My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 485

“Oh my god, Logan, is not lonely? In these thirty years, you have spent so much except when you were a kid?” Logan was shocked.
It can be said to be shocked.
Both men and women have ideas. This is natural, but Logan actually went to the movies and books to spend every night?
“You don’t have to do anything else by yourself?” The beautiful friend pointed out with an expression you know.
Logan didn’t understand what she meant, and nodded.
A few beautiful friends glanced at each other, and you all laughed as you know.
Everyone is a woman, a girlfriend, and there must be no problem talking about these.
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It turns out that Logan still has other ways to “relieve boredom”.
“What are you laughing at? This smile…”
Logan was stunned. Only then did she understand what her friend meant. She shook her head silently. “No, I didn’t do what you think. If I don’t watch movies or read books, I will exercise and learn.”
Indeed, Logan is at home and will enrich her life and study. This is what Logan likes to do the most. She likes fighting and she learns to fight.
Exercise, running, boxing, and various fighting methods can keep her young.
A few friends were speechless. If such words were spoken by a few of them, they would definitely not believe it, but Logan said it, they believed! Absolute letter! !
They know Logan’s character and the difference!
Because the simplest difference is that several of them are the same age as Logan, and even one of them is three years younger than Logan.
But, Logan looks much younger than them, which is exercise in addition to his natural appearance!
Exercise makes Logan’s skin delicate and perfect, without any wrinkles and without makeup.
These friends are totally incomparable in this respect.
Without strong restraint, it is simply impossible to achieve this.
So what Logan said is true, besides reading books, she might be exercising.
That is to say, Logan has always spent so much.
“Logan, I’m convinced of you. Let’s take a few. If you don’t ask your boyfriend to do something one day, you will feel uncomfortable. You’re better…you’re just like the saint!” How can this be done?
“Logan, how did you do it?”
“Yeah, hurry up.”
A few beautiful friends tweeted.
“Quiet, just do your own thing, you can go to bed if you have nothing to do.”
Logan said with a smile.
A few beautiful friends looked at each other!
“Then Logan, I ask you, are you… the same as when I was a kid? That is, you know what I mean, that is…”
Logan was speechless, and his friends were really, “refusing to answer.”
“Cut, you must be intact, I’m sure.”
“I dare,”
Logan collapsed a little, “Don’t say it, yes, I still.”
This is true, Logan does not have a boyfriend, so she keeps it until now.
A few beauty friends were stunned. There was no boyfriend, and there was no nightlife? ? How did you spend it?
“Logan, you don’t have a boyfriend, so you are thirty, there are always people you like?”
“Yeah, there can’t be nothing. Logan must be like a jade guard in his heart.”
Several beautiful friends asked Logan.
Logan was silent for a while. like?
Right, don’t you like Chuck? ?
“Haha, finally right, Logan actually has someone he likes. Say, I want to know who this happy man is, so that the saints like it in several of our hearts.”
“Who is it?”
“Logan, why don’t you talk?”
“No way?”
“Why not?”
“I have never seen Logan with other men. This man didn’t show up. Logan didn’t tell us a few. Logan is unrequited love, it’s a crush!”
“Isn’t it possible? Logan still needs a crush?” In a word, chase Loganren can be discharged abroad!”
A few beautiful friends are shocked!
In their hearts, Logan is the most beautiful woman, so perfect, still need a crush?
How happy is this man to make a woman like Logan secretly fall in love? ?
This is simply incredible!
“Logan, is it? You really have a crush on someone? Rest assured, we won’t say it,” a few beautiful friends asked cautiously.
Logan looked at some friends. Although these friends said that their private lives were chaotic, but they were absolutely nice people in character. She was silent for a while, and nodded slightly, “Well.”
A few beautiful friends looked at each other without talking for a long time.
Because it is so shocking!
“Logan, who is this person?”
“I. I don’t want to say,” Logan shook his head, sad in his heart, what’s the use of saying it?
It was when Karen Lee made the match that he didn’t think about it, but when he thought about it, he had no chance, but he missed it.
“Ah, Logan, does this man like you?”
Logan shook her head, “I don’t like it.”
Yes, during this time she knew that Chuck and herself were together every day, but Chuck looked at all of her eyes and didn’t like her a little, but some kind of respect.
So is this like? no!
Even if you don’t have a favorite look, you are respected. Logan is sad when she thinks about it. Is she too old? Doesn’t Chuck like it?
Or has Chuck always regarded himself as an elder?
It should be the latter!
“How could it be? Men will like you, right? My boyfriend was stupefied when he saw you last time…” My friend didn’t understand.
“Logan, did you tell him?”
“No.” Logan shook his head.
“Why didn’t you tell him? Although telling it, this is chasing back, but you like it, what does it matter? Tell him,”
“Yeah, Logan, you told him that you are the most beautiful female divine woman in our hearts. Say, the person you like will be so excited to cry.”
This is absolute, such a super goddess has a crush on him, and he has to wake up with a laugh before he can sleep? ?
“No.” Logan shook her head sadly, how could it be?
Let’s not say whether I can say this few words that I like you, but now I have said it. In Chuckxin, there is only Yvette, and he doesn’t like himself at all.
Having said that, it will only embarrass myself and his relationship!
“Why not?”
“He doesn’t like me,” Logan said sadly.
Several intimate friends looked at each other again.
“Why? Don’t be sad, Logan. You are so beautiful. The people you like will love you,”
“Yes, Logan, you have to believe in yourself. Many of us like it. Boyfriends can choose whatever you like. Someone you like will one day like you crazy!”
A few friends comforted.
Loganen said with a sorrow in his heart, would this be? ?
He respects himself so much, would he think in the direction he likes? He is so simple… will it?
Logan felt more and more sad when she wanted to. She felt emotional at this time.
She wanted to tell Chuck specifically that you kissed me and I like you.
However, Logan is a sensible person. How can she do such impulsive things that she cannot do?
“Don’t talk about it,” Logan saw Chuck and Yvette finally came out. Of course, a few friends shut up, but after seeing Yvette’s real body, they were also amazing.
Compared with Logan, Yvette is not so successful!
Figure, appearance, and temperament are completely side by side.
No wonder, when I told Chuck to introduce his girlfriend just now, Logan would say no, and indeed it is not. This woman is too beautiful. Who can introduce?
Unless Logan goes personally, is this possible? Does Logan have someone she likes? Not to mention the elder Chuck.
Therefore, they didn’t think about that in their hearts at all. The person who wanted Logan to fall in love was Chuck…
“Sure enough, Chuck’s girlfriend is beautiful!”
“Yeah, the figure is really good, and I’m afraid only Logan can compare, it’s perfect.”
“Looking at the two of them with different eyes, they absolutely love each other, and men and women are a perfect match!
Several beauty friends expressed their surprise in surprise, as if a needle was pierced into Logan’s heart, she was sad, but yeah, they were very good.

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