My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 460

When Qian Yueying said this, Chuck was stunned. When did he open a room to let others pay for it, and beat him? ?
Logan beside was stunned, what did Ceer do? What time does it take to open a house with others?
No, Logan doesn’t think Chuck will do this. How simple is he? How could that be done?
Logan was unmoved, and her gentle eyes looked at Chuck, who was stunned.
“Are you talking about cousin? This rubbish… Haha, is she still a man? Even the house has to be paid by women, and in the end it beats people, haha, laughed at me, what are you doing? What? She said it was Karen Lee’s son, so shameless!
Karen Lee knows that there is a “good son” like you, then she may come over to make you disappear! Haha!”
Qian Fangyun laughed, which really opened his eyes to him, what a trash man? ? Tai Chi too!
“Well, really, this is what I saw with my own eyes.” Qian Yueying said.
“Haha, it’s superb! I want to ask, how do you do that shameless thing? Are you still a man? Haha!” Qian Fangyun laughed!
“He’s not, the girl cried around me, sad,” Qian Yueying said coldly, even more disgusted!
What did you say to such a garbage man for so long? ?
“You make it clear, who is this girl you are talking about?” Chuck couldn’t bear it anymore.
“Zhang Tianxue,”
“What? Zhang Tianxue?” Chuck was forced, he didn’t know the woman, when did he open the house?
“Pretend, what else do you pretend to be? Is it interesting?” Qian Yueying was annoyed and thought of the pitiful look of Ouyang Fei, who was so small, she didn’t get angry!
She hates others to play with women because of her husband. She still can’t stand it because she still plays this way!
So at this time, she hated Chuck and hated the extreme!
“Where did I pretend? I don’t know the people you said. I suspect you are slandering me!” Chuck was annoyed, which is clearly out of nothing!
“Slander you? You lie a series of words, I saw fakes with my own eyes? People like you are really rubbish, and your mouth is a lie. No wonder you can still say that you are the son of Karen Lee….” Qian Yueying Said in disgust.
“Forget it, forget it, you need to find my mother, she…” Chuck didn’t bother to tell her, what else?
Qian Yueying really has nothing to say. At this time, Chuck wanted to show her picture to her, and asked her if you still have a face to say? ?
So slutty, all the photos have been taken, what are you qualified to say about me?
However, Chuck felt that he could not do this. It was not that Chuck had no courage, nor was Chuck worried that Qian Yueying would be unbearable when he saw it, but Logan, his Aunt Logan was by his side. Take it out in front of her?
Certainly not! Forget it, fortunately, Aunt Logan is by your side, otherwise it will crash you! Chuck has experience in this area. When the photo of Lara was shown to her last time, didn’t Lara collapse and cry?
Chuck also wanted to see how such a woman with such a sense of superiority would see her picture, how would she react? ?
Lara collapsed? Or other reactions?
Chuck wanted to laugh.
“You also say that Karen Lee is a mother? Why are you so shameless?” Qian Yueying was angry!
Chuck frowned.
Qian Fangyun was too lazy to talk to such rubbish, “Oh cousin, don’t talk to him.
How disgusting, it’s simply not a man, let’s go!”
Qian Fangyun couldn’t wait to see Karen Lee, and wanted to pierce this untruthful lie!
“Well,” Qian Yueying didn’t want to say more, what else to say? He is still cheating himself, my God!
Why didn’t he blush when he said this? The face is thicker than the wall!
“Are you going to look at my mom’s night view hotel?” Chuck asked.
Qian Yueying ignored Chuck, so shameless, Qian Fangyun laughed, “Cousin, you listen, let’s talk about this shame again, I really convinced him, he was bragging, and made himself believe. ”
“Well, let’s go, let’s go,” Qian Yueying got on the bus.
Qian Fangyun also followed the car and left here with Qian Yueying. If he saw Karen Lee, then he wanted to ask, Is this your pen? ?
Chuck touched his nose, this is to go to the night hotel, but the mother has not come back, but also a trip in vain, if he asked his mother not to continue? Chuck looks like, Qian Yueying, what expression would you have when you know that the person you asked for is me? ?
Chuck looks forward to it!
“Cer.” Logan smiled softly.
“Aunt Logan, what she said just now, I really don’t have it,” Chuck explained.
Otherwise, Logan misunderstood it, thinking she was such a scumbag, then Logan would still let herself sleep on her legs? ?
Certainly not willing!
“Cer, I believe you.” Logan smiled, especially gentle, Chuck was moved to hug her.
“Cer, you are always simple in my heart,” Logan comforted.
Chuck is guilty, not simple, he hasn’t been simple. At the very beginning, Chuck thought about Logan, secretly looking at her figure, and dreaming. This is not something that a simple person can do.
But now, Chuck can say that she is simple to Logan, she will not peek at her back, or dream about her, and she will not have any disrespectful thoughts.
“Aunt Logan, I…” Chuckzhi supported us, but he didn’t feel confident.
“What are you doing?” Logan smiled softly.
“Nothing, Aunt Logan, I want to eat, I am hungry,” Chuck said.
“Okay, go home and cook for you.” Logan said softly and Chuck said, “Aunt Logan, don’t you go to the company?”
“I don’t want to go anymore. Cooking is the most important thing. I get hungry when I get on the bus.” Logan touched her belly and she had a much better appetite with Chuck!
Chuck moved to get in the car, Logan drove, Chuck couldn’t help but leaned back behind her seat, “Aunt Logan, I want to touch your hair,”
“Okay.” Logan smiled slightly, is his hair beautiful?
Chuck closed his eyes and had no other ideas. He just thought that if he could sleep by this taste at night, then he would sleep soundly, but how could this be possible?
If you tell Logan that she will be angry when sleeping together,…

“Cousin, this is the night hotel you said?” Qian Fangyun whispered, this hotel is okay, but since Karen Lee can destroy the Zhao family, then the minimum hotel is very big!
“Well, this is Karen Lee, remember, if you see Karen Lee, don’t talk nonsense, otherwise there will be problems!” Qian Yueying told him that he must be told that his cousin is not a person of good personality. So impulsive,
“I know my cousin, such a person, I don’t have much to say!” Qian Fangyun told the truth, he can destroy the Zhao family, so it should not be the case to destroy his money family. He is not a fool. How could it be possible? Offended? ?
Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun walked in. At this time, Betty continued to deal with the money family upstairs!
Suddenly, she saw Qian Yueying from the surveillance screen. She frowned, stared at it for a few seconds, and swayed her long legs down the stairs.
At the same time, Qian Yueying and cousin Qian Fangyun came to the front desk, Qian Yueying politely asked, “Will you Mr. Li come back?”
“Sorry, no,” the beauty at the front desk remembered Qian Yueying. Didn’t you come here last time and ask?
“When will you come back?” Qian Yueying was anxious. Why didn’t she come back?
“This is not clear,”
“Cousin, what should I do?” Qian Fangyun said, but this is a big problem. Did Karen Lee intentionally disappear?
If this is the case, then it will be in trouble.
“I think about it.” Qian Yueying also thinks it is not a second, what should I do? She thought about what she wanted to do and could only continue to ask, “So, there are people here who can directly contact you Mr. Li?”
If so, just make a phone call and contact is barely okay!
At least tell Qian’s attitude.
“This is there, but…” The beautiful woman at the front desk hesitated, should Betty come down?
“Tell me, please,” Qian Yueying said, but at this time, the voice of high-heeled shoes came out, crisp, Betty came over, “What are you going to do with Mr. Li?”

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