number was actually his?
Seeing as Chuck was stunned, Yvette tried to reason, “I just wanted to call your boss and ask him about something. I won’t harass him.”
“Well, it’s hard for me to give it to you. I’m just helping Yolanda here. It’s fine with me, but I won’t want to make trouble for Yolanda.” Chuck could only say so. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t know whose phone number to give her if he had to.
“Alright.” Yvette Jordan was disappointed, but she didn’t insist on it. “Go to work then. I’ll go to the company to check it out.”
“I’m free for now, so I’ll go up and have a look too.” Chuck said. Although Yvette’s company was in operation for a few years, he only went there a few times. He went there to help out when the company had just opened, and only went there occasionally after that.
“Since Yolanda was the one who asked you to come over, don’t you have to work hard for that?” Yvette did not want Chuck to give Yolanda a bad impression when he had just arrived. After all, it was not good to go out casually when he was at work.
“It’s okay. I just want to go up and have a look. It won’t take long, let me just let her know.” Chuck said.
Chunk returned to the manager’s office. Yolanda whispered to him, “How long should I renew Teacher Jordan’s contract for?”
“As long as it can be.” Chuck said. Since Yvette wanted to continue her business, he would grant her wish.
Yolanda was surprised as Chuck was very kind to Yvette. “Alright, I understand. I’ll look for the contract first.”
Chuck nodded and went outside. When he came out, he took the elevator to the fifth floor with Yvette. Today, she was dressed professionally in a casual suit that showed off her figure, and a pair of tight-fitting cropped pants. Despite dressing smartly, her clothes still managed to bring out her curvy hip, which really packed a punch to unsuspecting men. She looked extremely elegant in a pair of exquisite heels. Chuck couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her. He was really attracted by Yvette these days, never actually realizing that Yvette, who had slept with him for more than ten years, had such a good figure.
Chuck’s mind drifted off to the scene he dreamt at night while whiffing Yvette’s body odour, and suddenly realized that he was aroused. He was shocked and quickly stopped thinking about it. How embarrassing it would be if she saw it?
“What are you thinking of? I’m thinking of pushing up the advertising up a notch. I want to advertise on the plaza’s advertisement board, but I don’t if the price has been raised. I…..”
Yvette turned her head and was shocked by Chuck’s abnormal actions, “Why did you turn around?”
Chuck was anxious, how could he not turn? Because of his thoughts just now, his whole brain was full of Yvette’s curves and lines. The more he tried to dissipate his thoughts, the greater his reaction was. How could he let Yvette see that him and his pants were “not normal”?
“It’s nothing, don’t worry.” Chuck shook his head. “You’ll have to ask Yolanda regarding the advertisement. She can tell you this in detail.”
With a “ding” sound, the elevator door opened and Yvette stepped out of the elevator casually. Chuck felt helpless. Was he really going to have to do it to himself tonight again? He sighed and calmed down. After ensuring that his bodily reaction died down, he followed her out. It had been some time since he was last here, so Chuck felt slightly emotional and followed Yvette in.
Yolanda was looking for the documents carefully. She had to reveal her strength as soon as possible, but at this time, someone knocked on the door. Yolanda signaled for them to enter, and then the door was pushed open. She was stunned because it was a beautiful woman that she recognized to be Zelda Maine, the owner of Modern Restaurant.
Zelda was also equally surprised to see Yolanda, as her family was initially rich but lost their wealth due to an incident. However, she did not know much about Yolanda. She was here to ask who the new owner of the plaza was. After all, she was still not convinced and didn’t want to give up that easily. However, she didn’t expect that the previous manager would quit and be replaced by Lara.
“Director Maine, why are you here….” Yolanda stood up to welcome her.
“Where’s your boss?” Zelda asked.
“The boss is not here.” Yolanda was surprised. Did Zelda know that the boss was Chuck? Probably not, since Chuck was so low-profile.
“Not here?” Zelda Maine was disappointed. Was the identity of this new boss so mysterious? She sat down and said, “The contract of the training company on the fifth floor is about to expire. How is your boss going to deal with it?”
