My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 483

This is an elegant voice.
Yvette was stunned and turned to look at a handsome man in a suit and holding a glass of wine with his mobile phone.
But Yvette had no feeling for this kind of man, and he didn’t feel anything at all!
But when other people heard the voice, they subconsciously gave way a little and dared not stop the man.
Even the lady who just laughed at Yvette didn’t dare to talk much.
“It’s Master Zeng!”
The hotel’s security guard was trembling, but this is the young master of the four major families!
“She is my friend.” The man came over.
He smiled slightly at Yvette and was affable.
“Ah? It turned out to be Master Zeng’s friend, I’m sorry, sorry,” several security guards quickly apologized.
They didn’t dare to surround Yvette anymore, but this was Master Zeng’s friend.
Did they not dare to continue to surround them? ?
“Just now you said she was eating and drinking?” The man glanced at the lady.
The lady shivered and apologized hurriedly, “I’m sorry, but my dog’s eyes are low.”
She is rich in Beijing, but compared with the four big families, she is nothing.
How dare you talk back to this man!
Unexpectedly, this woman is actually a friend of Master Zeng. Is she, a friend of Master Zeng, what is she doing like this? ?
“Dog? What kind of dog?” the man asked.
“What dog you say is what dog.” The lady’s face was pale.
“Go eat your food, and then look down on people, I will…” the man said.
“Master Zeng is relieved, I definitely don’t have it next time,” the lady hurriedly ran away. She was afraid, what if the bitch woman let herself apologize? ?
“Everyone, is there anything nice here?” The man’s eyes looked at the people around him lightly.
The people watching around hurriedly dispersed. Where did a few security guards dare to stay? Also hurried to leave.
The man came over with a smile, “Hello,”
“Thank you,” Yvette said, “but I’m not your friend, I don’t know you,”
“My name is Zeng Changke!” The man is personable.
“Well, thank you,” Yvette said with no expression, but the tone was still grateful.
“Excuse me, what’s your name?”
“Thank you.” Yvette didn’t want to say more. She came here to find Chuck. She was particularly disgusted with this kind of talk.
“No thanks.” The man shook his head.
Yvette entered the crowd, the man followed, and Yvette turned back, “Is there anything wrong?”
“Hold this, then no one would dare to let you go out.” The man took out a card.
This is the hotel’s highest VIP card!
But there is his name on it!
“Thank you, when I find my husband, he won’t let me get kicked out,” Yvette didn’t pick this up.
If you find Chuck, then you will be kicked out?
“You have a husband?” The man was a little stunned.
“Yes, I have a husband, thank you for your help,”
Yvette walked into the crowd without saying much.
The man’s eyes were narrowed, and the corners of his mouth were raised, “It’s so interesting, knowing my identity, it’s still so calm, is it pretended? Ha ha, it’s so beautiful! Last time there was a woman who pretended not to know Me, is this right?”
He became so interested. Suddenly, he looked at Yvette who walked into the crowd and smiled, “Do you have a husband? Ha ha, I don’t believe it,”
As the young master of the Zeng family, he read countless people.
Yvette’s walking posture tells him that there is an 80% chance that Yvette is still intact. How can there be a husband?
Looking at these aspects of women, he is quite researched!
Of course, Yvette didn’t know that she was actually seen walking, otherwise she would be particularly angry! Even killing people!

Among the crowd, Chuck and Logan were drinking in the corner. Logan did not entertain anyone. After attending this wedding, she would take Chuck back.
The black rose never appeared, and Logan felt cautious.
Chuck was actually a little hungry and wanted to eat something. He said this to Logan, and Logan smiled. Anyway, there was something to eat there. You can eat something to pad, and then wait for the banquet to start.
Logan feels relaxed and happy with Chuck.
She likes this feeling of getting along.
At this time, someone came to say hello to Logan, this is Logan’s business friend, all a few beauties.
Logan introduced with Chuck.
Chuck called her sister, these beautiful women giggled, and a beautiful woman gathered in Logan’s ear and said, “Mr. Tang, this is your…”
“I am his aunt.” Logan said seriously.
She doesn’t like such gossip.
“Then do we have a chance? Little tender grass, I like it.” Beauty smiled.
Logan is serious, “Don’t joke, my family is simple,”
Yes, in Loganxin, Chuck has always been particularly simple.
“It can be seen,” the beauty knows Logan’s character, and of course does not dare to joke much.
After all, things are clustered, and those who can become Logan’s friends will be enough.
“Then Chuck, do you have a girlfriend? My niece can introduce him,” the beauty said.
“He…had a wife,” Logan lost her heart, without concealing it.
Chuck did have it, and it was Yvette who was younger than himself.
“It’s so young? Shouldn’t it? He should be twenty years old?” Several beauties were surprised.
“Well, grew up together,”
“That’s no wonder, sweetheart!” The beauty suddenly.
Seeing Chuck is a lot more pleasing to the eye, and being able to stay with the woman who has a sweetheart, this is still very innocent. After all, men like to like new and old, and it is really rare.
“Well, yes,” Logan looked at Chuck tenderly.
Chuck is eating. Of course, he doesn’t mean to listen to these women.
“Aunt Logan, I’m going to the toilet,” Chuck said after drinking.
“I am with you,”
“No, Aunt Logan, I’ll be back soon. You can chat with some sisters,” Chuck shrugged, and the toilet was next to it.
Besides, Logan can’t enter the men’s toilet!
“Okay, call if you have something,”
Chuck went to the toilet.
“You care too much about him? The toilet will follow?” The beauty was surprised.
“My family is in danger, so we must follow,” Logan didn’t leave Chuck’s eyes. She waited for Chuck to enter the toilet. She didn’t feel at ease, but she was more worried. To be honest, she wanted to follow in, even if she was a male The toilet does not matter.
“It’s no wonder, this Chuck is as good as your aunt, he is happy,”
“Yeah, he is happy!”
Logan is a bit bitter, aunt? Okay.
Loganmei watched, not leaving a bit, but suddenly, she was a little stunned, “How come she came?”
“Cereal…wife,” Logan felt uncomfortable.
“Really? Then I will see what his wife looks like,”
“At least it can’t be uglier than Tang.”
Several beautiful women said with a smile.
Chuck was in the toilet. He finished washing his hands after going to the toilet.
Suddenly, there was a voice behind him, “Hubby, don’t move…”
Chuck was pleasantly surprised, turned around and saw Yvette wearing a peaked cap.
She just saw Chuck entering the toilet just now, so she followed in.
“Wifey, why are you here?” Chuck couldn’t describe the feeling at this time, which was a surprise.
It’s been a long time since Yvette was here? ? Yvette wore a peaked cap, but his beautiful face couldn’t hide it.
“I… I’m here to do things,” Yvette said, “husband, let’s go out and say okay, this is the men’s toilet,”
Yvette was embarrassed. She just thought it was nothing, but now it doesn’t work.
But, she saw Chuck wearing a suit and is so handsome today.
She was a little nympho, and thought Chuck was the most handsome. The young master was ugly dead just now.
Chuck smiled, “What are you doing here?”
“Husband, don’t you go out?”
“Not out.” Chuck was joking. Finally, he had to stay alone with Yvette.
“What are you doing?”
“Me?” Yvette said to Chuck, “husband, you are closer, I tell you.”
Chuckxiao, Yvette was shy, originally in such a place, fortunately no one came in.
Chuck approached, Yvette was about to say to her husband in the ear of Chuck, I came here to kill you, but with that said, does Chuck know what he is doing? ?
“Husband, I miss you and come to see you.” Yvette said.

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