My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 512

That must be impossible for Heimei Gu to run.
However, Chuck mainly has to resolve Yvette’s killing order first. After all, this rice country was originally a base camp for killer organizations. It is easier to find a killer to kill Yvette.
Only then resolved Black Rose and Ouyang Fei.
Score the importance of things.
“Master, let’s go to dinner first, and the car is ready,” Betty had been staying in Mi Guo with Karen li before.
She knows the rice country very well. Rice country is the base camp of killer organization, in fact it is also the base camp of Karen li.
Chuck was also hungry. He took Yvette’s hand and followed Betty into a car.
Arriving at a Western restaurant, it was extravagant. Chuck didn’t know English and asked Yvette. Yvette knew that when she was studying, she learned tyrants. English is as good as Chinese.
“This restaurant is very expensive,” Yvette saw, surprised, and she looked at Betty.
“Master, this is yours,” Betty said.
Karen li has been developing in the United States, and Karen li’s industry is innumerable. This kind of restaurant is only a small amount of money. In the United States, there are at least 300 restaurants in the major states.
Chuck thought of it and smiled, and the three went in.
After dinner, Betty received a call from Karen li, and after a few words with Karen li, Betty gave her cell phone to Chuck.
“Mom,” Chuck was excited. For a while, I didn’t see my mom, and I didn’t know what my mom was doing.
“Well, Ceer, I have something to deal with. I will stay here for a few days, and I will come over to find you,” Karen li was really dragged down by the matter.
Fortunately, the United States is its own place, and Chuck will not have any danger!
“Well, mom, Yvette’s pursuit of the murder order…” Chuck cares most about this.
If Yvette has been chased by the killer, there will always be a miss.
“This…how can I tell you that I have no problem keeping Yvette. In the United States, the boss behind the killer organization can’t do anything with Yvette, but will Yvette stay in the country forever?”
“No, Yvette is from Huaxia. Why would she want to stay in the country all the time?” Chuck is not willing. No matter how good the country is, he is from Huaxia, so he must be back in Huaxia.
“Well, I know. The boss behind the killer organization is a bit contradictory to me. She is a person…I don’t want you to see someone who has no temperament.” Karen li had a headache.
She, Karen li has a headache, mainly because the two people met before, but there are contradictions, and there is no special temperament. Karen li usually does not want to contact.
Externally, this boss is a cold-blooded animal, but Karen li knows what character this woman is.
“No morality? Mom, what are you trying to say?” Chuck was stunned.
“It’s nothing. It’s so good. You can ask Betty to take you and Yvette to a casino. This one is under the name of the boss. You go in and play. I’ll be there later.” Karen li thought it was OK Row.
Chuck never gambled, so he lost some money to the boss.
“I can’t gamble, mom, I’m afraid of losing money.” Chuck doesn’t want to get into this habit.
Gambling, how much money is not enough to lose.
What’s more, I haven’t played this before. When I was a kid, I used to roll the dice and play with Yvette, but Chuck had a good hearing and often won Yvette, making Yvette happy.
At the age of ten, Chuck and Yvette secretly shook the dice in the quilt, that was very interesting.
Now think of it, you should play some other tricks at that time, but Chuck was young and not precocious.
“Stupid boy, how much can you lose despite playing?” Karen li chuckled.
“Mom, I will lose a lot.”
“It’s okay, despite playing, my money, even if you lose all your life, you can’t lose it, you know?”
Karen li said.
Yes, Karen li’s real industry has already controlled one-third of the rice industry. This is only the rice country.
In other countries, there are a few hotels, restaurants, and all consumer industries are Karen li.
Even a few small countries, all industries are Karen li. Karen li bought everything. She went to that country. , The empress, she had the final say.
The amount of money deposited every day is also countless. How much can Chuck lose? ?
The speed of losing is not fast, and what’s more, Karen li is constantly expanding herself. This is a terrible thing, and Karen li is very heartfelt.
“Got it, mom, you are really rich,” Chuck will have a degree even if he plays.
“Hehe,” Karen li was happy in her heart, and was praised by her own son, which was more happy than anyone.
This relieved Karen li’s emotion of being driven out by the Li family.
“Stupid boy, no matter how much money I have, it’s all yours. It’s all, you know?” Karen li said with a chuckle.
“Well,” Chuck moved.
He was always poor when he was a kid, but he didn’t expect his mother to be so rich, and it was all his own.
“Mom, didn’t you consider having another one?” Chuck asked, so that the money of the mom could be balanced.
“Me? How old am I? Forty years old, still alive? You can do it, don’t think about it, go to the casino, play whatever you want, don’t worry about money…” Karen li couldn’t help crying, she asked this question It sounds funny, as if chatting with a few-year-old son.
However, Karen li’s physical fitness is so good, even if she is older and she is an old woman, but you can also have a baby. The body is here.
But Karen li didn’t have this idea, and having a son was enough.
“Hang up, I will go find you, even if it’s just playing.”
“Give Betty the phone, I will say a few words to her,”
Chuck gave the phone to Betty.
“Wife, we will play in the casino later,” Chuck said happily.
“Casino? Husband, will you?” Yvette was stunned.
“Remember when we were young, we two were hiding in the bed and playing with dice?
Whoever loses will pull out one of his hair,” Chuck himself felt that he was hanging, even though he was young at that time.
“Remember,” Yvette smiled. Of course I remember. She doesn’t understand now. How can Chuck always win?
Even five dice can be shaken into a pile, a pillar of sky.
It’s very powerful, but I haven’t played it for a long time now, because then Yvette felt bored, and with the pressure of reading, she didn’t want to play.
“Let’s play again, whoever loses…” Chuck said in Yvette’s ear, Yvette blushed, “It’s really a bad guy…”
“Play?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Play, my husband, you can play as you please.” Yvette said, also nostalgic for the two little children without a guess when he was a child, but now playing it is definitely not a loss of hair.
“Master, then shall we pass now?” Betty hung up the phone, and Karen li had already explained to her.
“Well,” Chuck looked forward a little, and wanted to play with this.
After all, I still have a dice to roll the dice. Although I haven’t played it for a long time, my hearing is still there. What’s more, after learning to fight, after training, I am much more sensitive and alert.
With vigilance, you will increase your concentration and listen wholeheartedly to listen to the dice better.
“That young master, Yvette, get in the car, it’s still a bit far away,” Betty said.
Chuck does not matter, three people got on the bus.
Three hours later, Chuck saw a particularly luxurious casino like a palace. The parking lot is full of luxury cars and all kinds of beauties. The casino is a place full of fish and dragons and can do anything with money.
There are still a lot of Chinese people in and out of the casino, so there are a lot of beauty translations and English translations at the door, because some Chinese people don’t speak English.
“Hey, there is a Mercedes-Benz over there. Look at all three of them are Huaxia people. They must be short of translators.” There is a superb beauty who walked past with a smile, and other translators also ran over.
“Hello, do you need an interpreter? One hundred dollars an hour is very cheap,” these translators surround Chuck’s car. Those who can drive this kind of car must be rich!
Chuck, Yvette, and Betty came out. Most of Betty are in the United States. They are fluent in English and like the people of the United States.
“Husband, need translation?” Yvette asked.
“Wife, how much do you spend an hour?” Chuck laughed. Yvette knew English, so what did he want to translate?
“Me? It’s cheap, as long as.” Yvette hadn’t finished speaking yet, Chuck kissed her, “Is that enough?”

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