My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 45

“This is my restaurant. I don’t even want you to eat here! Get out of here, do you hear me?” The middle-aged man pointed at Chuck and scolded him with a sense of superiority on his face. Chuck said nothing but just squinted at him.
“Chuck, I’m sorry. You should go have dinner first.” Queenie was tearful and said to Chuck with a crying voice. She was touched, but this middle-aged man was not only a manager. She heard that he had shares in this restaurant, so she couldn’t afford to offend him. She was worried that Chuck would be bullied. He was only a student just like her. If he provoked a person like her, he would suffer. Chuck couldn’t bear to see Queenie cry.
The middle-aged man sneered and waved his hand. “You don’t want to get out? In that case, Queenie, you can’t work here anymore. Pack up your things and get out of here! I never liked your attitude, and now you even brought a brat here!”
Queenie’s body trembled as she bit her lips. She lifted her hand to wipe her tears and forced a smile while still sobbing and said, “Chuck, let’s leave. I quit.”
The middle-aged man scoffed at them. “You are quite sensible. If you want to get out of here, get out of here as soon as possible!”
After being scolded, Queenie couldn’t help but start crying again. Chuck glanced at the middle-aged man and pulled Queenie behind him. He said gently, “Well, it’s good that you quit. Just wait for a while.”
Why were his eyes so confident? What was he going to do? Queenie was full of questions and gratitude while being pulled along by Chuck. He was trying to help her here. But her reason and rationale kicked in. She said in a hurry, “Chuck, it’s alright, let’s go. We can’t afford to offend such a person.”
“Can’t afford to offend him?” Chuck suddenly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we can afford to offend him.”
Queenie was even more anxious. She clearly knew that the restaurant had a lot if investment put into it, proving that the manager was rich. Chuck didn’t have that much money, so how could he afford to offend such a rich person? Queenie cried even more anxiously.
Chuck raised his hand and gently wiped away the tears on her face. “Don’t cry. Don’t worry!”
The tone of his voice was light-hearted and yet full of inexplicable confidence. Queenie was stunned. What happened to him? Chuck had changed a lot in the past few days. Queenie was moved and nodded. She decided to trust him. She made up her mind: She was going to leave anyways, what was there to be afraid of? So what if she had no money? At least Chuck stood up for her. At worst, she could grab him and run away together.
“Stop dilly-dallying and just scram! You guys are so slow, it’s no wonder that you’re poor! Get out of here!” The middle-aged man continued to taunt them.
“Call your boss over here!” Chuck looked at him and said.
“You want to see our boss?” The middle-aged man was stunned, and the sarcasm on his face was even more obvious. “Haha, do you want to complain about me? That’s a good idea, but you should see clearly with your eyes. I am the boss!”
“You’re the boss?” Chuck paused.
“You’re so dumb! Of course, I’m the boss. If not, would it be you instead?” The middle-aged man sneered.
“He has a share.” Queenie whispered.
So that was the case, then things would be simple! Chuck scratched his nose and thought to himself, “So what if you have shares? This whole square belongs to me, so your amount of shares is nothing to me!”
“Great, then get ready to pack up and leave.” Chuck said as he took out his phone and made a call to Yolanda. A few words were exchanged between them and the phone was hung up.
The middle-aged man scoffed. What was Chuck doing? Was he trying to threaten him by making a phone call?
“You want me to pack up and leave? Who do you think you are? Trying to be pretentious in cheap trashy clothes now?” The middle-aged man mocked him. This was interesting, Chuck looked like the real deal when he was pretending to make a phone call and complain.
Queenie was nervous. Who did Chuck call just now? He looked so calm now. Queenie was confused.
Chuck just continued looking at him calmly and repeated, “I said, I want you to scram!”
The middle-aged man was pissed off. It seems that Chuck was looking for a fight. He stormed over and raised his meaty hand to slap Chuck, “Dream on, you f*cker!”
Queenie was shaken by the commotion and ran to Chuck’s side to assist him, but Chuck was one step quicker and grabbed the middle-aged man’s hand.
“You f*cking dare to resist?” The middle-aged man sneered, pulled back his hand and headed for Chuck again. This guy made him too mad.
However, Chuck was younger and faster than the fat middle-aged man. He raised his hand and slapped him first.
