My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 533

Karen li has an idea in her heart. If she chooses between Chuck’s happiness and herself, she will choose Chuck’s happiness.
But Chuck‚Äôs happiness requires Yvette to overcome that hurdle, and he must die…
What should I do? ?
Karen li buried this in her heart and went to the garage. She saw Chuck happily turning around in the big garage, like a big child.
Karen li smiled slightly, “Cer, which one to choose?”
Chuck came into the garage, and there was a shocking feeling. There were too many cars in it.
Like the 4s store, there are all kinds of luxury cars.
Chuck was dazzled.
“This one,” Chuck chose an Aston Martin.
“Okay,” Karen li smiled over, “Ceer you come,”
Chuck was sitting in the driver’s seat excitedly. It felt really different. This was a tens of millions of cars. “Mom…”
“Like, I like it very much,” Chuck found that he still liked the car more!
When I was in China, I only had a sports car. I wanted to buy it at that time, but it was destroyed by Du Xinye. Chuck was too lazy to buy it at that time.
But seeing the car in his mother’s garage, Chuck felt that his aesthetic was very similar to that of his mother.
“Stupid boy, these are all yours. I don’t think it’s enough. I’ll buy it for you again. How much is needed,” Karen li fell in love and owed Chuck nineteen years. She was guilty.
Chuck was moved, “Well, mom, where are we going today?”
“There is a party, you drive out, I tell you how to get there.”
“it is good.”
Chuck stepped on the accelerator, and the roar of the engine roared like a beast. This sound was so nice. Karen li saw Chuck like a child, and she was at ease.
Suddenly she was silent, “Cer, if Yvette can’t walk with you in the end, I will let you marry someone else, would you be willing?”
Chuck heard this question from his mother, and he was silent for a long time, “No.”
Yvette was with Chuck from an early age. Chuck thought of Yvette as his wife for a lifetime, but Chuck didn’t understand those things at that time, which caused Yvette to be mentally prepared.
One disappointment made Yvette’s mentality change.
But in that situation, Yvette still didn’t get close to any man. At that time, in Yvette’s heart, she was entangled and hated Chuck, but she couldn’t bear it.
Fortunately, Yvette finally insisted on seeing Chuck’s transformation.
Even when Chuck killed her grandfather, Yvette chose to forgive herself. It was just that Karen li killed Yvette’s father. Yvette couldn’t break this hurdle.
Chuck is guilty and will never give up Yvette.
“I see,”
The thought in Karen li’s heart slowly became firm, and since Yvette couldn’t break this hurdle, then let herself help her break down.
It’s just that Karen li still cares about it, that is Chuck’s father Zhang Qingyang…
“Ceeer, drive until you turn in front,” Karen li pointed the way, Chuck slammed on the accelerator, the engine roared, and the speed was amazing!

Yvette came out of the room and happened to see Betty, but she didn’t speak.
Betty stopped her, “Where are you going, Yvette?”
“I, go out with something,” Yvette bowed his head.
“I’ll be with you,” Betty didn’t want Yvette to have an accident. After all, this place is a country of rice.
“Thank you, I will go out for a walk,”
“Okay, car, do you need a car? There are many in the garage…”
“No, thank you,” Yvette went out.
Betty has no choice but to deal with other things.
Yvette came out and took a car to go to his “home”. This place, her grandfather had made it clear that she was a killer in China to improve herself.
I should have this strength to get my things back.
She remembered how her cousin treated herself when she was in Huagang, Yvette remembered clearly!
I have the inheritance certificate given by my grandfather and can get everything back!
She drove to “his own home”, and she was sad in her heart. This place was where she was born.
There used to be her father, but her father was killed by Karen li.
If you don’t have Karen li, then you may have lived here all the time, but if you don’t have Karen li, then you are not Chuck’s wife…
Yvette stood at the door for a long time, so it should not be possible to enter directly, and he will definitely be besieged by the so-called family. Although his strength has improved, too many people will not work!
She thought about it and decided to find a way!
Get back your own things.
She suddenly saw a sports car coming out of it, actually hitting her cousin before.
Rong Guanghuan, this is already taking control of the family.
Her eyes were cold, staring at her cousin and driving away, she decided to follow!
Grab your cousin first, then things will be much easier to handle!
She stopped a car to track, but how could a taxi be an opponent of a sports car? It was quickly thrown away, but fortunately, Yvette succeeded in seeing his cousin at the door of a restaurant.
She got out of the car and swayed her long legs and walked inside.
Yvette’s temperament is noble. When entering this high-end place, she entered and exited casually, glanced at her, and found her cousin walking to the restroom.
Yvette walked in, and suddenly a cold gun pointed at Yvette’s head!
Yvette stopped.
“It turns out to be you, your life is so big!” Yvette’s cousin said coldly.
Yvette was motionless, with no expression on his face.
“Are you brave enough to come to the United States?? Come here to find the dead?” The cold smile, full of ridicule, “Come in! I let you in!”
At the muzzle, Yvette headed, and Yvette entered.
“Kneel! I let you kneel!”
“You took what belongs to me! Give it back to me!” Yvette said coldly.
“Give it back to you, what are your qualifications? You are a low-key, do you know? You still want to compete with me for family property? I let you die now!” Cousin gun pointed at Yvette’s head.
“You can’t kill me, because I’m not the one I was before!” Suddenly, Yvette said coldly, and the dagger that had been prepared in his hand was inserted accurately on the trigger instantly.
Cousin was surprised! boom!
A punch hit the cousin’s stomach.
Cousin screamed, curled up like a prawn, Yvette punched again, hitting the key with precision!
Cousin could not bear the wailing, he was incredible!
He is also a master of fighting, why was Yvette resisted? !
He feels like dreaming!
Yvette picked up the gun and pointed his cold muzzle at him.
“Don’t, don’t kill me, I’m your cousin!” Cousin begged for mercy immediately.
“Are you my cousin?” Yvette looked cold.
Last time I went to Huagang, I almost died, and my mother had to leave the United States to hide in China. Yvette hated this so-called cousin!
“I’m your cousin, I’m your relative, don’t shoot, don’t kill me.” Cousin begged.
“Waste! Get up!” Yvette was cold.
Cousin got up, Yvette pointed a gun at his head, “Go out, come home with me!”
“You, what do you want to do?” Cousin feared.
“I want to take back my belongings!! Anything must be taken back!” Yvette’s eyes chilled.
Cousin led the way, he suddenly had a look on his face, sneer, you still want to recapture everything? ?
You will know it when you go home!
“Okay, I will lead the way,”
The two came out of the car, Yvette shot at him, his cousin drove, and took Yvette back.
When arriving at his so-called home, Yvette didn’t express his expression.
“get off!”
Yvette’s gun pointed at him, and his cousin shivered.
“Take me to see them! I want to get everything back myself!” Yvette said coldly, and his cousin sneered and led the way, suddenly! !
Brush brush!
Hundreds of guns appeared, and the target was directed at Yvette!
The guards of this family, how could they not take action when they saw the young master being held so hostile?
“Yvette, Yvette, do you know that you have thrown yourself in the net? I advise you to put down the gun, and I can spare you, otherwise I will make you a horse honeycomb immediately!!”
Cousin laughed coldly.
A woman is a woman and wants to get everything back? Actually came back with myself, don’t you know that the family has a guard? ?

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