My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 458

“To deal with our money family? Cousin, are you joking?” Qian Fangyun laughed.
Unexpectedly, my cousin was actually very humorous, and said such a joke early in the morning.
“No, the company called just now and said that there is a problem with our company’s construction.” Qian Yueying said angrily.
She just answered the phone and said that they had a big problem in a company building under the money family, which was cracked, sinking, and very dangerous.
She knew this problem, but it was not solved, but she didn’t expect it to be exploded!
“Cousin, aren’t you wrong? This question is only known to the people of our money family. How could it burst out? Did the people of our money family burst themselves?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t understand.
This is the secret of the Qian family, not the people directly under the Qian family, and they cannot know it. In other words, it is the person of his own money family, who betrayed the money family?
These are all direct lines, how is it possible? ?
“The people of our Qian family will definitely not do this. The horror is, how does this bursting person know?” Qian Yueying said coldly.
This problem is serious. Overnight, two serious problems broke out. How did this person know? ?
“Will it be a coincidence?” Qian Fangyun still couldn’t believe it. Someone dared to deal with the money family! This is dead!
“One will be, a few will be?” Qian Yueying shook his head, where is there such a coincidence in the world?
“So, is it done by people from the other two families?” Qian Fangyun was annoyed, so dare, so is this a complete reversal?
“It should not be the two of them. We also have some handles in their hands. They should be scrupulous about this. They will not be them. They should…other people!” said Qian Yueying.
The four big families all have handles and restrain each other. No one will explode so directly, and no one will benefit.
“Other people, cousin, who are you talking about this other person?” Qian Fangyun thinks, besides the other two families, who else has this ability?
“It is not clear for the time being, are you okay today? Solve these two things with me,” Qian Yueying must solve this problem. This is a big problem. For the catering industry, this is very disgusting and affects the reputation. Big problem, can’t handle it, but this will make the business plummet!
“Okay, it’s okay today.” Qian Fangyun shook his head, although he was going to find a way to meet Logan, but this problem must be solved!
Find this person and make him regret it! !
The two of them drove to the restaurant where the accident happened, but the restaurant that was in trouble was already very messy. Many people pulled banners and said that they were disgusting, lost money, and would never eat here again.
There were reporters on the scene, and many people who had spent money here.
The title is Saliva!
The scene is difficult to control, and even throwing shit at the door, cursing and saying, “Shameless, you let us eat saliva, I let you eat shit!!”
This situation has a great impact! Because the circle of friends is sending, and more and more people!
“Dare you actually pour the dung?” After seeing Qian Fangyun, he was so angry! This is looking for death!
“Someone is taking rhythm!!” Qian Yueying’s eyes are cold. In this case, there are tens of thousands of people on the scene. There are definitely people taking rhythm. In other words, there is support in it!
The deliberate whole money family’s support has a rhythm, so the scene is so difficult to control! So many people are angry.
This is someone who wants to make things big, this is to make money!
“Cousin, who dares to take the rhythm?” Qian Fangyun was angry!
“It seems that this man who dealt with our money family is very ruthless, knowing the secret of our money family!”
Qian Yueying wanted to go, who would this person be?
“Cousin, which Logan would you say?? That bad pen, ask Logan to do this?” Qian Fangyun said, in this matter, only Logan who broke up last night can have the courage to do so!
How to say, Logan’s strength is still very strong, although she is not a money family, but she is kind!
Can do this! Is this to declare war on the Qian family?
Qian Fangyunhuo, good Logan, so ignorant! Dare to deal with my money family? Have you eaten the bear heart leopard gall?
“She. It should not be possible. My concern is that the person behind Logan, Karen Lee, this person has destroyed the Zhao family!” Qian Yueying thought of, and the one who was least willing to think so.
“Can this Karen Lee do it?” Qian Fangyun frowned, feeling unbelievable.
“Yes, people who can destroy the Zhao family, why not, but my Qian family didn’t offend her at all, she didn’t need to do this!” Qian Yueying felt incomprehensible, she handled it very well in this respect, this Karen Lee didn’t touch him at all, so how could he come to deal with the moneymaker?
“Did the Logan bitch do it? Let Karen Lee do that.” Qian Fangyun analyzed.
“No, I have contacted Logan. This woman has a straight temperament. She wants to deal with us. She will use her own strength and will not let others shoot.” Qian Yueying shook her head. Logan had known her for too long. How could you not know Logan’s character?
“That cousin, do you mean Logan made it herself?”
“This possibility, that garbage Chuck, must have asked Logan to do this, Logan was digging his own grave!!” Qian Yueyingmei shot out the murderous opportunity!
In dealing with the money family in this way, you Logan is qualified to do so? ?
“So what should we do?” Qian Fangyun was angry!
“Govern others with their own way!” Qian Yueying was about to call.
Logan has so many industries, she does not believe there are no loopholes! Find out, then die you!
Qian Fangyun was happy and healed your Logan’s property. Then when you cry, let you come and beg me!
However, Qian Yueying’s mobile phone rang again, and she answered with a frown, and soon she was angry again.
“What’s wrong, cousin? Did something happen again?” Qian Fangyun felt not so good!
