My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 505

Murong Qing felt like a dream. Just yesterday, the bank was still tough, but today he borrowed so much money.
This is really a big ups and downs in life.
Murong Qing couldn’t wait to resolve her own capital chain break, so that her crisis could be lifted.
“Thank you.” Murong Qing shook hands with the President.
The President smiled slightly, “No, cooperate with President Murong so many times, it should be,”
“Then I will go back first,” Murong Qing said.
“Slow walking.”
Murong Qing came out of the bank. She was at ease in her heart. Sure enough, she had been cooperating with a bank all the time.
“President Murong? It’s really you, it’s been a long time.” Suddenly, a woman’s voice came.
Murong Qing was stunned and looked up, he was a beautiful woman.
This is my classmate, and also doing investment business.
“I haven’t seen you for a long time,” Murong Qing smiled uncommonly.
This beauty, when studying at university, had a wrong relationship.
It’s just that after graduating from college, there has been little contact.
“Yeah, it’s been a long time.” The beauty smiled haggardly.
Murong Qing saw it, “Fang Fang, what’s wrong with you?”
Women are all sensitive, she feels that this classmate has encountered something.
“I… alas, it’s hard to say a word. There is something wrong with my company. This is not all the materials I brought with the company, as well as other real estate. I want to come over a bank loan,” the beauty sighed.
Yes, there was a serious problem with her company. In order to be able to revolve funds, she had already ran a lot of trips back and forth in the bank, but there was no big result.
“Fangfang, don’t worry, your company is about the same size as me. I have borrowed billions of dollars just now,” Murong Qing said comfortably.
Although the two people were not connected, she also knew the strength of her classmate. It can be said that in terms of investment, her classmate was more discerning than herself, so her overall assets exceeded her.
She can borrow so much money, not to mention that her company has less problems?
“What? Billions?” The beauty was surprised. How many billions of dollars could I borrow? ?
If you can do it yourself, can’t you solve the problem of your own capital turnover?
“But I have run a lot of trips, it won’t work,” the beauty sighed.
“Yes, the governor told me just now that the loan has been relaxed a lot, and you are also cooperating with this bank for a long time, and they will agree,” Murong Qing’s words were not consoling.
Originally, her classmate is stronger than herself and she can get a loan. Why can’t she? ?
“Really? Thank you. I’ll go in now. Don’t leave now. Where did your car stop?”
The beauty is pleasantly surprised, yes, she knows that Murong Qing is not as good as herself, and she has more mouths than herself. In terms of risk assessment by banks, Murong Qing must be higher than herself. She can borrow so much.
“Over there.” Murong Qing pointed at a car.
“Wait for me, I haven’t seen you for a long time, we will wait for dinner together.” The beauty invited.
“Okay, I’m waiting for you.” Murong Qing’s stomach was hungry, and it was just a chance to eat.
Murong Qing went to the bus to wait and started calling to tell the people in the company that everything must be running normally.
The beauty walked in expectantly, hehe, he must be able to lend so much money.
Speaking directly to the president, she walked into the VIP room.
The president walked in helplessly, “Hello President Xiao,”
“This is all my documents, you look at it,” the beauty expects to give the president a longprepared document, his eyes revealing his expectations.
Next, the governor glanced at random, “Well, I will conduct a risk assessment of the guild. Xiao can always go back and wait.”
“Go back and wait? How many times have I been here?” The beauty frowned.
This answer, she was annoying during this time, every time it was difficult to prepare information, it was all this sentence that was sent.
“Can you lend, can’t you give me the truth? Have you been perfunctory me?” the beautiful woman said angrily.
The president was silent for a few seconds, “You can borrow, but Mr. Xiao, you have to borrow too much, 5 billion, which is impossible. Five or six billion is still not a problem.”
“Only five or six billion? It’s not a big problem? That means, I can’t borrow five or six hundred million?” The beauty widened her eyes and was unbelievable. Did you hear it wrong?
“400 million, this is the number we can borrow after our assessment.” The president said.
“What? Did you make a mistake? Did you make a mistake? I have been cooperating with your bank, but you only loaned me a little money?” Beauty is angry!
“Sorry, this is the number after the evaluation, after many evaluators agreed…” The president said helplessly.
“Don’t tell me these things! I will ask you if I can borrow 5 billion!”
“Sorry, I can’t make a loan, your assessment is only…”
“Shut up, I’m angry now, especially angry. I’m going to call your headquarters to complain about you!” the beauty said angrily.
“Ah,” the president was speechless. This number is the number evaluated by the headquarters!
It’s useless to complain, it’s not good. If you make such a complaint, you won’t even have 400 million loans.
“I am also an old customer of your bank. The size of my company is not small. Why do I have to lend billions to others, and I only have 400 million? The size of other companies is not as big as me, and the real estate is not as big as me. I’m so big, why can she borrow billions of dollars, but I can’t? You give me a statement, otherwise I will complain to you today!
It’s too ridiculous!
This is simply a difference. Is it why you are uglier than Murong?
“Which one are you talking about, Xiao?” The president was stunned.
“Murong Qing!” said the beauty coldly.
The president was even more stunned.
“Huh, I just saw her. She said that she has borrowed billions. Do you admit it?” the beauty asked.
The president looked at her strangely, “It’s true,”
“Huh, what is it?? People’s company is smaller than me, why is she borrowing so much more than me? You said! This is your risk assessment?” The beauty questioned one by one.
“This one..”
The President didn’t know what to say, did she tell her that it was because there was a customer who directly deposited 13 billion in the bank, or more than five years of death, the only requirement was to pass Murongqing’s loan request?
As the president, after evaluation, he felt that he could borrow, so he agreed.
“Say, can’t tell? I’ll complain to you now! Complain that you treat it differently!! Regardless of the risk!” The beauty took out her mobile phone to complain, it must be!
Why can a person who is so much worse than his own strength can borrow so much, but he is only 400 million? What’s the difference?
“Mr. Xiao, please be restless!” The President pulled her helplessly.
“Hum, don’t be restless? You are angering me, and now I complain to you, are you afraid, right?
Huh, let me not complain to you, you immediately applied for the loan I want!” Beauty sneered, a call It scared you, does Murongqing do the same?
“Mr. Xiao, I think you misunderstood. The reason why Murong Qing was able to borrow so much money is because of other reasons.” The governor can only explain this.
“Other reasons? What is the reason? Do you and Murong Qing have a leg?” Beauty laughed.
“Mr. Xiao, don’t talk nonsense, I just got married, how could I do that kind of thing?” The President smiled wryly.
The beauty frowned, this is also true, the cooperation has been so long, the president is still good.
“Then what are you talking about?” The beauty asked clearly, otherwise she would not be convinced!
“So tell you that, Murong Qing’s evaluation loan amount was only 200 million yuan yesterday. If you don’t believe me, I will show you the documents,” the governor showed the documents to the beauty.
The beauty frowned even more after reading it. Yes, this document clearly wrote Murong Qing’s risk assessment, and he could only borrow 200 million, which was half of his 400 million.
But why 200 million yesterday, but billions today? ? What happened in the middle?
“What’s going on?” The beauty wanted to find out!
“Some words don’t let Xiao Rong talk to Murong Qing anymore. The reason is simple. Murong Qing has met nobles,”
“Noble? Do you know your bank headquarters…”
“No, some people saved a lot of money in the dead period. The request is through the loan request of Murong Qing. The amount is large, and it is still in the dead period. Why do you say I disagree?” said the president.

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