My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 438

Ouyang Fei knew how to cause conflict between Chuck and this great beauty.
After this great beauty falls asleep, take a picture of her, and…
Ouyang Fei is proud, she has already thought about this plan, let you Chuck dare to hit me, I will revenge you now!
Make you regret! !
But this big beauty has such a good figure, it’s actually cheaper, you Chuck!
Come over for a while, the hearty dishes are served, and two people eat them.
Qian Yueying ate less, and she went to take a bath after eating.
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Ouyang Fei continued to eat. I didn’t expect Chuck, your trash hotel, but the food was delicious.
After a while, Qian Yueying finished her bath, and she came out wearing the hotel bathrobe.
“Sister, you are so beautiful.” Ouyang Fei praised.
What is a bath beauty? This is.
Ouyang Fei felt ashamed in his heart. This is the truth.
This beauty is as beautiful as Zhang Yi’s wife Yvette.
Qian Yueying smiled, she sighed in her heart, what about the beauty? What’s the use, all the men who marry themselves are dead, they are single until now,…
“You go to bed early.” Qian Yueying still has to work for a while, and she must carefully check this Karen Lee.
“Okay, good night sister.”
“good night.”
Qian Yueying entered one of the rooms and did not lock the door.
Ouyang Fei feels too simple for her.
Qian Yueying sat on the bed and took out the computer.
Ouyang Fei went to take a shower. After she finished washing, she carefully arrived at Qian Yueying’s door and listened to the movements inside and the sound of typing on the keyboard.
Ouyang Fei waited for a while and heard that there was no movement in it, and should be asleep.
For the sake of safety, she waited until the early hours of the morning, and then quietly opened the door to enter, and saw that Qian Yueying was sleeping deeply.
She actually did not sleep well, but she had the opportunity to relax today and she caught it.
She hasn’t slept like this for a long time, and has not heard anything, including Ouyang Fei uncovering her quilt, uncovering her clothes, and taking pictures.
She didn’t feel anything, Ouyang Fei sneered, “Sleep like a dead pig.”
After taking a good photo, she retreated and retreated. She looked at the photo herself and envied her heart. Why is she so good?
Ouyang Fei hummed. She packed her cell phone and went to sleep. She was sleepy. She was very careful when taking pictures just now. She couldn’t let Qian Yueying discover that she had taken it herself, so she deliberately designed an angle that looked like A sneak shot of a camera installed in the room, then Qian Yueying wouldn’t think it was taken by himself.
Ouyang Fei is cautious! It must be foolproof! Otherwise, if the big Baller knew that he had taken the photo by himself, then it would be over!
Moreover, when she came out, she deliberately made a hidden camera on the wall and removed the traces left. Then Qian Yueying would only think that she was filmed secretly, and she would never think of herself.
Ouyang Feifei Zizi sleep.
Waking up in the morning, Qian Yueying saw that Ouyang Fei was still asleep.
She smiled slightly, washed herself, and prepared to go. She had to ask when Karen Lee would come back.
“Hey, Xiaoxue, wake up,”
Ouyang Fei woke up, “Sister,”
“Go wash, I checked out,”
Ouyang Fei went to wash, and after washing, went down with Qian Yueying, Qian Yueying checked out, and Ouyang Fei came out.
“Sister, thank you, I really slept very well last night,” Ouyang Fei said.
“It’s okay, come, add me on WeChat, and tell me something,” Qian Yueying took out his phone.
“Me, my phone is dead, my sister, you say, I remember.”
“Well,” Qian Yueying said.
“Remember, sister, thank you, bye,”
Ouyang Fei went to the parking lot to drive. She sat in the car, took out her mobile phone, and looked at the photos she took yesterday. She was really in good shape.
Ouyang Fei didn’t think about it any more. At this time, she must definitely give Chuck a way to find her photos. It’s best to let Qian Yueying discover it immediately. Then Qian Yueying, a Baller, will definitely retaliate against Chuck.
Watch the show yourself!
Ouyang is beautiful, but how should Chuck be given? Why did Qian Yueying discover again? Think about it. Suddenly, Ouyang Fei flashed her light, and her beautiful face outlined a grim sneer. figure……”

