My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 464

It’s all for this part. It’s really a one-line thing to destroy the money family, but Chuck just said, just talk about credit, saying that making your money family become a poor light egg, then making your money family a poor light egg.
“Cousin, don’t talk nonsense!” Qian Yueying was busy pulling Qian Fangyun.
At this time, Qian Yueying already believed so much, it was too coincidental.
But she still didn’t understand, how could the people of Zhao family be destroyed like this? ?
“I’m talking nonsense? Cousin, don’t you really believe his words? He is just acting!” Qian Fangyun said angrily!
“Cousin, don’t talk about it, will you?” Qian Yueying was angry.
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Qian Fangyun bit his teeth.
“Do you really want my money house?” Qian Yueying stared at Chuck.
“Yes, I want to make your money family poor.” Chuck shrugged.
“You she…” Qian Fangyun was angry.
“Everything you instructed? Explode the secret of my money house?” Qian Yueying said one word!
“You can say that.” Chuck sat down, too lazy to talk to her.
“Why do you do this?” Qian Yueying’s eyes were red.
“Simple, you! I think you are very unhappy.” Chuckzhi said straightly, for this woman, Chuck didn’t do anything? I’ve been very unhappy with myself.
Chuck has endured her for so long, this is what she asked for herself!
“If I apologize to you, can you let my money go?” Qian Yueying said coldly.
She didn’t dare to gamble. It was very likely that Chuck really wiped out the Zhao family, so her money family was not an opponent at all.
Chuck shrugged and apologized? ?
“Are you going to apologize to me?” Chuck said lightly.
“Yes, apologize to you.” Qian Yueying gritted her teeth!
“Where did your previous sense of superiority go? I asked you,” Zhang You asked so curiously.
“You!” Qian Yueying’s eyes will shoot out.
“Cousin, what are you saying? Why do you apologize to such a person? What qualifications does he have?” Qian Fangyun couldn’t help it. Qian Yueying did this, just beating his money family’s face!
“Cousin, I…” Qian Yueying couldn’t answer.
“Go, tell a man like this, I don’t believe that he can make our money family poor!”
Qian Fangyun pulled Qian Yueying out.
Qian Yueying stared at Chuck without saying a word.
“Cousin, don’t believe him, he is pretending!” Qian Fangyun persuaded, “You look at him, where is it like someone who can destroy the Zhao family?”
Qian Yueying was at a loss, she had been pulled out by Qian Fangyun.
“Let’s go back.” Qian Fangyun felt that he could do something now, isn’t it just a shame? Just do it! The Qian family is still afraid? ?
“What if he is Karen Lee’s son?” Qian Yueying was in pain, she didn’t want to think so, but the evidence now seems to point to this.
“No, Betty at that night hotel is playing us!” Qian Fangyun was annoyed, but he suddenly saw a man, a beautiful woman with a very good figure.
Yes, after managing the hotel, Dupei took time out!
“It’s her?” Qian Yueying walked by, but she knew that Du Peixin was managing that hotel, so Du Peixin’s words shouldn’t be fake? ?
“Du Pei Xin,” Qian Yueying called her.
Du Pei stopped in a daze. She came to see her friend, but did not expect to encounter Qian Yueying.
Today’s explosive news, Du Pei heart saw it, she was still curious, how could the money family appear this thing? ?
“Mr. Qian, hello,” Du Pei politely said.
“Hello, I want to ask you a question,” Qian Yueying was nervous.
“Okay, you ask.”
“In the end, the hotel you manage, who is the boss? Who bought the hotel?”
“This…” Du Peixin didn’t want to say it, but Chuck told him that he didn’t want others to know.
“You told me well, is it a person named Chuck?” Qian Yueying said, Qian Fangyun shook his head, “Cousin, how much do you really think, how could it be him? No… ”
“Mr. Qian, how do you know?” Du Peixin was particularly surprised. How did Qian Yueying know?
