My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 519

Yes, Karen li walked in.
She heard this supervisor say Chuck, of course she was angry, but Chuck was her own son, she was not willing to say it, and others said it would not work.
Bettysong breathed.
Yvette lowered his head and looked at Karen li who had come in without confidence.
Everyone can see that, dare to challenge the gambler?
Is this the past teaching fee? ?
Everyone saw Karen li, and he walked in alone, but his eyes lit up, and he was surprised!
“Why is this woman’s temperament so good?”
“Yeah, it’s a Chinese woman’s temperament, rare, too rare,”
“Have you seen this woman?”
“Not seen, but have you been married?”
“Look, she must be married at her age.”
“That’s a pity,”
Everyone was surprised, and Karen li, who walked in, was surprised.
Yes, Karen li’s temperament, calm, really unmatched, this is placed in ancient times, is the emperor’s calm.
She has this strength!
The supervisor who was so provoked frowned. Karen li felt familiar with her. She had seen it somewhere, but it was impossible to remember. Karen li was low-key. After so many years in the United States, even the Li family didn’t know much about Karen li. thing.
Others are even less likely to know.
“Are you going to play with me?” the supervisor sneered.
“Yes, I will play with you, are you willing?” Karen li walked out of the crowd to Chuck.
“Mom,” Chuck was pleasantly surprised, and Mom appeared.
“Well, I lost and helped you win back,” Karen li changed her mind. Her son was looked down upon by others. That would not work.
“Okay,” Chuck was excited. Mom would gamble? He doesn’t know yet.
Karen li looked at Yvette.
Of course Yvette lowered his head and bit his lip, not knowing what to say at all.
“It turns out that this Chinese mother is so beautiful, young, which Baller is this?”
“I don’t know, I have never seen such a calm woman,”
“I do not have either,”
Everyone was talking about it, mainly because it was a surprise,
“Of course I do! But I’m not gonna make a small bet!” the supervisor said mockingly.
She meant to ask Karen li to gamble bigger, anyway, he is the king of gambling!
No matter how much money you have, she can turn Karen li into a poor man.
“Then how big do you think bet?” Karen li smiled a little on his face.
“From 10 billion!”
“Ten billion?”
“Feel big?” The supervisor laughed. Ten billion is not something ordinary people can take out.
“No, I think it’s less. It’s so good. The two parties are worth 50 billion US dollars, and they have two wins in three innings!” Karen li said.
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was boiling! !
“What? Fifty billion dollars! My God! Really fake?”
“She actually said 50 billion?”
So calmly saying that the money came out, who is she? This is a question in everyone’s mind.
Chuck was scared. Mom is so fierce? Gambling actually started at 50 billion? ?
Yvette was also stunned. Only Betty felt normal. Karen li gambled a few times, and Betty kept following. At most, Karen li won nearly 100 billion US dollars!
Is this scary number scary? ?
It’s scary, but Karen li is the top three in the world’s strongest fighting master. The money is still nothing to her.
“You have so much money?” the supervisor questioned.
“Card,” Karen li took out a card and came out.
The supervisor snapped his fingers. Someone came to verify. After a few minutes, the audience held their breath and someone nodded. “Yes.”
The supervisor sneered. “Are you gonna bet so big on me?”
“Yes, do you dare? It’s okay if you don’t dare, and I’m sorry to my son,” Karen li said.
“Haha, don’t I dare? I’m afraid you will cry if you lose!” The supervisor laughed and laughed at Karen li’s words.
Karen li’s face didn’t change.
“How to gamble? I can let you choose!” There is a cold smile on the supervisor’s face, and I have won a lot of money for the casino! !
“My son lost to you to roll the dice, then I will also bet against you, whoever has the most points will win.”
“Okay, no problem. Come on, give her a pair of dice!!” the supervisor laughed.
Are these people stupid? Actually betting on dice with yourself? I am a God of Gamblers!
Haha, 50 billion yuan is almost here.
Someone came over with the dice.
Everyone is watching. Many people hope that Karen li will win because they are fascinated by Karen li’s temperament. They don’t want a woman like Karen li to lose money sadly, but hope is hope. There is still a gap in reality. You can’t win.
How could it be possible to win the gambler?
This is impossible, everyone at the scene knows.
Chuck looked forward, and Yvette also looked up.
“That’s started!”
The supervisor started to roll the dice.
Karen li grabbed his finger and began to shake.
The sound of two people shaking the dice was loud and clear in this casino.
The supervisor and Karen li stopped at the same time.
Watching the audience, the bird is silent!
The supervisor unveiled, three six! !
“I go, three sixs, alas, she lost.”
“Yeah, it’s not good to do anything. You have to gamble with the God of Gamblers. Isn’t this your own way?
Everyone at the scene was shocked, so much so that you can shake so much?
This Karen li must have lost.
Chuck is nervous, this supervisor is too powerful, worthy of being a gambler, how about your mother?
“Let’s go!” The supervisor smiled proudly, shaking the dice, but she didn’t lose to anyone.
Shake randomly, three six, three one can come out, this is to see the mood.
The audience watched, Karen li slowly opened it, and the ridicule on the supervisor’s face was strong.
But the next second, everyone was shocked, and then it was boiling! !
“I’m right, it’s actually three sixs!”
“Yes, you are right!”
These people were stunned. How could they think that Karen li could be?
Both Chuck and Yvette froze, Chuck muttered to himself, “Mother actually gambles?”
“Master, Li not only knows how to gamble, but is proficient. Master also has a casino in your house.” Betty said. what? Mom also has a casino? ?
Chuck was shocked.
The supervisor’s face was ugly, “Huh, good luck, start the next game!!!”
This is bad luck, just spend some time on your own.
It’s useless. The final result is still to win by yourself.
“Okay, the next game,”
Karen li smiled and shook.
The supervisor snorted. She started at the same time. The casino was silent, holding their breath.
Karen li shook out three sixs. The atmosphere at the scene was different.
Both stop at the same time, uncover!
The people in the casino are boiling again! !
“It’s actually three sixs, both of them!”
“It’s incredible, is this woman the God of Gambling in China?”
“I don’t know, I adore it anyway, it’s amazing!”
“Impossible, how could you shake three sixs in a row twice?” The supervisor’s eyes widened and a shock appeared.
Did you read it right? No.
But how could she be?
The supervisor felt incomprehensible.
“Nothing is impossible, let’s decide the third game!” Karen li said.
“Okay, I actually met an opponent today. You made me take it seriously!” The supervisor was angry!
Did you actually look away?
Huh, it’s okay, and you will definitely win by yourself! I am a God of Gamblers!
Never lost!
Not today! !
The two shook again, slap! stop!
Everyone held their breath, too nervous, this is a showdown between the gods of gambling!
The supervisor unveiled her smile instinctively, three sixs, she could shake it out at any time.
“Ah? Why are there only two sixs?” The onlookers were surprised. Only two of the supervisor’s dice were six, and the other one was four.
The supervisor is stunned himself, impossible, how could he fail?
But it’s not true, I really missed it, and actually shook one well, the supervisor stared at Karen li in exasperation, “Even if there are only two sixs, I will still win you!!”
Quite simply, you have missed this gambler, you may not miss it?
It is absolutely impossible, even if there are only two sixs, you can win her, and this point is also very high.
Chuck was nervous. He hoped his mother would win. Yvette bit her lip. She didn’t want to make Chuck sad anyway. Betty was a little nervous.
Watching the audience, Karen li chuckled lightly, so attracted, so calm, and gently opened it under the sneer of the supervisor.

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