My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 481

Yvette is very clear what grade he is now. The price of 100 million yuan is absolutely that the “big name” is unwilling to pick up, and then he comes to his head.
If you can make this list, then your ranking in the killer world will be even higher.
During this time, Yvette has been a little-known killer, after the baptism of time, after several tasks, she has become famous in the killer world.
One step closer to the killer first!
As for money, she doesn’t care now, because Chuck gave her all the Zhao family’s industries, and it has become one of the four major families again. One hundred million is really not attractive to Yvette!
She took a fancy to the difficulty of this task, and it could cost 100 million yuan, and when she reached her own head, she could have imagined the difficulty of this task.
Yvette was even so excited!
“Who is it?” Yvette asked again.
“Are you connected?” There was a mechanical indifference in the phone.
“You tell me who I am, you know, I don’t kill women, don’t kill good people, don’t kill…” Yvette hesitated.
She knows the rules of the killer, once it is accepted, it must be completed unless it is dead.
“Yes, your rules organization knows, but this person is not a good person, a family is destroyed, you say it is a good person and a bad person?”
“Destroy a family?” Yvette frowned.
“Yes, do you accept?”
“Which family is destroyed?” Yvette must be cautious.
“The Zhao family of the four big Chinese families!”
“What? You let me kill…” Yvette’s eyes immediately froze.
“You know this person?”
“Tell me who is going to kill him!” Yvette said coldly. Does this person know more than himself? ? I grew up together!
His first kiss, including everything else, was given to him.
Now someone actually spends 100 million to kill this person?
Chuck! Someone is going to kill Chuck!
Who! black Rose?
Not her, she is a super first-class killer, how can she spend money to kill Chuck?
So who will it be?
One hundred million? This price is too low. Is my husband worth 100 million? ?
No wonder, no one accepts this order, anyone who can destroy the Zhao family, as long as it is a killer, knows that this one hundred million is not easy to make.
“I need to remind you of the rules of the organization again, and will not reveal any information about customers! Blood Leopard, do you accept it?” A cold voice came from the phone.
“Who is taking it now?” Yvette was very annoyed!
Of course, she knows the rules of this organization. The killer organization has strict rules. As long as it is a customer, even if it only costs 10,000 murders, the organization will strictly protect any information of the customer.
It will not be revealed how much money is given.
“Nighthawk ranked 16th, Sirius 20th, 37th…”
“So there are so many killers ready to take it?” Yvette’s eyes were ruthless.
“Yes, 100 million Chinese coins! This price does not reach the top ten killer price.
They will not take a glance. We will not notify you. The ones under the ranking are looking around again, so I ask if you accept it! This A person can destroy a family.
This is something many killers are worried about. After all, your Zhao family in China can rank among the top 50 in the world. It can destroy such a family. The strength of this person , You can imagine!” The indifferent voice in the phone was introduced.
“Are you connected?”
Yvette’s eyes froze for a few seconds, “Take it!”
“Okay, Blood Leopard took over this task, but I remind you, listening to what you just said, it seems to know this person, then you pay attention, in case this person is not dead, you are still alive, then your killer career is roughly It’s over.” The cold voice in the phone reminded.
Yvette understands this meaning, certainly understands.
The organization is reminding itself not to deliberately accept this list and release water, then the organization absolutely does not allow such a thing to happen.
When she entered the killer organization on the first day, she already knew it.
“You are thinking, you are hesitating, are you going to do this?” The indifferent voice in the phone is even colder!
“No, I take this task!” Yvette said.
“You have to remember that as long as something like this happens, your killer career will not only end, but will also be chased by the organization! Because you have broken the rules of the organization! You must die! There is no use in escaping, and the consequences are serious! I remind you again!!!”
“I take it!”
“Okay, the details will be sent to you later.” The phone is ready to hang up.
“and many more.”
“Blood leopard, are you still in trouble?”
“This person doesn’t count… it’s okay.” Yvette was silent, his husband was a bad person?
Certainly not! Chuck destroyed the Zhao family for himself.
The phone hung up, and within a minute, a message came from the mobile phone.
Yvette clicked to read it. It was Chuck’s detailed information.
Yvette grabbed his phone. Who is this person who is going to kill Chuck?
Is it overlord Li? ?
It should not be, so who is it?
Yvette was in deep contemplation, and she had no results for a long time, but what is certain is that this person who wants to kill Chuck does not know the real background of Chuck!
Otherwise, the world’s killer, except for the black rose who has hatred against Chuck, nobody dares to take this task! !
Where will Chuck be at this time? Yvette was thinking.
“Little bad husband, what have you done? Spending 100 million yuan to kill you is not something ordinary people can do.” Yvette muttered to himself.
She thought of it. Chuck was mostly in Logan’s villa. She had visited and lived before. Of course she remembered how to go.
She drove towards Logan’s villa.
Of course, Chuck didn’t know that someone would spend 100 million yuan to kill himself. Actually, he would not be able to cry or laugh. Is he worth 100 million? Is it so cheap?
At this time, Chuckgang and Logan finished fighting, he was taking a shower, and Logan went to the kitchen to cook. During this time, Chuck really felt different.
At the very least, his fighting strength has improved, but Chuck is strange. After so long, Black Rose hasn’t actually started. What is the situation? ?
Did Black Rose give up killing himself?
This should be impossible!
Chuck went to the kitchen to find Logan.
“Aunt Logan, why hasn’t the black rose appeared yet?” Chuck asked.
Today, Logan’s beautiful and casual suits can’t conceal Logan’s superb figure, but Chuck didn’t look much. Although he was particularly eye-catching, Chuck was afraid to look, and his eyes could not be recovered. That was found by Logan, how embarrassing. ?
“Cer, I don’t know about this, but she can rest assured that I am here, she can’t hurt you,” Logan said softly. She’s also strange recently, why hasn’t the black rose appeared yet?
Is this a strict assassination?
Of course Chuck was relieved.
“Okay, Ceer went out and waited, and it was ready soon…” Logan smiled.
Chuck saw a sweet and sour pork ribs, and he couldn’t help but took one into his mouth.
“Be careful, hot,” Logan cared.
Chuck smirked, “Aunt Logan, you are so delicious to cook.”
“As long as you are willing to eat, I will make it for you at any time…” There is a sentence in Logan’s heart: I will do it for you for as long as you want.
Chuck was ready to go out, but what happened to Logan suddenly, Chuck asked,
“Aunt Logan, what’s wrong?”
“I, I forgot one thing,” Logan got a headache. She got used to it during this time, training Chuck every day, and then cooking for her. Today, she is also used to doing so, but she has forgotten an important thing.
“what’s up?”
“My classmate got married today, I have to take the stage and forget it,” Logan whispered. She really forgot. The news she received yesterday, she said that she was going to go, but she was very happy as soon as she finished training today. By Chuck is improving.
So happy cooking, do not want to make Chuck hungry, and thus forget this matter.
“Go there,” Chuck shrugged.
“Cer, would you be angry? I suddenly said I was going somewhere else,” Logan said softly, and she really felt sorry.
“Why? Aunt Logan, want me to go with you?”
“Yes, but if you don’t want Ce’er, then I won’t go,” Logan shook his head. Good classmates are definitely not as important as Chuck! She had to stay close to Chuckcun!
“Thank you, then, this meal is not made now. Let’s go to the banquet,” Logan untied his apron. Chuck looked at half of the dishes. He swallowed a bit. How could Logan cook delicious dishes?
Chuck took a sweet and sour pork ribs, Logan smiled slightly, he likes to eat his own dishes.

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