Chuck learned to fight with Logan very late last night. When he got up late in the morning, when he went downstairs, he actually met Qian Yueying who met last time. How did she come to the mother’s hotel?
Chuck felt a little strange. He already knew that Qian Yueying was the money family of the four big families, so. . What is she doing here?
In addition, Qian Yueying also saw herself, her eyes were so cold, Chuck was confused, what do you mean? Where did you mess with her? No!
It’s too baffling.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of this kind of woman. My mother called me last night and told myself that Li Overlord might have to take action there. Let yourself be a little prepared. Of course, I am obedient. Also, my mother said, first The killer Black Rose is still in China!
This woman, was seriously injured by her mother last time, I don’t know where to hide!
This woman, Chuck should also be careful! As long as this woman is found, he must be killed!
Last time I tortured myself so much, but I still have a fresh memory!
With so many dangers, Chuck has no time to say anything to this woman.
“When exactly do you, Mr. Li, come back?” Qian Yueying didn’t look at Chuck.
She looked down on this man who beat women.
Hey, what is she doing with her mother?
Chuck is a bit strange. The beauty at the front desk also saw Chuck, but Chuck gave her a wink. The beauty at the front desk nodded. “We don’t know this.”
“All right,” Qian Yueying was helpless.
She swayed her long legs and walked out first. Chuck came over with a shrug.
“What are you doing with President Li?”
Cooperation? This is still possible, but how could your mother cooperate with others? So what is she doing here?
Chuck thought more and more curious.
Qian Yueying frowned and ignored him, and walked out directly.
Chuckxin whispered in her heart that this woman has a great temper!
Forget it, she didn’t speak, did she put her face back cheeky? Chuck couldn’t do such a thing. He went to the square and took a look. As soon as he got in the car, he got a reminder on his mobile phone, and a friend reminded him.
Chuck opened his cell phone and saw it as a friend reminder of a stranger, telling you something good.
What is good? Chuck wanted to refuse, but he was curious. What would be good?
He thought about it and agreed.
What good thing does Chuck send?
Soon this person sent a photo. Chuck looked at it doubtfully. This is a photo of a woman with a beautiful figure. Whose one is this? Won’t WeChat buy the film? Chuck wants to delete.
He doesn’t have this hobby now, he doesn’t have the habit of looking at pictures, he depends on real people.
However, this person continued to send photos and videos came over. Chuck was surprised to see it. Is this, Qian Yueying?
What’s going on? Qian Yueying, was it filmed? Chuck was a little dumbfounded, and after looking closely, it was really Qian Yueying.
This woman… is really pretty.
Perfect body.
Chuck looked at it for a while and found that Qian Yueying was also in the parking lot and was about to drive out. Chuck felt strange. Who took this shot? How could you send it to yourself?
He wondered if he should ask in the past. After all, this background seems to be his mother’s hotel.
At this shooting angle, is this a camera? This involves the reputation of the hotel, you must figure it out!
Chuck opened the door and stopped Qian Yueying.
Qian Yueying in the car frowned, her eyes were cold, “What are you doing? Let go!”
“Are you staying here last night, right?” Chuck asked solemnly, but Chuck murmured when she saw Qian Yueying, she didn’t expect this woman to be so beautiful. This figure is almost the same as Yvette.
“What do you want to ask?” Qian Yueying said coldly, this garbage man, she didn’t want to see it for a second!
Chuck murmured that she didn’t seem to offend her. Forget it, she had such a bad attitude, so she went to the room to see if she really had a camera.
“You, who’s picture is in your phone?” Suddenly, Qian Yueying’s voice came, Chuck subconsciously looked down, bad, the phone screen is still bright, she saw…

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