My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 5

“What the f**k are you saying? Didn’t you say it was your treat? I even asked you before ordering, didn’t I? When I invited people over, you also agreed to it, and now you’re trying to pretend nothing happened?” Lara Jean was furious and pointed angrily at Chuck Cannon.
Conrad Lee’s face darkened. Moon Cherise, Tia Thomas and their boyfriends didn’t look well either. They just came here for a free meal and didn’t want to pay a penny. Unexpectedly, they encountered such thing, Lara cried out suddenly and everyone in the restaurant stared at them. They were so embarrassed.
“You’ve lent me some money, so it is reasonable for me to treat you. Now that I’ve treated you, settle the rest by yourself. I don’t know these people and I don’t have the intentions of treating strangers”. Chuck stood up.
Lara was so angry that she was going crazy!
“F**k, are you trying to play tricks on us?”, Conrad glared at Chuck. Was he being forced to pay the remaining 6,000 dollars himself?
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know you!”. Chuck looked at Conrad. He wouldn’t have dared to do that previously, but now that he has money, he wasn’t afraid of anyone.
Conrad stared at Chuck, clenching his fists, but he frowned. Chuck, who used to be timid, was not afraid? This kind of calmness….
*F**k, loser, putting on airs? You don’t have money to pay for this meal?” Lara burst out in fury.
“This person is just reluctant to pay. He did it on purpose. This sort of person even exists, if you don’t have money, don’t put on airs huh? This is such a disgusting attitude”. Moon shook her head angrily. Being looked at by people around her made her feel so ashamed.
“That’s right! What kind of person are you? You refuse to pay for a treat! How could there be such a shameless person like you? It sickens me!” Tia was not polite at all.
Lara continued chastising Chuck in a blast of rage. “F**k, you have the guts to dupe me? No matter what, you must pay, whether you want to or not!”
“In that case, that means you’ll treat everyone here to a meal?” Chuck chuckled. His calmness surprised the people around him!
“Damn it, are you deaf? When did I say I’ll treat them? Why should I treat them? I asked YOU to pay for us!” Lara was so angry that her face turned scarlet.
“You say you don’t want to treat everyone here because you don’t know them. Then, why should I treat your friends to a meal? Do I know them?” Chuck retorted sharply.
“You! Hey!” Lara’s face was as red as blood. She was going crazy!
Moon and Tia’s expreesion twitched, they were angry as well but they were rendered speechless.
“Poor f**k! You’re just a poor f**k!” Lara cursed incoherently.
However, she was immediately shocked by her own words!
Chuck glanced at her. A poor f**k? If she knew that his mother had given him five million dollars casually, would she still think he was a poor f**k?
The corner of Chuck’s mouth curled up and he ‘accidentally’ broke a bowl. With a bang, the bowl was smashed to pieces on the ground.
“Ah? Sir, are you okay?” The waiter asked in a hurry.
It was normal for customers to break their bowls, but it was a taboo for a customer to be hurt by it.
“I’m fine. I’m sorry for breaking a bowl. As compensation, keep this”. Chuck placed all the remaining money in the hands of the dumbfounded waiter.
“Sir, this…” The waiter was stunned. It was just a bowl, and this guest compensated over seven thousand dollars?
The customers around them were shocked. A 7,000 dollar bowl? And this was still considered poor? He was totally a baller!
Conrad’s eyes widened in disbelief. How could he spend seven thousand dollars on a bowl that probably cost only two to three dollars? Did he really pick up just twenty thousand dollars?
Moon and Tia were even more dumbfounded. Eight thousand dollars was their living expenses for two months. How could he just give it away like that?

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