My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 520

When Karen li uncovered the dice, the man in the casino was suddenly silent! Deathly silence! !
Everyone, look at me, I look at you, you have incredible faces!
After Chuck looked at it, he smiled a little, and his mother was so powerful!
Yvette was stunned!
“Three sixs… so powerful!”
“Who is this Huaxia woman? How come three or six?”
“It’s incredible, I adore her!”
These people were shocked and shocked!
The only person here who looks ugly, like pig liver, is the supervisor!
Because she missed, but Karen li still shakes out three sixs this time! !
Play well and have great psychological qualities!
“You.” The supervisor felt that his face was slapped invisiblely, and his face was hot and painful!
I am a god of gambling, actually. . Lost? incredible!
The supervisor is incredible!
“You lost!” Karen li said plainly.
The $50 billion gambling game is not the largest amount of games she has ever gambled, but it is the best one to earn.
Less than a few minutes, won 50 billion!
“You are the boss!!!”
The supervisor was shrouded, she sneered sneer!
It is impossible for me to lose, the only reason for losing is that this woman wins herself by winning a thousand!
I bet on you with fairness and honesty, and you are out of control!
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was boiling!
It was instantaneous, shrouded in voices of discussion!
“What? How old is it? How is it?”
“Is the female gambler wrong? This Huaxia woman has such a good temperament, how can she do that shameless thing?”
“I don’t think she has a thousand, I believe her!”
“I believe in her too!”
“This is not necessarily the case. The female gambler has never lost. This woman actually won, and it is still very strange!”
Most people believe Karen li under one-sided choices, but some people choose to trust the supervisor!
After all, the simplest willingness, but they are female gamblers!
Chuck was annoyed, how could his mother be so bright and upright, how could she be a thousand?
Yvette’s eyes were cold!
This is slander!
Betty frowned.
Only after Karen li was so stunned, she smiled, “You’re a bit interesting, let these people leave, we talk about the matter of the thousand alone!”
“Just what I want! Come here, please invite all guests out!!” the supervisor sneered.
Fifty billion dollars in gambling, to be honest, she is not qualified to spend so much money to gamble!
She thought she could win 100%, but she didn’t expect to overturn her boat in the gutter, she unexpectedly lost!
So 50 billion, she can’t give it!
Anyway, this blood leopard is here, then solve it together, and then take the blood leopard head and go to the killer organization headquarters to receive the bounty! !
Someone came in and quickly drove all the guests out, the same silence as the scene!
Karen li, Chuck, Yvette, and Betty all look the same!
Many people rushed in, all dressed like mercenaries, full of violent breath!
The four people were surrounded by water!
The atmosphere of cold fear, if ordinary people have been crying for a long time, but Karen li four people still have the original expression.
Chuck is not afraid of anything. There is a mother, what are you afraid of?
“You shouldn’t win me! No!!!!” The supervisor stared at Karen li with a cold smile on his face.
Yes, the showdown, the fair and grand can be said.
Karen li does not matter, “but it has won!”
“Yes, I won, but you don’t know what to do, and you won. You can only get the money if it’s true. You can’t get it. Everything is fake. Understand? I can control the true and false! You can’t win. Is that what I said? I now say you lose! You have to lose!!!” the supervisor said mockingly.
All of the scene is mercenary, amazing strength!
It’s easy to catch four people!
How dare you say you won? Ha ha ha, ridiculous! ignorance!
Let fear cover you!
“Something interesting!” Karen li smiled lightly.
“Something interesting? Ha ha!” The supervisor disdained, did he pretend to be dead when he was about to die?
“Yes, something interesting,” Karen li said.
“Then I will make the next thing more interesting!”
“Really? I won, and no one dared not give it to me!” Karen li said lightly.
Yes, when she won 100 billion yuan at a time, when she won an island, or even a state, no one dared not give it!
This supervisor has a little meaning!
“Haha! I won’t give it to you. How can you take me?” The supervisor laughed, and was laughed at by Karen li.
“Simple, very simple!” Karen li smiled lightly.
“Haha, is it? But it’s not your turn! You!!! Blood Leopard! You are Blood Leopard!” The supervisor pointed at Yvette.
Yvette’s eyes were cold.
“You don’t know the rules of the killer organization. When the killing order comes out, you can’t find a hole to hide. You dare to appear here. After the killing order comes out, no one can live.
Your life is over today! Come here, grab me four of them!” The supervisor laughed coldly!
The chase order has been out for so long, I didn’t expect this blood leopard to die in his hands today!
Give orders!
Surrounded by people, with a grim face, immediately attack!
They are well-trained and the siege is amazing. No one can hide them if they want to catch people!
They rushed over like an eagle catching a chick, with a tall and strong body full of power!
This is a terrifying siege, making people feel bold and bold!
However, they had just come around, and everyone had not yet seen what was happening, and a screaming sounded out of place at the wrong time! boom!
A man flew out and hit the ground, and before he wailed, he lay motionless on the ground.
Everyone was shocked! ! what happened!
Chuck was stunned, so fast, Yvette was stunned, biting his lip, his eyes were surprised, so fast, so fast…
Yes, Karen li shot and punched a punch. The power of her punch is amazing. There is no one who can carry it really.
What about strong mercenaries?
Karen li can fly with one punch!
The supervisor was stunned, but this is a mercenary, such a heavy person, was actually hit by fists? Do you make movies?
“I hate people who don’t count, so I decided to let her know that I hate this!” Karen li narrowed her eyes slightly.
Played the strength of the fighting master!
Shaking in the crowd, every time a punch was punched out, a person screamed, and then flew out, seriously injured and comatose!
There were as many as 30 people at the scene, but in less than three minutes, they all lay on the ground without sound!
All coma, no one was spared!
The horror atmosphere just now was disintegrated by Karen li alone!
The supervisor was dumbfounded. “You, who are you?”
She was stunned, and her chin was about to fall. Was it an illusion that these people of hers were actually knocked down by one person? how can that be?
It must be a dream, but Karen li’s eyes told her, no.
“You, don’t come, don’t come, our boss here, but the boss behind the killer organization, dare you to come over? Kill your whole family!” The supervisor screamed in fright!
Fear spread in her mind.
She stared at Karen li in horror.
“Kill my family? She won’t say such things. I know her,” Karen li said.
“What? Do you know our boss?” The supervisor shivered. Is this possible? She hasn’t seen this boss, how could anyone else? ?
“Yes, know.”
“Impossible, how could you know? You lied! You.”
She suddenly thought of why she seemed to have seen Betty when she saw it, and why she seemed to have seen Karen li when she saw it.
“You, are you surnamed Li?” The supervisor shivered.
There are four major families in the world, and the surnamed Li occupies one of the seats!
Karen li, she remembers this name.
“Yes, Li, my name is Karen li.”
“What? Are you Karen li?”
Fear spread on the supervisor’s face, she finally knew why she lost because she lost to this person, not wronged, but she heard that this Karen li bet is a big bet, and she never lost, she was in In front of Karen li, it’s a slapstick!
“So, I think it’s a bit interesting, and I won’t win any money!” Karen li said.

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