“It will remain the same and the contract will renewed.” Yolanda suddenly understood the purpose of Zelda’s visit as she mentioned the shop.
“The same?” Zelda Maine frowned and was very surprised. Didn’t the new owner know that by allowing her to open her restaurant here, the popularity of the plaza would increase? Or did the boss of the training company know the new boss of the plaza? Was that why the contract was renewed?
“Well, that’s what the boss said.” Yolanda shrugged and said.
Zelda was lost in thought. Since that was the case, she had no intention of staying here. After saying thanks, she turned and left.
Yolanda gave a sigh of relief. She was a little worried as she didn’t know if she had treated Zelda right.
Chuck was in Yvette’s company for a while. When he saw that it was dinnertime, he asked Yvette out for dinner. It had been a long time since he ate with her anyways. Coincidentally, Yvette was also planning to ask him out. After all, she was hungry.
She nodded and agreed, “Well, I’ll treat you to dinner.”
Chuck wanted to give her a treat, but Yvette had declined, so he didn’t say anything. The two of them went out of the company and went to the fourth floor for dinner. In fact, Chuck thought that the plaza still lacked entertainment and attractions, so there were very few students coming to the plaza. He had to talk to Yolanda later and ask her to find a way to attract more businessmen to open shop here. She could try recruiting some special restaurants, internet cafe, or even fashionable clothing brands at half the rent. If so, the popularity of the plaza would slowly improve.
“What to eat?” Yvette was quite familiar with this place, but there was a new restaurant over there. She hadn’t eaten there yet, but she had heard that it was a little expensive and was often a place where the rich went to spend their money lavishly.
“Whatever. It’s up to you.” Chuck smiled. He had never thought that he could have dinner alone with Yvette Jordan before.
“Then let’s go to the new restaurant over there,” Yvette said.
Of course. Chuck had no objections and followed behind Yvette. But at this time, he suddenly heard someone call his name. Chuck really wanted to faint on the spot. How could his luck suck so badly today?
“Chuck Cannon…..” This was Zelda Maine’s voice.
He turned his head and saw Zelda walking toward him. He was a little flustered. Why was Zelda here? Did she still not give up on the shoplot?
However, Chuck just panicked for a while and immediately calmed down. Zelda didn’t see him and Yvette on the fifth floor, so he didn’t need to reveal himself. She didn’t know that Yvette was the boss of the training company on the fifth floor, so she would not think that the new owner of the plaza was him.
When Yvette saw Zelda, she was a little surprised. The reason why Manager Yarn knelt down and apologised to her was that Chuck called Zelda last time. So, she had all the reason to invite her to dinner today and thank her for this matter.
“Director Maine,” Yvette said, “We are going for dinner, let’s go together!”
Chunk was startled. Of course, he understood why Yvette invited her since she thought that it was Zelda who called up Harold Wendel last time. Yvette was just trying to thank her. However, if she said it directly, wouldn’t the truth be exposed?
“There’s no need. I’ll just walk around….” Zelda shook her head and declined politely. She knew the relationship between herself and Chuck. Judging by the situation just now, if she followed them to dinner, wouldn’t she be a third whee between them?
Chuck was relieved but not for long, as he didn’t expect Yvette to continue persuading, “Director Maine, let’s go together. I haven’t thanked you for what happened last time. Let’s have dinner together!”
“What happened last time?” Zelda was puzzled. What was it? Since Yvette invited her so sincerely, Zelda nodded and agreed, “Alright then.”
Chuck felt helpless. Yvette’s words had exposed everything. Zelda must have thought of something.
“Here, there’s a new restaurant in the plaza. The style and layout is quite similar to Director Maine’s restaurant.” Yvette led the way.
“Really? Then we’ll definitely have to try it out for ourselves.” Zelda took one look at it, the corners of her mouth curling up mysteriously.
After the three of them entered the restaurant, the receptionist led them to their table. Chuck also felt that the ambiance of this restaurant was similar to Zelda’s. It was really just imitating her restaurant.
A waitress came over to serve them. Chuck glanced at her subconsciously and was stunned. It was Queenie Carson, who was a part-timer. Was she working a part-time job in a restaurant in his plaza?

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