My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 430

All the descendants of the Zhao family were angry and excited!
Today, let Chinese people know that the Zhao family is still one of the four big families! !
The captain of the family escort immediately obeyed the command, he was stunned last time, but this time?
All the members of the family escort came out. Are these people scared?
“Do it, everyone will keep alive! I will torture them to death one by one!” Zhao Tianlong said coldly.
“Yes, torture them to death, fortunately, our Zhao family ran wild?”
The descendants of the Zhao family were indignant. Such a thing has not happened for a long time. The majestic destruction of the Zhao family? What a joke!
The captain nodded respectfully, “Yes! Please wait a moment!”
He ran out, staring coldly at the outside, he sneered, and there was revenge in his heart, and today it will be ashamed!
Last time I made myself so miserable, today, let you double the repayment!
The captain walkie-talkie said coldly, “Everyone, listen to me, catch them! The first team of the family escort drove me down the helicopter in the air! Yes, hit it!
The third team of the family escort team, at all costs, will They are surrounded!
Master is going to catch live!”
“Captain, those people are so powerful, do we need to send out modified tanks?” someone on the intercom said.
“Come out! The family five team dispatched the tank!” said the captain, but these were all modified cars that were transported from the country! Invincible!
What about you modified cars? In front of the tank are all paper, absolutely crushed, you can absolutely surprise you! !
“Four teams in the family, seven teams in support!” said the captain.
“Received, Captain!”
The captain smiled coldly. This is the strength of the Zhao family guards. Last time, you were only caught off guard by your surprise attack. So you can make a breakthrough. Today, the family guards are waiting!
Comparable to the iron walls of Tongshan!
You can’t attack, you must die here!
The captain grinned coldly, “Hum, with you, dare to use the arm as a car? Go to hell!”
On the super road at the door of Zhao Family!
Betty is flying a helicopter in the sky!
Below, is the crazy engine roaring sound! More than a dozen off-road vehicles gallop on the road, deafening, ignoring everything! suddenly!
Five helicopters flew across.
“Boss, do you need us to shoot these garbage?” Someone asked below, yes. These planes are garbage!
It’s totally a family helicopter, actually used as a family guard?
Karen Lee’s home in the United States has all kinds of defensive weapons, because Karen Lee has his own technology company, a unique security defense system, and weapons that are tailored to local conditions, all developed by Karen Lee, his company!
Not available outside! That kind of undisclosed technology is at least two or three decades ahead of the world level!
That is really easy to defend and difficult to attack, these can only be regarded as garbage!
“No, you remember, the young master wants the Zhao family to disappear tonight!” Betty said, her eyes were already staring at the helicopter coming across.
Today, we must break through here.
The following off-road vehicle, drive crazy!
Opposite rumbling, a modified tank appeared! But the flexibility of the off-road vehicle immediately wrestles with these garbage tanks!
Here suddenly became a battlefield! Crashes, circling in the air, rumbling continued, exciting!
Zhao Family Hall!
All the Zhao family’s grandchildren smiled coldly. Listening to this voice, you can hear what is going on outside. These people are under siege!
Then you can imagine the end! !
“Haha, these idiots, this is the strength of our Zhao family! Thought that last time you came in, you can continue to come in this time? It’s a delusion!” Zhao’s descendants laughed.
Yes, Zhao Jiayi has not stood for so many years. How could these people say that they will be destroyed? ?
I thought it was a dream!
“Grandpa, Chuck called someone over, then our Zhao family must start fighting back!” Someone suggested!
“Yes, fight back, did she actually bully our Zhao family, let him regret it!”
Zhao Tianlong’s eyes are all pervertedly cold, “I already have an idea, this Chuck’s work is so high-profile, it is not difficult to find him in all industries in China!
Ding’er, you will deal with it now!”
Must fight back, thinking that the Zhao family is a paper tiger? The Zhao family is angry, you don’t even have the qualification to resist!
A middle-aged man immediately dealt with it, he laughed, this is a trivial, Zhao Jiacha personal too easy! but! !
The captain of the family guard suddenly ran in, “Master, lord!”
Zhao Tianlong frowned, “If you panic like this, you captain need not do it!”
“No, the other party’s car broke through the defense of the family guards, and it is now coming here!” The captain was shocked!
It is simply incredible!
These people seem to have been specially trained, and knowing how to deal with this situation is like breaking through!
The tank is bulky, and it is not as flexible as these modified off-road vehicles. It suddenly left the tank behind. Helicopters actually had three fires and fell. The situation was terrible, and it was still so vulnerable!
“They may all be mercenaries!!” The captain trembles, especially the one who flew the plane, is much more powerful than the mercenaries.
Yes, these people are trained by Karen Lee personally.
“What?” Zhao Tianlong almost fell off his chair.
The other Zhao family’s grandchildren were stunned. What happened? Only a few minutes?
“Are you right? You are given more than two billion yuan every year, and you are raised more than 400 people, you actually…” One person was shaking with anger!
“I’m sorry, mainly because these people are so powerful, they are totally unpredictable!” The captain felt terrified!
These people are terrifying. He has the feeling of facing the death of hell. Are these people who have been shot on the battlefield with people? It’s a group of people crawling out of the dead!
“So what should I do now? Everyone has entered.”
“Yeah, what should I do?”
“What’s the panic?” Zhao Tianlong scolded. “Why haven’t we seen the ups and downs of the Zhao family? You! Arrange the plane immediately and take us out of here!”
This place, give up, give up, nothing, Zhao family in Huaxia several places, big deal to go elsewhere!
“Yes, leave here, hum, thinking that we can destroy our Zhao family, it’s just a delusion! We waited three days for our Zhao family, and you were caught off guard!” Someone sneered!
The captain immediately arranged!
Zhao Tianlong narrowed his eyes coldly, my Zhao family is not so extinct!
But suddenly, someone fell in!
Is the captain of the family guard!
He climbed up in horror, “You, you…”
“Want to go?”
A tall woman came in, Betty!
She came in. The defense of this place was too simple for her. When she was in the United States, she went in and out of a rich man’s house protected by hundreds of people.
The captain rushed up angrily and was attacked by a woman. Is this enough?
The two of them seemed to be making movies, and they fought in a flash. It was dazzling!
The descendants of the Zhao family were shocked, how could there be such a powerful woman!
The captain fell out and vomited blood, shocked that it was difficult to maintain!
This woman is amazing!
I am not an opponent!
“How did you get mixed in with your strength?” Betty walked over with her long legs swayed, and she came out!
The captain retreated in horror, but could not avoid it.
After being knocked down by Betty, he was seriously injured!
The children of the Zhao family are shocked!
People, some people outside came one after another, but none of them were members of the family escort. All the men in black were expressionless and as indifferent as mercenaries. One, two, three…
In this way, they came in one after another. They were injured and seriously injured, but they all stared at the descendants of the Zhao family!
The atmosphere was fierce and frightening! Silent!
No one dared to speak, and they were terrified!
Zhao Tianlong is shaking, what? What happened? The members of his family’s escort team were so defeated that they could not be defeated?
“Today. The Zhao family will disappear on the earth!” Betty’s cold words sounded in the ears of all Zhao’s descendants, like a thunder, a thunderbolt on a sunny day, which made them stunned.

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