My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 6

While everyone was stunned, Chuck Cannon had already started walking out.
“Ah Chuck dammit, go to hell! You rather give it to others than to me!” Lara Jean screamed.
“Lara, what should we do now? We don’t have any money”. Tia Thomas immediately said.
“Yes, my boyfriend and I didn’t bring any money either”, Moon Cherise added immediately.
Lara was so angry that she gnashed her teeth in annoyance. She glared at them, took out a credit card, while gritting her teeth, and squeezed out three words from her mouth, “pay by card!”
Tia and Moon heaved a sigh of relief.
The waiter came to his senses and went to the front desk with a stack of money and a credit card in his hand.
“He has used almost eighteen thousand dollars. I’d like to see how long this bastard will take to spend the twenty thousand dollars he picked up!”. Lara was so frustrated that her nails sank deeply into the flesh of her palm.
“He is so pretentious. It’s likely he’ll spend all his money today! He won’t be able to show off for a long time. He’ll surely ask you to lend him money like a dog when he runs out of money. At that time, don’t lend him a cent even if he kneels to you!” Conrad Lee said coldly.
“Kneel? I won’t lend him money even if he calls me mom!” Lara was furious.
“He’s just a pathetic dog. Once he has no money, he’ll definitely come to ask you, Lara for your help. Then, you can embarrass him!” Tia added.
“Yes, Lara, don’t be angry. Why should you be angry with such a person? He didn’t even want to settle a single bill easily but rather spend 8,000 dollars to buy a broken bowl than to pay the bill. I really hate such a person”. Moon asserted.
“Don’t be angry? It’s six thousand dollars! My dad is going to curse me to death. No, I must ask him for the money!” Lara’s eyes were glued firmly in the direction in which Chuck had left.
“What are you going to do then?” Conrad asked.
“Hmph, he dares toy with me? I’ll teach him a lesson!” Lara remarked coldly.
Chuck took the elevator back to his room. In fact, he didn’t feel good deep down because Yvette Jordan was also in this hotel now.
Although she had been scolding him all the time, Chuck had been sleeping with her for more ten years. Moreover, after grandpa died, she had spent money to raise him, and Chuck still had feelings for her. He wanted to find out which room Yvette was in, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find her.
When he was about to go back to the room, he suddenly saw Yvette running out drowsily from around the corner. Her face was red as if she was drunk. Two large men was smiling at each other evilly while taking Yvette back to her room.
“No, I’m going back, I’m already drunk”. Yvette covered her chest with her hands and was about to puke. She was very unwell.
After seeing this, Chuck hurriedly hid aside. These two wretched men pulled Yvette into a room while saying, “If you are drunk, let us take care of you. Don’t worry and just enjoy yourself”.
“Haha, I can’t wait any longer. This bitch was still pretending just now. Continue pretending while you still can. I’ll give you the best time of your life in a moment”. The other man said lecherously as he also pulled Yvette into the room.
“I’m going back. You said you will introduce me to a business if I drink. You… Help me!!” Yvette still managed to remain sober despite drinking a lot, but the alcohol had already zapped her dry of her remaining strength to break free from their grasps.
“I am giving you some business now, am I not? Hehe, how can I introduce the business to you if you don’t let our two brothers have some fun with you?”
“Say no more. Just drag her in!”
Chuck clenched his fists. No matter what happened, Yvette was still his wife.
He was very angry. He quickly rushed over and shouted, “Stop!”
The two men were not doing anything glorious anyway. Thus they were startled by Chuck’s sudden roar. However, when they saw his young appearance, they immediately calmed down and said, “What does it have to do with you? Be careful and scram or else I’ll find someone to mess up with you now!”
“Get out of here, do you hear me?” The other man threatened him viciously.
Chuck took out his mobile phone. “I called the police”
“F**k you!” The two men looked at each other panicked. They looked at each other and said, “Hey, I’ll remember you. Let’s go!”
The two men left quickly.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Yvette, who was struggling in a daze on the ground. Without a choice, he carried her into the room and blocked the door with a chair to prevent them from coming back.
“Don’t touch me, you bastards!” Yvette struggled strongly. Chuck attempted to carry her to the bed, but amidst all the struggling, he fell on top of her instead, his hands accidentally touching her chest. Instantly, his face turned beet red, and he hurriedly got up from her.
Soon after, Yvette fell asleep while struggling. Chuck covered her with the quilt and stared at this familiar face. Yvette was indeed gorgeous.
In the olden days, Yvette would deliberately hug Chuck tightly against her chest. Sadly, that happened seven or eight years ago when he didn’t know anything. But now that he knew, Yvette wouldn’t let him touch her again. Chuck continued staring at Yvette who was sound asleep and sighed. As he stood up and prepared to leave, she suddenly screamed out, “Chuck!”
Chuck was startled. “Didn’t she fall asleep?”

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