My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 437

Chuck came over with a smile, “Do you like me?”
“Yes, I like it very much,” Ouyang Fei sneered. Come here, to make you look good! The knife in my bag, but I have already prepared it for you!
“But I don’t like you!” Chuck mocked!
Ouyang Fei’s body, appearance, is indeed the best, rare among women. Chuck also admitted that to some extent, Ouyang Fei has a girlish temperament, especially skin, super good.
But this character is too annoying to Chuck. This kind of woman, Chuck wants to kick her a few feet, how can she like it?
“You!” Ouyang Feimei resented, she felt insulted again, “You don’t like me, then give me my picture!”
“Why should I give it to you?” Chuck shrugged. “I still occasionally take it out to appreciate. After all, you are the new school flower of our school. How beautiful and beautiful! I have to say, Ouyang Fei, you look pretty. Yes, I admit it! I will show it again later, you should have no comments!”
“You are going to die!” Ouyang Fei took out the knife from the bag, and became angry and angry!
But, pop! !
Chuck slapped it out and hit Ouyang Fei’s face heavily. Her white cheeks were deformed and a slap mark appeared.
“Just like you want to kill me?” Chuck was indifferent.
After learning to fight, Chuck’s reaction is much faster. It is not a woman who can sneak attack!
Ouyang Fei’s face was numb, hot and painful, grievances, sadness, and anger. She burst into tears, “Woo woo, you hit me, you hit me…”
“I still want to kick you!” Chuckzhi said, “What do you think you are?? School flowers are great, right? School flowers should be loved by every man, right? Why are you so narcissistic? What are you doing?”
Yes, the reason why Ouyang Fei is too young makes her seem to be spoiled. Where can you compare with the understanding Yvette?
Far from it!
“Woo woo, you scold me, I am so beautiful, you scold me.” Ouyang Fei collapsed, and the knife in her hand fell to the ground.
“Give me my picture, you bastard!” Ouyang Fei came and pulled Chuck.
Chuck ignored her.
Ouyang Fei cried even more. She whimpered and cried. Chuck was so annoyed by crying that he felt a little soft-hearted. Was he playing too hard? Who asked her to come out with a knife?
It would be good if she didn’t cut her hand.
“Woo, you beat me, give me the photo, give me, beg you.” Ouyang Fei cried sadly.
She could not sleep for a while, afraid of Chuck’s pervert, and spreading her photos, so how do you see someone then? I’m only 17 years old, will I ruin this life?
“Give me, give me. Woo,” Ouyang Fei cried.
Chuck was impatient and took out his phone, “Look, I will delete it in front of you and see clearly!”
Chuck didn’t watch it at ordinary times, but it’s actually not interesting to keep it.
Delete it, lest this woman with a pen be crying.
Chuck deleted one by one.
“Is it alright? Let go! Otherwise I will hit you again!” Chuck scolded!
Ouyang Fei stared viciously at Chuck, “Have you kept the bottom?”
She did not believe that Chuck would be so simple, such a person, so perverted, so kind?
“No.” Chuck was impatient, struggling to shake off Ouyang Fei, “I’m bored when I see you!”
Chuck opened the door and Ouyang Fei was grieved to the extreme. She touched her red and swollen cheek and wailed and cried for a while. She stared at Chuck with resentment, “I will make you look good, make you look good, but dare Treat me like this, beat me like this, I want to make you die ugly!!”
Ouyang Fei is like a devil. She doesn’t want to stay here anymore. She wants to leave here and find a way to retaliate Chuck. She will never let Chuck be so stable!
She opened the door and a good voice rang, “What’s wrong with you?”
Ouyang Fei turned around and saw a great beauty with a caring face.
Yes, this beauty is Qian Yueying. She just waited downstairs for a while, and felt that she simply opened a presidential suite to rest. Anyway, she was tired when driving over.
But as soon as Qian Yueying came up, she saw the little girl who had just gone up with Chuck. Her eyes were red and full of grievances. More importantly, she had a slap on her face!