“Well, something went wrong in the nightclub. It was broke with fake wine.” Qian Yueying was angry. She had dealt with this problem seriously, but she didn’t expect such a thing to happen!
And it was actually burst out.
Qian Fangyun sneered!
Qian Yueying’s cell phone rang again just after the car started.
“The company has deception…”
“Arrears of wages…”
In just a few minutes, more than a dozen questions broke out at once, and they were all explosive. Some people took the rhythm and went crazy in the circle of friends.
This influence is great!
Qian Yueying was so angry that his eyes were about to burst into flames.
“This Logan actually has such a great strength, it seems a little underestimated her,” Qian Yueying was angry!
At this time, her cell phone rang again, it was the phone of the head of the Qian family. She hesitated and must have been scolded. After answering, she was scolded. “What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are there so many problems?” ”
All of the money family is up and down, a lot of this problem broke out, this shows that someone has to deal with the money family!
Who is so bold.
“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I’ll fix it immediately!”
“Solve? How to solve it? This time it’s so aggressive, who did it? Do you have any doubts in your heart?” The head of the Qian family said coldly.
“Probably Logan did it.”
“Logan? Does she dare?”
“It should be her!” Qian Yueying said yesterday, and the owner of the Qian family was angry. “You mean, that Logan wanted to protect the rubbish you said, so to our Qian family?!”
“Well, I think this is the case!”
“Yueying, would you do this for a man?”
“I do not know.”
“Logan’s woman is smarter than you, how could she do this? Ken and others!
Yueying, I asked you to check the Zhao Family’s destruction. What happened?”
Qian Jiajia pointed out something.
In his view, Loganke does not have this strength. These bursting problems are all the secrets of the Qian family. Logan does not know this strength!
“Grandpa, the person who killed the Zhao family is a woman named Karen Lee.”
“Oh. What’s going on?” the head of the Qian family asked immediately. Why hadn’t he heard of this woman?
Qian Yueying said his analysis.
“So, is this mysterious Karen Lee so powerful? You said she would do it?”
“It wouldn’t be her. We didn’t offend her. Why did she adjust our money?”
“That’s not good. Didn’t you just say it, did Logan have something to do with Karen Lee? Logan asked Karen Lee to do this, or it was still possible.” The owner of the Qian family was indifferent.
“Yes, but it shouldn’t be very good.” Qian Yueying felt that this could wipe out Zhao Qing’s Karen Lee overnight. This kind of strength is the top in the world.
What qualifications does Logan have to do with this Karen Lee? Okay?
“Then that is the interest relationship. Logan spent money to find Karen Lee and asked Karen Lee to deal with our money family in this way! Then you go to Karen Lee now and spend more money so that she would not do it. Now.”
“Grandpa, do you want me to beg her?” Qian Yueying is so complicated, when did she bow her head?
“You have little experience in this area. I can see from this matter that the control of time bursts and hot spots can all explain that this Karen Lee is more powerful than our money family, even if I don’t want to admit it, but It must be admitted that people who are better than yourself are nothing. At this level, they are all interests.
You persuade Karen Lee to stop, and then let Karen Lee deal with Logan!” Qian Jia said.
“Okay, I’m going by now, but here is the matter…” Qian Yueying compromised, this time it was really menacing!
If at this time, do not go to see Karen Lee, what if other serious things come out again? ?
So must see! Must be stopped! Otherwise, this effect will be great!
“I personally deal with it,” said the owner of the Qian family. This matter is no small matter!
“Well, grandpa, you worked hard, I will go!” Qian Yueying hung up.
“Cousin, what does grandpa say?” Qian Fangyun asked.
Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun was exasperated, “Is that the real junk Chuck?”
“This thing is not that simple.” Qian Yueying shook her head, she thought of what Chuck said, fancy Qianjia, but Qian Yueying absolutely did not believe this is what Chuck can do!
“Isn’t that shame about asking for money from us?” Qian Fangyun sneered.
“He doesn’t have this ability, but he has the ability to eat soft rice. Okay, you go back and help Grandpa deal with it. I’m going to the Yeshi Hotel now to meet this Karen Lee!” The journey was still a bit far and I had to go by plane.
Qian Yueying felt that even if Karen Lee didn’t do it, she would still see that the problem was serious.
“What can I do for you? Cousin, I will go with you!” Qian Fangyun said.
“Okay, you call to get the plane ready, and we go to the airport in our house,” Qian Yueying drove, and Qian Fangyun called, “Preparing the plane, my cousin and I came here in ten minutes!”
But on the road, Qian Yueying saw Logan’s car and Logan driving!
She is angry!
The car drove past, straight forward!
The two luxury cars almost collided together. In fact, Qian Yueying wanted to crash. What is a car? But there is a cousin on his car. She hesitated, and there was. What is the relationship between Logan and Karen Lee?
Qian Yueying got out of the car, and Qian Fangyun was annoyed, “Cousin, that pen is also in the car! Is she! Laozi killed him today!!”
He saw Chuck sitting in the car. At this instant, the fire in his heart was ignited.
Was it you who made a ghost? Ask Logan to do this? What a trashy act!
Logan frowned, but Chuck in the car smiled, hey, did it start? ?

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