My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 506

Murong Qing has been waiting in the car for a long time. She has already put a part of the money into the company’s account. The employees began to use the money to fill the company’s capital chain problem.
Why did my classmates take so long to come out? ?
Murongqing is too hungry, if not this classmate has not met for a long time, she will choose to leave directly.
A beauty from the bank came out.
Murong breathed a sigh of relief and finally came out.
But after she approached, why didn’t she have a smile on her face? ?
What’s going on?
Unsuccessful? This should not be possible. Her company is larger than her own, and the capital chain is also small. As long as the funds are in place, it can definitely be solved.
Murong Qing thought that according to the risk assessment, her loan amount would be higher than herself.
But actually failed, Murong Qing could not understand.
“Fangfang, why are you unhappy, what did he say?” Murong Qing cared and came out of the car.
“I didn’t agree, alas,” the beauty sighed, looking at Murongqing’s eyes, full of grievances.
“Why didn’t you agree? Is something wrong?” Murong Qing couldn’t understand it.
She can borrow money herself, why can’t she? ?
This doubtful expression made the already unbalanced beauty feel annoyed and felt that Murong Qing was laughing at her.
“If you don’t pass, you don’t pass. Why are there so many reasons?” the beauty said angrily.
My classmate suddenly got angry, Murong Qing was stunned, he was just concerned, why should he get angry?
“Fangfang, you…”
“What do you pretend? You know why, and you ask, interesting? Interesting?” The beauty broke out.
She just felt very unbalanced by the president, why?
Later, when the governor said the reason, she realized that Murong Qing actually had nobles. At this price, she could be noble, at least worth hundreds of billions.
Murongqing actually had such a distinguished person, but why didn’t he? ?
“Fangfang, what do you mean?” Murong Qing was a little angry.
You have been scolded by yourself for so long?
“Still pretending, you are really boring!”
The beauty exclaimed angrily, “Murong Qing, do you really know it or not, do you think you can really borrow billions?”
“I, I have long-term cooperation with this bank, so.” Murong Qing murmured to explain.
“So Mao, let me tell you, your loan amount was only 200 million yesterday. Today, it suddenly became billions, and it suddenly increased by several dozen times. Do you think it is your own reason? “Beauty said with a sneer.
Murong clears his consternation, doesn’t he?
“You’re still pretending, it’s really boring, what does your company look like, why do others give you so much money? I tell you well, someone is helping you understand it?” Beauty envy jealousy.
“Help me? Who?” Murong Qing asked anxiously, a person came out of her head, she panicked, is he? ?
“Where do I know? This person has a large amount of money in the bank, and it is still dead. The request is that the bank passes your loan request, so you can borrow so much money. Murong Qing, there is a good person behind you!” Beauty said .
Murong Qing froze, good person?
“Murong Qing, introduce you to my friend to know me.” Beauty said.
Murong Qing ran into the bank, and the beauty envied Lengheng, “Ignore me? Go to hell! She, the old lady loaned 400 million yuan? Alas, people are more popular than dead people, why is there no such noble person behind me, because I need money Help me? Alas, alas…”
The beauty got into her car and she had to go to another bank.
Murong Qing entered the bank. The president saw her and smiled after being surprised,
“President Murong, what are you?”
“Tell me why my money can pass?” Murong Qing stared at him.
Don’t be him, don’t do it! !
Because she has filled the money and broke the capital chain, leaving only one billion.
The president sighed, why did President Xiao do this?
“President Murong, your quota can be passed after being evaluated by the headquarters…”
“Don’t perfume me, I want to listen to the truth!!” Murong Qingmei was cold.
“Uh, well, someone will help you…”
“Sleep? Make it clear who this person is!”

Ten minutes later, Murong Qing got into the car without leaving her soul. She was in pain. The president did not say who this person was, but Murong Qing wanted to know who he was!
Anyone who can save such a large sum of money knows himself and is willing to help himself.
Who else besides Chuck? ?
But Murong Qing did not want Chuck to help her, because she was disappointed with Chuck, she did not hold Chuck accountable, but Chuck directly shirk her responsibility afterwards. This kind of treatment is not acceptable to Murong Qing!
But the money has already been used.
Murong Qing couldn’t help but drive to Chuck’s square…

Chuck has communicated with Yvette. After tonight, she will appear tomorrow. She will go to the United States with herself. Chuck wants her to come here today, but Yvette is worried that Chuck will be affected, so she insists on tomorrow It only appeared when I got on the plane.
Chuck had no choice but to sigh and agree.
He has already seen Yolanda, and has communicated with Yolanda for a while, knowing that everything is normal, and seeing more and more people in his square, Chuck is also relieved!
“Yolanda, don’t work anymore, go to dinner.” Chuckde treated Yolanda and hadn’t had a meal for a long time. At that time, when he had just taken over the square, Chuck remembered to always order takeout with Yolanda.
Yolanda smiled slightly, “Okay.”
“Oh, at night, take the square staff to relax.” Chuck said.
“Well, I will. Where to eat?”
Chucksi wanted to go and wanted to go to Zelda’s restaurant. I haven’t seen her for a long time. I don’t know what happened to Zelda’s restaurant. After seeing her, I’m going to the United States tomorrow.
“Mr. Mo’s restaurant business is particularly good,” Yolanda said. It is full every day, and you have to book in advance.
Zelda restaurant came in, it really brought a little traffic!
“Really? Then I have to go and see, Sister Li, let’s go together.” Chuck said to Betty.
The three went to Zelda’s restaurant, just downstairs, but when they went downstairs, Chuck saw several classmates.
“Chuck, you are still in the sea market. Why didn’t you go to school?” Some students came over and asked.
Chuck shook his head and said that he was not free, but he also missed studying, especially when Yvette was a teacher. At that time, Yvette was kind to himself, and did he cheat himself during the exam?
At that time, Chuck missed too much, but everything changed. Yvette was no longer a university teacher. She had undergone earth-shaking changes and became a professional killer.
However, Yvette has always been kind to himself.
“Don’t say, what about the second generation of the rich, what kind of school?” Someone pulled the classmate away.
“That is, the second generation of the rich is amazing? I haven’t studied anymore. If I had more money in my house, I would go to school too. If people have no education, what’s the use of extra money? I believe that knowledge is power, no Knowledge is a prodigal son.” Some students said sour.
“Forget it, let’s go, let’s go,” several classmates left, and Chuck was too lazy to see them.
They were envious of jealousy and hate, Chuck looked at it.
What to say, I will study even if I have money. Isn’t that nonsense? Chuck now loses 100,000 to let them stop reading, they pick up money faster than anyone else.
The three arrived at Zelda’s restaurant. The reception at the door of course knew Yolanda. They immediately arranged to enter the private room. Chuck asked, “What about you?”
“In the office, by the way, it’s you. I’ll call Mr. Mo out.” The reception remembers Chuck. Zelda said that, as long as Chuck comes over, she must tell her.
“No, I’ll go find her, Yolanda, Sister Li, you sit first.” Chuck went to Zelda.
Betty and Yolanda entered the private room and the two ordered food.
Chuck arrived at Zelda’s office. He didn’t knock on the door and went straight in. He saw Zelda bowed his head and looked at some documents seriously. Chuck smiled slightly, “Sister Zelda…”
Zelda looked up, and after her eyes were stunned, her eyes quickly turned red, “Are you willing to come over and find me?”

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