My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 516

Everyone was dumbfounded!
“Well, how is this possible?” The fat man’s eyes widened and his face was shocked!
Actually, hit!
But he is not himself, but Chuck! !
He bet three million, fifty-six times, how much is this?
My goodness!
His face went white all at once.
“Impossible, am I wrong?”
“No, he really hit it, ah, three million has been fifty-six times, how much is this?”
“All the money you lost was earned in one go! This is incredible!”
“Ah, why didn’t I just bet with him just now!”
“Me too, I thought he couldn’t make it!”
“Ah, it turns out that we are wrong, people are sure!”
“Follow him with the next one.”
“Me too!”
People nearby are envious, jealous! This is so surprising that no one thought of it!
“Wow, someone over there paid $36 million and won fifty-six times!”
“What! My God! Come and see!”
“Come and see! Someone has made a lot of money!”
The people in this casino are all boiling and are busy running over to watch.
Suddenly, the water was not leaking here.
“Who did it? That blue-eyed one?”
“No, it’s the Chinese!”
“Really, why are Chinese people so powerful!”
“I heard that Chinese people can martial arts! Probably, good hearing!”
“Envy, why am I not a Huaxia?”
The expressions on the faces of all the people who watched around were the same, envy! !
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, and fell all over the country.
Betty did not fluctuate, but she was also happy, but when Karen li won eight billion dollars, it was shocking!
The dealer was stunned. What, he hit?
Fifty-six times out of five million, or 280 million!
Snapped! !
In the surveillance room, the supervisor slammed the glass in his hand and red wine spilled.
“What’s going on? What’s going on? He was able to bet!”
The supervisor was very angry!
One actually cost the casino so much? ?
“He, fluke.” Someone said weakly.
“Fortunately?” The supervisor’s eyes narrowed into a gap. “I want to be optimistic. You can be lucky a few times! Continue to play, don’t run away! Continue! Continue…”
If you open a casino, you are not afraid of winning, but you are not afraid to stop playing.
Go on, lose you, all your winnings must be spit out! !
“You lost? Why are you so careless?” Chuck looked at the fat man.
Fat man is angry! !
The dealer’s complex complexion pushed the money to Chuck.
Chuck let out a sigh of relief. Everyone thought that when Chuck would close, even if he didn’t, he would make a small move and continue to bet. Chuck made a move.
Is to push all the winning money to a position! !
Thirty times the area! !
Oh my God!
Everyone was stunned!
“Am I right? He didn’t close his hand, even if he had remanded so much?”
“This Chinese person is so courageous, I like it very much,” the beautiful woman with big blue eyes was obsessed with Chuck. She didn’t see such a spender.
This is simply a heartbeat!
The fat man was stunned, and the dealer was stunned.
“You, are you crazy?” The fat man was unbelievable. He wiped his tears. Is this man shameless?
Actually bet so much at once? ?
“Aren’t you betting?” Chuck said lightly.
“Humph, lose you!” said the fat man with a sneer. What’s the use of betting so much? People can only go shit once, but still want to go twice?
The fat man bet 5 million out, he is confident that this one can definitely win! !
The dealer swallowed and she started!
The dice is spinning inside the turntable, and everyone is watching. This is a big bet!
Not every day I see this opportunity!
Boom, boom, boom.
The dice dropped a number!
This casino is silent all at once! !
Everyone’s eyes looked at someone imperceptibly, including Yvette and Betty.
Because… hit Chuck and bet again! !
Two hundred and eighty million, bet 30 times!
$8.4 billion!
Everyone was stunned and speechless. What could they say?
They are at a loss, as if dreaming. is this real? Can someone actually win so much money?
Chuck loosened his breath, bet on it? Um, really bet.
The fat man thumped on the ground, and he has stayed the same as spreading coins, 8.4 billion, which is much more than his family property!
Actually won by him? ? How can you compare with him? Not even garbage!
The beauty translator’s eyes are as staring as the bell, and some are at a loss…
“Hit, please give me the chips!”
Chuck told the dealer.
Betty is a little surprised, can it be inherited?
Gambling relies on luck and psychological quality. Karen li’s psychological quality is good, so he often wins.
However, Karen li seldom gambles unless he can’t postpone it or is too bored to play.
The dealer is too long to speak.
She has been in this casino for so long, and she has never seen anyone actually win so much money!
Even if you win 500 million without strength, you will be taken away with fear. Because you lose too much, it is impossible for a casino to be taken so easily.
“Husband, you are so powerful,” Yvette said, really dreaming.
Chuck smiled slightly, and Yvette understood, and said in Chuck’s ear, “Little villain, go back at night, kiss you,”
“Wife, you have to count your words,”
“Of course, I don’t lie to you, I don’t want to lie to you,” Yvette smiled.
She was curious, how could Chuck bet so much money with such certainty?
“I,” the dealers supported us, she won too much, and she dared not speak.
At this time, someone upstairs was down, yes, that supervisor!
Someone won so much money at once, how could she not come down?
“Wow, is this a female gambler?”
“Well, she actually works here?”
“Yes, she came down and will definitely bet with this Chinese!”
“That’s interesting!”
Everyone was excited, knowing that if you win so much money at once, someone will surely come down to deal with it, but I did not expect it to be a retired gambler.
This casino is so powerful that I can actually invite the gambler to sit down and do it!
“Congratulations to this gentleman from China!” The supervisor smiled down.
Walked to the white-faced dealer.
The dealer immediately walked away, and she shivered all over, “Supervisor, I…”
“Retreat!” the supervisor said.
The dealer retreated aside.
“Thanks, give me the chips I won.” Chuck said.
“Oh! Our casino operates in good faith. Of course we will give it. Come, give him this Mr.
Huaxia’s winning chips!” the supervisor said lightly.
Someone pushed the chips over, and a lot of them scared the dead.
Chuck gave a few glances and nodded in satisfaction.
“I don’t know what the sir’s plan is. I think the sir is so lucky that he can continue playing.” The supervisor said with a smile.
Yes, she just came down to win back all the money that Chuck won! ! easy.
“I was planning to play,” Chuck originally planned to continue. He was already a bit lucky. Why not chase after the victory?
Chuck is a little bit happy to win so much money.
“Will I play with you?” said the supervisor, which is the standard Chinese language. Chuck can understand. The casino is mixed with dragons and dragons. As a supervisor, it must be multilingual.
Chuck is weird. He just heard someone talk about this woman, but he can’t understand what others are saying.
“Wife, who is she?”
“Others say it’s a female gambler. Don’t play with her husband.” Yvette certainly understood.
“Well,” Chuck was a little confident, but he was not so confident that he could compete with God of Gamblers.
This is self-aware, it must be there!
“No, I won’t play with you,” Chuck shrugged.
“Oh, did not expect this gentleman from China to be so brave? Or, are you Chinese people all cowards?” the supervisor mocked.
To be ridiculous, you must let Chuck gamble with yourself, otherwise the money is not easy to get back.
Yvette’s eyes were cold, Chuck frowned, and said unkindly, “What are you talking about?”
“If you do, you can gamble with me! If you don’t, then you are a coward!” The supervisor sarcastically, in the casino under his jurisdiction, no one can win so much money! !

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