What is this for? That trash Chuck actually hit a woman? ?
Qian Yueying is also a woman. Seeing such a scene, where can you bear it?
“I, I…” Ouyang Fei cried all at once, crying very sadly, pitifully, and lovable.
But Ouyang Fei sneered!
She is usually used to luxury goods and knows any top luxury goods in the world! !
Qian Yueying, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, perfume, tops, pants, shoes, especially bags, and the exquisite watch on the wrist, necklace on the neck, earrings,…the same thing, This body is at least 40-50 million! That watch and necklace are all limited editions, this is not something you can buy with money!
This woman is an absolute tyrant! !
So Ouyang Fei pretends to be pitiful. Such a big Baller must be more rich than Chuck. What if this big beauties were to deal with Chuck?
Then Chuck will definitely become a beggar!
It’s exciting to think about it!
“What’s wrong? Did the man just hit you?” Qian Yueying was angry.
Such a beautiful and simple girl, that trash is willing to fight? Abnormal!
“Yes, just hit me, wooh.” Ouyang Fei cried very pitifully, and there were tears in his big eyes. Whoever saw this felt distressed!
Not to mention Qian Yueying, who is also a woman?
“Sister, sister.” Ouyang Fei was crying and sad.
“It’s alright, is he still there?” Qian Yueying stared at the room.
“I’m gone, just hit me and left. He was just abnormal, I didn’t agree, he hit me, hit me… wooh.”
“Good boy, it’s okay, come in my room.” Qian Yueying sighed. What’s the point of this little girl? Alas, that trash man is so abominable, actually treats her like this!
“Thank you sister.” Ouyang Fei sneered in his heart and succeeded! !
Ouyang Fei cried and followed Qian Yueying.
“What’s your name?”
“My name is Zhang Tianxue,” Ouyang Fei lied and had to lie, otherwise what would happen if the big beauty said that she was leaking?
“Then I’ll call you Xiaoxue, does your face hurt?”
“It hurts, that man beat me,”
“It’s alright, tell me, what is he doing?” Qian Yueying wants to determine, is Chuck the younger brother of this hotel owner Karen Lee?
This is particularly important, otherwise, it directly offends Karen Lee, but it is troublesome.
“He’s a liar. He deceives people everywhere. He said he doesn’t have a girlfriend.
He likes me very much. Let me be his girlfriend. I did. I didn’t expect him to be so perverted.”
“What is his relationship with this hotel owner?”
“I don’t seem to have it. If so, how can I get the money to open the house?”
Ouyang Fei asked back.
Qian Yueying also thinks it is true, so just open the house directly, there is no need to pay.
However, she is also unlikely to go to Chuck for a little beauty she has just met.
She must not be so impulsive, and there is a limit to helping others, but because of this matter, Chuck is rubbish. Yueying’s eyes were deeply rooted.
Even lingering!
“Don’t cry, what are you going to eat? I invite you to eat.”
“Thank you sister, I’m not hungry. I’m going home. I don’t want to see him again.
He is abnormal,” Ouyang Fei stood up crying, annoyed in his heart. Isn’t Qian Yueying helping himself? Then he cried in vain.
“Don’t rush, I’m here, he didn’t dare to come over, you sleep here tonight, it’s okay.” Qian Yueying rarely smiled, how to say, this girl is really simple.
Qian Yueying has been so lonely for so long, and she has always been lonely.
Tonight, there is a person and herself in the room, so it is also a comfort, you can talk!
Qian Yueying is very lonely, how could he be a husband?
“Okay, thank you sister.” Ouyang Fei suddenly had a bad thought in his heart.
“It’s okay, I’ll order,” Qian Yueying went to call. Ouyang Fei saw Qian Yueying’s bumpy figure. She had a sly smile in her heart. Last time she was stimulated by Du Xinye, then today, she will shoot Her picture…then! !

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