Qian Yueying was shocked, she was unbelievable, really Chuck bought the hotel of Zhao Family? Then wipe out the Zhao family? ?
“Are you serious?” Qian Yueying’s voice was shaking.
“Really, really, what am I doing to you?” Du Pei sighed. She recently managed the hotel and was bored to death. You know that she used to manage many companies.
Now she manages a hotel, which is overkill.
When will Chuck be able to reuse himself?
“How did that policy kill the Zhao family? Can you tell me?” Qian Yueying asked.
“I…well, Zhao Yunlei hit Chuck’s wife. That night, the Zhao family was gone.” Du Xin said, also unbelievable!
“What you said is true?” Qian Fangyun was sluggish, so the Zhao family was destroyed? Why is it so simple!
“Yes, really, I’m doing things for Chuck now,” Du Pei sighed.
“What do you ask? What did your Qianjia do today, did he do it?” Du Pei thought, Qian Yueying was so shocked, and what happened to the Qianjia today was not related to Chuck?
When she was watching the news in the morning, she was still thinking, who would dare to deal with the money family like this, but she didn’t expect it. What Chuck did…
Qian Yueying is bitter. At this time, she regrets so much. She actually looks down on someone who can destroy her family. Where does she come from?
“Well, he did it,” Qian Yueying’s eyes were red. She felt fear, not fear of herself, but of the entire Qianjia, because she was the one who harmed the Qianjia. If she doesn’t look down on Chuck, then it is Isn’t this happening today?
“What did you do…” Du Pei was too curious.
She thinks, Chuck will not deal with the money family for no reason? Is there always a reason?
“I, I despise him, scold him, and…” Qian Yueying regretted to the extreme.
“What? You. President Qian, you really did this,” Du Pei was shocked. Qian Yueying didn’t know Chuck’s strength? ? Actually doing this?
“Then you can apologize to him!” Du Pei made up his mind.
“Is an apology useful?” Qian Yueying was bitter.
“May be useful, but how do you apologize, you have to think about it.” Du Peixin couldn’t say much, in case Chuck knew it, so troublesome.
Qian Yueying sighed, how should this apologize? It seems that I really did something, did I misunderstand? That girl? Is there a problem?
So how do you apologize? Kneeling? cry? still is……
Qian Yueying couldn’t think about it, she couldn’t do that.
“At least to make Chuck happy, how do you think you can do this, just do it,” Du Peixin finally said.
“Me, I don’t know.” Qian Yueying was in pain.
“Cousin, don’t do this first. Zhang Ze destroyed Zhao’s family, and he must have been seriously hurt. At this time, if he fought back, he might have killed him.”
Qian Fangyun said.
“Don’t be so, let’s go back first,” Qian Fangyun pulled Qian Yueying away. Du Pei was puzzled, she shook her head, forget it, what’s the matter with herself?
She went inside.
After getting in the car, Qian Yueying and Qian Fangyun arrived at the Qian family. The owner of the Qian family and others were in a hurry, and the situation was serious. During these times, the Qian family’s industry broke out, and the Qian family earthquake happened. The problem is still bursting out. Too many, all of which are problems in this area.
“Yueying, how are you back?” The head of the Qian family came over, and everyone looked at Qian Yueying.
“Me, me.” Qian Yueying supported us.
“How is it going?”
“Grandpa, me, me.” Qian Yueying said, is it your own reason?
“Yueying, hurry up, we are all in a hurry!”
“It was made by someone named Chuck.” Qian Fangyun said.
“Chuck, who is Chuck?”
“Who is Chuck?”
The people of the Qian family are all stunned, isn’t Logan? Didn’t Qian Yueying go to Karen Lee? Why did Chuck get involved again?
“Karen Lee’s son.” Qian Fangyun said.
The owner of the Qian family froze, trembling, “What are you talking about?
Karen Lee, the son of the Zhao family, destroyed? Chuck started with our Qian family? Why? Why?”

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