My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 517

This supervisor is so agitated, everyone in the casino onlookers laughed. This supervisor was a female gambler before and was qualified to say this.
“Will this Chinese person agree?”
“Surely not. Good luck is the same thing. When meeting real people, especially her, good luck doesn’t work!”
“I think it’s also true. I don’t gamble. Isn’t it clear that I will give money to the female gambler? I won’t do it.”
“Then you are not seeded?”
“I don’t care if there is any kind of seed, but it is billions of dollars. I promised. I must have lost all to her. The ghost promised it. This Chinese will definitely choose not to bet like me. Better than losing it!”
The onlookers talked a lot, some mocked, some agreed, and some were good.
“This gentleman, do you have any seeds?” the supervisor laughed.
She likes to laugh at these Chinese people the most.
Especially when you win money, you run the kind.
“Some species, no species, don’t you know if you try it in your office?” Chuck said with a shrug.
“It’s such a bad guy,” Yvette said after she was stunned, she looked at Chuck tenderly.
The supervisor’s eyes narrowed, a cold light shot out, and actually teased herself? ?
“Haha, this Chinese person is really kind, actually dare to tease her, don’t you know who she is?”
“Hush, do you want to die?”
The onlookers all laughed. This Chuck is a bit interesting. Don’t you know the strength of this supervisor?
Mocking to her head, this is the rhythm of death! !
“Don’t you want to bet against me?” The supervisor stared at Chuck.
This man teases himself so that everyone makes fun of himself.
She was very annoyed, if there were not so many guests on the scene, she had already called in someone who had been preparing for a long time!
“Why should I bet with you?” Chuck asked rhetorically.
“If you don’t gamble with me, you just don’t grow, that means you Chinese are cowards!” the supervisor said coldly.
Was this Chinese person so shameless that he was completely unaffected by his radical act? ?
“Oh, I don’t gamble with you. It’s every kind? Why don’t you go to die? Isn’t it not to grow if you don’t go? Also a coward?” Chuck said with a shrug.
Obviously a gambler, how could Chuck play with her? Do you think you have too much money?
I am not a God of Gamblers, I just have a better sense of hearing, and the gap with her is not a little bit!
“It’s dangerous for you to talk!” The supervisor was annoyed and was actually said by a Chinese kid.
“No bet, I don’t bet on anything you say,” Chuck will continue to play.
This won more than 8 billion yuan, which is the most money Chuck has ever seen.
He also wants to continue to win, it is best to win tens of billions, then after he returned to China, crazy investment.
The supervisor’s eyes were cold and the atmosphere was deadlocked.
“Husband, don’t gamble,” Yvette reminded.
“Well, my husband is not stupid,” Chuck said.
“Not stupid, but a villain,” Yvette whispered.
Chuck smiled slightly, and just looked at the anxious and ruined supervisor, you have a way to force me to gamble in front of many people!
See if your casino continues to open.
The atmosphere is deadlocked! !
Betty stepped aside and made a call, Karen li.
“Hey, I’m almost there,” Karen li said.
She is about to rush here.
“That, President Li, Master…” Betty was also a little surprised.
“What’s wrong with Ce’er? Lost money? It’s okay, he’s happy if he loses. It doesn’t matter how much he loses. How many chips he wants to exchange. You can exchange him.” Karen li feels that Chuck will have his own bottom line, lose energy. how much? ?
As Karen li’s only biological son, he is the best to be happy.
“No, the young master actually won money,” Betty said. She still did not expect that Chuck lost
50 million, and actually won more than 8 billion in two! !
“Ceer won money?” Karen li was stunned, his son won money?
“Yes, the young master has won.”
“Oh, how much did Ceer win?” Karen li smiled, which was really something Karen li didn’t expect.
Gambling, psychological quality is particularly important, so Karen li basically wins when playing, and all win big.
“Approximately US$8.4 billion,”
“What?” Karen li was surprised. She was not surprised by the money. After all, 8.4 billion was nothing to her, but it was unimaginable to win so much in the casino!
“How did Ceer win?” Karen li asked, with strong interest.
Betty said Chuck’s winning money carefully, and Karen li smiled slightly, “That’s a bit interesting. I didn’t expect Ceer to have a good hearing, but I let Ceer come and play, and I lost some money to that person. So that I can talk to that person, I didn’t expect to win,…”
Karen li couldn’t laugh or cry, this was a fair and solemn gift, but Chuck was “destroying”.
“Then gamble with the female gambler, does the young master want to gamble? It seems that the female gambler hasn’t lost yet. The young master should have no experience in this area…” Betty worried.
“Betting, why not bet? Let Ce’er bet with this female gambler, and I will be there immediately.”
Karen li said, she was already on the way.
“Yes, I immediately told the young master, then Mr. Li, I will hang up first.”
“Um… by the way, what happened to Yvette?”
“She was injured when she came.”
“Is it heavy?”
“It’s a bit heavy, but Yvette has good patience. President Li, if you go on like this, Yvette might one day…”
“Exceed me? Then kill me?” Karen li didn’t have a little fear on her face, and even smiled a little.
“This…you are the top three combat masters in the world today, and the one who surpasses the first one is just around the corner. Yvette will catch up with you for another 20 years, and may not be able to catch up with half of you, but… Yvette Young, twenty years later, she was in her forties, and you are in her sixties…” This is Betty’s concern.
People will eventually grow old and die. When Karen li is in his 60s, he will eventually go downhill. Yvette will be at the time when the woman is the strongest.
This is very dangling.
This is how frightened young people are, even though Karen li maintained his physical strength, but his age is the most influential. Yvette always has an advantage in his age, close to the advantage of twenty years old.
“It’s okay, the more powerful Yvette is, the more assured I am that she likes Ceer, then Ceer will be more and more safe. Besides, when I’m sixty, it might not be bad. This is fine.” Karen li looked Go.
After all, she is exercising every day at this time. The bracelets on her hands are all special metal and weigh a few tens of pounds. In recent times, she has increased to 80 pounds. This physical quality has reached 60. What about age?
“Well, I think Yvette has too much potential,”
“This is a good thing, well, don’t say it, you let Ceer bet with her.”
“Yes, Mr. Li, I feel that someone from the casino side has come to stop, and it is estimated that they will start immediately,” Betty said alertly.
She followed Karen li for too long. The alertness was affected by Karen li. When she came in long ago, the sixth sense told her that there were many people hiding nearby.
“Well, I know, I will come over quickly.”
The phone hung up, and Betty walked to Chuck’s side, “Young Master, Li always told him to bet with her,”
Chuck was stunned, “Mother said so?”
Yvette is a little complicated and nervous. This means that he is going to come over to kill his father and enemy, Karen li. How should he face it?
“Well, my mother said it, I will definitely listen, I will lose regardless of it,” Chuck said.
“It’s okay, President Li just heard that you won, it was very unexpected,”
“Really?” Chuck smiled, then stared at the supervisor, “Okay, I bet you!!!”
Mom is coming soon, so what are you afraid of?
“Okay, this is what you said,” the supervisor sneered, and finally became a coward? Now that you agree, all the winning money will be spit out without leakage.
“I said it,” Chuck shrugged.
“Wow, did he really agree? Actually agree?”
“Then he is going to export all the money he won back.”
“That’s for sure, this is a female gambler!”
The onlookers all laughed and watched a good show. This Chinese person is going to take out all the money, 8.4 billion! ! Everyone thinks that Chuck is defeated. Why do you compare with a female gambler as an unknown soldier?

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