My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 432

All the sons of the Qian family are silent! Stare at this man who may know the truth!
The man shook his head in horror and said, “I don’t know, I can’t get in touch with it. I only know that Zhao Yunlei was interrupted by Zhao Tianlong himself.
Nothing happened to the Zhao family. It was silently cleaned up, but tonight, suddenly these The man came over again. It was just like the machine. We couldn’t stop them. They rushed in. I seemed to know the reason. It was Zhao Yunlei who beat a man’s wife, so this man made people come and destroy the Zhao family…”
“When the wife of this person was beaten, the Zhao family was destroyed?” The head of the Qian family sat in a chair, and his voice was shocked.
“Yes, these people are well-trained, too powerful, like the mercenaries of the United States, and, I seem to hear, that Zhao Tianlong was hitting Zhao Yunlei’s leg at the time because he knew the person and his strength. Much stronger than the Zhao family, so Zhao Tianlong compromised…” The man continued to say in fear.
All these two pictures have become a nightmare in his heart!
No one from the Qian family spoke.
It’s too shocking.
“Yueying, you should go to find out who this person is now, and you must find out!”
This incident will set off an uproar in China!
“Yes,” Qian Yueying nodded, and she was also cautious in her eyes, and wiped out the Zhao family. Who was it? ?
Qian Yueying felt that it was necessary to find out, when did Huaxia actually come in with such a powerful person?

The Qian family was shocked, and the other two big families were also shocked.
The people who slowly got the news were also dumbfounded. The Tang Zhao family disappeared overnight. This was something that all Chinese people did not expect.
Zhao’s financial strength! Actually disappeared like this, who did this?
There are many opinions!
Some people say that the Zhao family offended a group of international killers, so they were destroyed!
Some people said that they offended the other three big families, so they were wiped out by the three big families, and some people even said that the Zhao family offended the foreign families. Anyway, there are many opinions, no one knows what happened, everyone wants to know, destroy Who was the Zhao family? ?

“Daughter, have you heard?” Liu Meili called Zelda. Zelda was still sleeping. What did she ask?
“The Zhao family is gone!” When Liu Meili heard the news, she was unbelievable. I can’t believe it!
“Mom, what are you saying? That Zhao family is gone?” Zelda yawned.
“You said that? It was the Zhao family where your boyfriend Chuckgang bought the hotel!”
“Mom, aren’t you wrong?” Zelda stunned. “This is the Zhao family!”
Yes, this is common sense. How could the Zhao family be so powerful?
“No, the circle of friends has gone crazy. The Zhao family’s signs of all industries have been wiped out overnight. Are you saying it is true?”
After Zelda was shocked, she thought of someone, because she went to the Zhao family with this person, Chuck, wouldn’t Chuck do it? But ignore me, why did Chuck do this?
“Mom, do you know who made this?”
“I don’t know, no one knows, daughter, should you know? Hurry up, who did it?”
Zelda didn’t know what to say, she hadn’t said that she had gone to the Zhao family with Chuck last time.
“I think it might be Chuck.”
“What, daughter, are you kidding? You haven’t woke up yet? How could it be him?? Oops, stop talking, my friend is here.” Liu Meili hung up the phone, she shrugged, Chuck?
She was helpless, how could it be him? Chuck was able to buy a hotel in Zhao’s house, which is quite good. It is estimated that it is still very reluctant. Want to destroy Zhao’s house? This is harder than ascending to the sky. This is simply impossible. Liu Meili thought of it and went to see her friend.
Zelda had no choice but to put down her phone. If it was not Chuck, who would it be?
After all, Zelda felt that Chuck had no motivation at all!
This should be done by others, and it has nothing to do with Chuck.

In another place, Murong woke up early in the morning and she was going to numb herself with work, but she suddenly received a call, “What did you say? The Zhao family was destroyed? When did it happen? It was just what happened just now?
Murong Qing was surprised, she put down her mobile phone, “How is this possible? There are people in China who can destroy the Zhao family? Shouldn’t they! Who killed the Zhao family…”

“Master, this is all the industry of the Zhao family, and I have already started to take over,” Betty gave Chuck a thick document.
“Okay, Li, you go to rest.” Chuck was satisfied.
Betty’s work efficiency is too high. Having such people help, Chuck is worry-free.
“Okay,” Betty went out.
Chuck walked into the room. Yvette was still asleep at this time. Chuck walked over to kiss her and Yvette opened her beautiful eyes.
“Wifey, you have a job, this is for you,” Yvette is his wife, Chuck will of course give Yvette these.
“What is this?” Yvette sat up, and she froze after reading it. This is all Zhao’s property!
“Husband, what are you doing? I don’t want this.” Yvette said solemnly, how can he accept this? What’s more, she still has to be a killer to improve her strength!
There is no time at all!
“Yes, I gave it to you anyway. If you have these, then you will have your own power, you can compete with your cousin, and you can take back what belongs to you,” Chuck said.
“But, this…” Chuck was right. With such a huge industry, his strength can indeed be greatly improved.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Hold it, or let Auntie manage it for you,”
Anyway, her mother Yan Li has nothing to do. If there is no such property, you can ask many people to protect it. So, Yvette’s cousin, dare they do it to Yvette? ?
“Hubby, you are not afraid of me growing up, and then eat you?” Yvette was gentle.
I was so moved that Yvette never thought of it. Chuck would treat her like this, and Yvette’s heart would melt.
“What are you afraid of? My wife will be so powerful, and I’ll eat soft rice,” Chuck laughed.
Yvette will never do this.
Chuck firmly believes!
Yvette now has a rare smile. She thought that she could do this and raise Chuck.
She was willing to be in her heart, and she could let her mother do something and make her safer.
She huddled in Chuck’s ear, “Husband, thank you, I will do it well. You can take it back whenever you want. Also, you little pervert, are you interested in Du Pei?”
Chuck shook his head hurriedly, “No, wife, don’t get me wrong, I…”
“Little pervert.”
Chuck collapsed, “No, I let Du Pei Xin help me work for five years, but I don’t have any thoughts about the rest!”
Chuckzhen was wronged.
“That’s it?” Yvette’s eyes brightened, was that true? So did you misunderstand Chuck? ? Yvette feels guilty, how can he confound himself?
“Yes, this is the case. Du Pei has a heart, how can I be threatened to do that?”
“Sorry,” Yvette said guilty.
Chuck laughed, his wife was so cute, the two looked at each other, Yvette blushed, little pervert…
Yvette looked down at the file in his hand. This is a big project. Now he still has to tell his mother that she will deal with it. She will continue to do killer work, but Chuck can’t let him know.
Yvette swayed his long legs out of the hotel. Suddenly, she met someone, Du Peixin.
Yes, she knew that the Zhao family was destroyed. She was shocked that she had not slept all night. She came to the hotel the next morning and she had to make it clear to Chuck.
“Boss,” Yvette said, Du Pei Xin called her because she was her employer.
Also, Yvette should tell Du Peixin not to tell her that she is a killer.
“Don’t call me that, I can’t afford it,” Du Pei smiled bitterly, and it was determined that she was the wife of the Zhao family!
“Yes, I want to tell you something, please don’t tell me my husband, what am I doing,” Yvette said, she knew that it wouldn’t be hidden for long, but try to hide it as much as possible!
When will Chuck know about this?

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