My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 433

Don’t tell Chuck?
Du Pei was stunned. She didn’t understand why Yvette had to do this. The Zhao family was destroyed this time and she already knew Chuck’s amazing strength!
Why is Yvette still a killer? ?
This is not necessary.
“Why don’t you tell him?” Du Peixin asked this question.
“Because he is my husband.” Yvette said, she has her own ideas to improve herself, so as a killer, constantly doing tasks, then she can improve her strength.
But this profession, Chuck would oppose it.
Yvette had no way to deal with Chuck. If Chuck told herself not to do it, she really couldn’t refuse it.
“Understood,” Du Peixin understood a little.
Yvette is so cool, does he want to be independent? Don’t rely on Chuck?
So it’s so dangerous?
It is estimated like this.
Just how to say, Du Peixin has a little envy, also a woman, Yvette is much better than her.
“Thank you, this time the protection mission is over, please give me an evaluation.” More and more famous, eventually, surpassing the first!
“it is good.”
Yvette left, she had to go to her mother Yan Li to say this.
Du Peixin was silent. She was a little lucky. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t know his thoughts at the time, just live alive. Yvette was just a money-maker, and it didn’t matter if he died.
Otherwise, will Yvette get angry?
I thought for a while, and Yvette is not a psychiatrist. How could he know his thoughts?
She would never know.
Du Pei was at ease.
She went to Chuck and talked about the work thoroughly. Last night, she discussed with her parents for five years. There was not much time to manage the family industry. Her parents’ response was particularly great!
But after Du Peixin explained, his parents were shocked.
Can only agree, after all, Chuck destroyed the Zhao family! In addition, Chuck wiped out the Zhao family, so should all the Zhao family’s industries take over!
That’s amazing!
Chuck should let himself manage most of it, but this is a good opportunity to draw up interpersonal relationships. Maybe he will have better contact with the other three big families.
It can be said that Du Pei does not resist this thing in her heart. She feels that she should be able to make a great improvement in five years. After five years, her Du family will rise because of this, and it is not necessarily the four major families who will become substitutes. .
Thinking of this, Du Pei was happy.
Chuck came out from the inside and saw Du Pei’s heart. There was a little meaning in her heart. The woman is smart and came here so early.
“Mr. Zhang.” Du Pei Xin came over and respectfully.
Today when I saw Chuck, she felt a little scared in her heart. After all, this man looked at ordinary people, but destroyed the Zhao family!
“You don’t need to call me like that, just call me Chuck.” Chuck doesn’t care about this, just simply.
“Okay.” Du Pei nodded, “So, what shall I do next?”
She is more looking forward to taking over the Zhao family’s property, so she can learn a lot from it.
“You, manage this hotel,” Chuck said. Yolanda is too busy, and he has to watch over there.
Moreover, Chuck recently had other plans, one after another, which will be handled by Du Peixin.
“Do you only manage this hotel? That Zhao’s…” Du Peixin whispered.
“The Zhao family doesn’t need you to control, I let my wife do it,”
Du Pei’s heart was cold, how could it be like this?
“Oh.” Du Pei sighed, disappointed, do you want to manage the hotel for five years.
What’s the point? When I was president, I managed many industries!
This is overkill.
Du Peixin felt that Chuck wanted to rectify himself, that is, he wanted to be deserted. Five years of youth would be deserted here. By the time he was over thirty, Du Pei wanted to cry without tears.
Of course, Chuck will not say that he has plans to build his own business empire.
In the follow-up, Du Peixin will follow up. Of course, Chuck still trusts Yolanda in his work.
Du Peixin took a look first.
Chuck is going to learn fighting, so he has to go back to the night hotel.
The nine-day hotel here, then let Du Pei deal with it.
“You are here, I went back,” Chuck explained.
“En.” Du Pei sighed. Sure enough, Chuck, the young master of this top family, still like Zhao Yunlei, like to torture people. Zhao Yunlei’s torture is physical, and Chuck’s torture is psychological.
Du Pei felt uncomfortable.
“Also, the hotel is my business. Don’t tell others. The Zhao family was destroyed by me, don’t say it,” Chuck said.
Chuck went outside. At this time, Yolanda was already waiting in the car, and he went back to the sea market together, but when he arrived at the parking lot, Chuck saw a sports car driving in.
Chuck knew this car, it was Du Peixin’s brother, Du Xinye’s car.
What a coincidence, does Du Xinye know that his sister is working here?
Du Xinye also saw Chuck. He sneered in the car, and there was a beautiful woman who had just soaked. At this time, he came to open the hourly room.
“My dear, what do you think of the hanging wire in front of you, do you know?”
The beauty was originally a gold worshiper. At this time, she saw Du Xinye in the car sneering at Chuck. Of course she had to ask.
“He’s not hanging wire,” Du Xinye sneered sneered. He really couldn’t figure it out. How could Chuck be so rich, he wanted to go there, there was only one explanation, gone shit luck, reborn Alright!
Otherwise, like him, his girlfriend can’t find it.
“Oh, it’s not hanging wire, what’s that? Is it a pen?”
It must be!
“It’s a bit of a pen.” Du Xinye parked the car and the two got out of the car. Du Xinye walked in front of Chuck with the beautiful woman in her arms.
“How about Ouyang Fei? Why didn’t you bring Ouyang Fei?” Du Xinye hummed, and the woman he was finally fascinated by, let you pick up the leak, can he not fire? Last time he was attacked by Ouyang Fei, he was even more angry!
Chuck glanced at him, too lazy to tell him.
Du Xinye was even hotter, “What are you doing here? Is this yours?”
Certainly not. How can there be so many hotels in Chuck?
He has been soaking up the beauty, but he still does not know that the Zhao family was destroyed.
“It’s not yours anyway,” Chuck said with a shrug, and got into Yolanda’s car.
Yolanda drove Chuck back, and Ouyang Fei Chuck hadn’t seen it for some time.
This woman with a pen didn’t know where she had gone.
“The one who is eating soft rice actually sits in Lincoln. The driver was just a big girl, but the big girl’s vision is so low?” The girl muttered.
Du Xinye is a little annoyed, is Chuck ignoring himself? ? If this hotel is Lao Tzu, will she drive you away!
What to install? It’s not mine anyway, is it yours!
“It’s just a soft meal,” Du Xinye groaned.
“What does he say about him? Honey, I miss you, let’s go in.” Beauty can’t wait.
“Yeah.” Du Xinye walked around with the beautiful woman in her arms.
He suddenly saw his sister Du Peixin, he was curious, “Sister, why are you here?”
There is no reason, his sister does not have a boyfriend, and he knows his sister’s character, if he is not married, he will definitely not open a room with a man, so what is the reason for being here at this time?
What’s more, Du Xinye was surprised that his sister’s clothes had the general manager’s brand on it, and she was still directing the hotel staff to work.
Is it? ?
Do you own this hotel? So my sister came here?
Unexpectedly, Du Jiaran started to enter the hotel industry. Yes, yes. Then, after opening a room, is it free? Just come and drive! Haha!
Du Xinye is beautiful.
Du Pei’s heart was already in a bad mood. At this time, when she saw that her brother had embraced a woman again, she was so angry that she didn’t get a fight.
My own brother is too arduous. I have to teach myself as a sister. How can I do this?
“Come here!” Du Pei ordered!
“Sister, sister, are you here, is this hotel ours now?” Du Xinye asked excitedly.

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