The slap hit the target right on the cheek, and the middle-aged manwas dumbfounded. His cheek was swollen abnormally, and he fell butt first on the ground. He didn’t expect this guy to hit him at the very last minute. Queenie’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth.
“You f*cking dare hit me? You dare hit me?” The middle-aged man got up from the ground with a ferocious look on his face. Queenie was scared out of her wits. Her career here was definitely over after today. However, at this time.
“Dyson Lowe!” At this crucial moment, a furious voice could be heard bellowing from a private room.
The middle-aged man was stunned and stopped in his tracks. He turned his head and asked doubtfully, “Old Henry, you…..”
This was the boss of the restaurant. He was eating inside just now, but halfway through his meal, he received a phone call that made him jump in fright.
“What are you f*cking doing?” The boss stormed over angrily.
“This brat hit me just now…..” The middle-aged man pointed angrily at Chuck.
Slap! The big boss slapped the middle-aged man across his fleshy cheek, the sound of the slap and forcing the chefs inside to halt their work. What was wrong? Did the boss hit the manager?
The middle-aged man couldn’t believe it. He clasped his cheek and asked, “Old Henry, what are you doing?”
“You are f*cking causing trouble for me!” The big boss shouted at him.
The middle-aged man was stunned. “What’s going on?”
The big boss snorted and immediately came over, staring down Chuck in confusion. He received a phone call from Harold Wendel, who only said one sentence, “Don’t you want to work anymore?”
He was a little anxious and immediately ran out to find out what the matter was, but he had never seen the young man in front of him before. What was going on? Who on earth is he?
Queenie was shocked. Who did Chuck call just now to the point that the boss was forced out. Queenie stared at Chuck blankly, trying to figure out what was going on. The chefs in the kitchen were equally stunned. Putting aside the fact that their boss had slapped their manager, the boss was actually so polite to a young man now?
“Sorry, this is our mistake.” The big boss said politely.
“You don’t want the restaurant anymore?” Chuck said calmly.
“Yes, I still want it.” The big boss said in a hurry. At this moment, he broke out in a cold sweat. He could feel Chuck’s indifferent gaze on him, as though he could go out of business with just one sentence from Chuck.
“Then get this man out of here!” Chuck ordered.
“Okay, okay.” The big boss heaved a sigh of relief and immediately said to the middle-aged man coldly, “Did you hear that? Get out!”
The middle-aged man seemed to have heard it wrongly, “Old Henry, I am a shareholder…..”
“The hell with being a shareholder! I invested seven million dollars in this restaurant, and you invested one hundred thousand dollars. Do you even count as a shareholder?” The boss’s expression was filled with disgust. “Get out of here. Do you hear me?”
The middle-aged man became upset. “You’re deliberately looking for trouble, aren’t you? All I did was hit a guy and fired a part-timer, didn’t I?”
“Hmph, I’m too lazy to argue with you. Why don’t you take a look at who you’re hitting!” The boss took out his mobile phone and transferred one hundred thousand dollars to the middle-aged man. “Here’s the money. Now, scram!”
The middle-aged man was stunned, his expression freezing in place. He was anxious. “Old Henry, you can’t do this to me. The business in this restaurant is so good, and it earns more than 100,000 dollars a month. How can you make me leave?”
“It wasn’t me, but your obliviousness and stupidity!” The boss shook his head.
“I….” The middle-aged man was shocked. The business in the restaurant was hood, despite having a small amount of shares, it was a definite profit for him. How could he bear to leave? In addition, he was the manager here. Even without doing anything, be could earn 6 thousand dollars a month. This was an easy job, but now he was told he lost it?
“Old Henry, what the hell is going on?” The middle-aged man was as anxious as someone who was on their first date as he tried to wrap his head around the matter.
“Here’s the money. Now get out of here! Do you hear me?” The manager said indifferently.
Now, the middle-aged man found a sense of urgency as he lost his job. He ran to Chuck and said in a hurry, “I’m sorry. I was blind to be able to recognize your superiority. Everything was my fault just now, so I’ll apologize to you now. Please don’t let Old Henry do this. I’ll apologize to you, okay?”
“I told you to get out of here!” Chuck said calmly. At that moment, the middle-aged man stunned. Who on earth was the person he had just offended?

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