My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 508

Murongqing heard Chuck’s words and was responsible for himself? ?
“What are you responsible for me?” Murong Qing asked coldly.
She knows that Chuck and Zelda are a pair, how is this situation responsible?
What’s more, if Murong Qing is not responsible, what she wants is actually very simple, that is, don’t say that afterwards, don’t say that, two people can chat afterwards, after all, that time was originally a self-control.
This can happen afterwards, but nothing happened, but Chuck worsened the incident. At that time, it hurt Murong Qing’s heart.
Chuck is speechless, yes, what is he responsible for?
Do you separate from Yvette and marry Murong Qing?
Chuck couldn’t do it. In Chuck’s heart, his wife has always been Yvette.
From a young age, when Chuck embraced Yvette to sleep, Chuckxin knew that the woman in her arms was his wife.
You have to be kind to her all her life.
Don’t abandon her for life.
“Can’t tell?” Murong Qing said with a sneer.
“Sister Murong, I am willing to be responsible.”
“Your responsibility is to give me a sum of money, right?” Murongqing was disgusted, he wanted this kind of responsibility?
No, what Murong Qing wants is a companionship, the kind of companionship that can not be married.
“I…” Chuck was still speechless. He was indeed prepared to do so, to give Murong a lot of money, and then treat her better.
“Why do you think I’m angry?”
“I, I shouldn’t have said that.” Chuck sighed, clarifying the relationship afterwards.
“Chuck, you don’t understand at all, let go.” Murong Qing said with a sneer.
You are angry in your heart because you want a sum of money? ?
Murong Qing was completely disappointed. What she wanted was not this. She had always been very simple. At that time, the two people hugged together. Murong Qing relied on Chuck. They just talked.
Murong Qing is an adult. How can he force others to be responsible for being together once?
She won’t do that.
“I understand that I am willing to be responsible,”
“You are responsible? What is your responsibility? If I want to get married, would you?? Not talking? Then what is your responsibility?” Murong Qing asked.
Chuck was speechless again, married?
Chuck sighed that he would never do this.
“Sister Murong, what I said is that, as before, I will never say anything to you again, and then I invite you to dinner, and…”
“What else? Also give me money?”
Murong Qing sneered more severely, but before she finished speaking, Chuck kissed her.
Murong Qing was stunned and exasperated, “What are you doing?”
Chuck did not speak anyway and kept doing this.
Murong Qing collapsed, and she struggled to no avail, because Chuck’s strength was too great, and suddenly she shed tears, Chuck felt it, and he stopped in shock.
“What do you take me for? You said.” Murong Qing felt insulted by Tianda.
Treat yourself as a teenage girl? ? If it doesn’t make sense, would you want to pass through with
I am not a little girl, I don’t need this way.
“I take you as a friend, a friend who can’t help it.” Chuck said.
In Chuck’s heart, Murong Qing was a top-notch woman. Her body and appearance were all at the same level as Zelda.
In that car, Chuck could not forget.
“I can’t help it? Chuck, you really can talk… What are you doing?” Murong Qing felt ridiculous, but Chuck’s eyes looked at her softly, and he suddenly looked at it that way.
Murongqing felt a pimple jump in his heart, and he dared not look into the eyes like this.
“Don’t look at me like this, what do you want to do? Chuck, you bastard!!” Murong Qing was angry…

“Sister Murong, sorry,”
On the sofa in Zelda’s office, Chuck embraced Murong Qing and said softly.
Murong Qing was at a loss in his heart, he actually…
Alas, Murong Qing sighed.
“Stop talking, stop talking,” Murong Qing shook his head.
“I’m really willing to be responsible, I will never say that again,” Chuck assured.
“You are a bastard.” Murong Qing was lying in Chuck’s heart nest, listening to Chuck’s heartbeat, so that she would feel real and she would know that this is not a dream.
This is a kind of calm, but the same as my last impulse, I can’t help the same as Chuck just said.
“I didn’t hold you accountable from beginning to end. What you said last time hurt me. Do you know?” Murong Qing whispered softly, and it was cold.
It’s this feeling. It’s good to chat. She doesn’t have a psychological burden, and Chuck will not.
Together, it’s just four words. I can’t help it.
“I know, so right…”
“Don’t say it, don’t say sorry, I don’t want to listen to these three words.”
Murong Qing shook his head and said seriously, “Chuck, do you like me? Anyone like it?”
“Are you honestly angry?” Chuck asked rhetorically.
“will not,”
“Yes, I like it.” Chuck said it, but he felt extremely guilty for Yvette. What did he do just now? ?
I can meet Yvette tomorrow, but myself. .
“Just have it,” Murong Qing was a little lost. Was it only a little?
“Right, your company’s business.” Chuck felt okay, and his relationship with Murong Qing has eased, so you can directly ask how much money she still needs.
Chuck will immediately ask Betty to give her money.
“Don’t say that you like me so much, don’t say that I am with you, not for money, this is my selfesteem.”
Murong Qing said with a sigh.
If it weren’t for the sudden break of the capital chain, she didn’t need any money at all.
“Well,” Chuck respects her. Chuck certainly knows that Murong Qing is not with him for money.
At the very least, Murong Qing is worth tens of billions of dollars!
“Sister Murong…”
“Little bastard, don’t look at me like this. I really don’t need money anymore. I’ll solve it myself.
There is enough money in the bank loan. Would you let me save my last self-esteem?”
Murong Qing said hurriedly, but it was barely enough, and it had to be used carefully, otherwise billions would not be enough.
But even so, she did not want Chuck to help her again.
Chuck nodded and whispered something, Murong Qing shook his head seriously, “Little bastard, who’s office did you forget?”
This is Zelda.
Murong Qingxin was not happy, and Chuck didn’t choose the location well.
You and Zelda are still enemies, but Murong Qing is also a little bit happy.
Chuck came back, yes, this is Zelda’s office, two people stood up from the sofa, and Betty and Yolanda were waiting to eat outside.
Let Zelda find it bad, not to mention Betty and Yolanda.
Murong Qing put on his clothes and arranged his hair. Chuck said, “I’m going to the country tomorrow,”
“What? What are you doing in the United States?” Murong Qing reluctantly, just reconciled, the two didn’t stay for a while, and they were about to separate?
Chuck didn’t say much. She certainly couldn’t tell her what she was doing in the United States. It would also worry Murong Qing.
Chuck said to see his mother.
Murong breathed a sigh of relief and went to see his mother normal, “Be careful on the road, do you know?”
Chuck smiled slightly, and Murong Qing blushed, “Little bastard, I’m going out first, don’t tell Zelda.”
Chuck will not say, his relationship with Zelda is still so unclear.
Zelda, Queenie, Murong Qing, but they are all special women, Chuck remember to be clear.
Chuck reached out to hold her wrist, “Sister Murong, I regret it now.”
Yes, Chuck particularly regrets it.
“What regret?” Murong Qing was sad. Is this little bastard preparing to say something to hurt himself?
“I regret what I said to you last time. If we didn’t say it, the two of us would be better.” Chuck said, the handling method is very problematic. Chuck now understands that Murong Qing doesn’t want to be responsible, but one. Psychological comfort, able to chat and talk.
Murongqing’s eyes were wet, “Little bastard, who do you often say to these funny women?”
“Little bastard, I’m going out first,” Murong Qing went to open the door, but just opened the door and saw Zelda standing outside.
Zelda sighed in her heart, how could she not understand?

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