My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 534

Yvette was expressionless!
What about these people? I’m not afraid of myself, don’t I still have this so-called young master?
“Hear no, so many guns, as long as I order, you will die terribly!” Cousin Yvette laughed!
The members of the family guard glared!
“Hey, let our young master! Or kill you!!!”
“Almost released!”
Yvette was unmoved, moving the gun in his hand and pulling the trigger! boom!
Gunshots broke through the sky!
The bullet pierced her cousin’s ear, blood flowed, her cousin was shocked, the pain made her scream!
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“Ah, dare you shoot me? You bitch, bitch!!!” Her cousin screamed in exasperation!
The members of the family guard froze.
What’s happening here? This woman actually dared to shoot?
So many people, so many guns, this woman is so brave!
“You are looking for death, I will make you die ugly, ugly!!!” Her cousin was frightened, her face was grim!
Yvette’s eyes were cold and pulled the trigger again, the bullet shot into the thigh of her cousin!
After the bullets were fired, Yvette continued to focus his hot gun head on his cousin’s head. what!
Her cousin was about to faint. Where did he want Yvette to dare to shoot?
Blood DC!
The family guards were dumbfounded!
“Crazy man, mad man who is not afraid of death, put down my gun!!”
“Take me in!” Yvette ordered, completely unmoved.
It is indeed a command to have this so-called hostage in your hands, so don’t worry about anything.
“You! You dare to shoot me again, I want you to die!” Her cousin was vicious, and he was sweating coldly.
“Are you asking me to shoot the third shot, right?” Yvette was expressionless.
“you dare!!”
Pa, Yvette pulled the trigger with his finger!
The bullet shot without hesitation!
Hitting her cousin’s thigh, blood flowed, her cousin screamed that she would pass out.
This is a scream of tears.
All members of the family guard looked at each other!
They wanted to find a chance to shoot, but Yvette was too fast and had no time to attack!
They dare not take risks, what if they hit the young master? ?
“Enough! You are Yan Li’s daughter!” A voice came out.
Grandpa Yvette is dead, and grandma is also dead. This is the mother of her cousin!
Yvette’s eyes were cold, and saw a woman in her forties who came out from the inside. The charm was still there, and she was very well maintained.
“What are you doing here? Still hitting my son?” The woman’s face was cold!
“I’ll come over and get my things back!” Yvette said.
“Your stuff? What is yours here?” The woman was indifferent.
“Grandpa gave me everything in the house before he died, that’s all I want to get back!”
“You? Nonsense!” The woman sneered and sneered. “What are you? What are you qualified for?” boom!
Yvette didn’t have any rebuttal, but pulled the trigger, the bullet shot out, her cousin screamed that she passed out.
There is no sound here!
Yvette shot amazingly! Four shots, but he is not dead yet!
With this move, some people have numbness in their scalp!
“That’s it!” Yvette said!
This woman, seeing her son become like this, she was heartbroken, “You take my son again, I will never end with you!!”
“I have grandpa’s property distribution book and spit out all the things that belong to me!”
Yvette knew that he had no kinship anymore, and these people saw the money!
Actually dominate the things that belong to you!
“Take it out and see!” the woman scolded!
“I will show you that everyone here will leave!” Yvette must do so. There are too many family guards.
In case someone seizes the opportunity to let go of the cold gun, then he will be here today.
“Mom, save me, save me…” Cousin Yvette was dying and begged.
He was already scared. This time Yvette easily defeated himself last time. This time, he became so ruthless!
“Son, rest assured! Retreat, retreat to me!” The woman scolded!
“But now it’s dangerous to retire young master, this woman is a lunatic!” The captain of the family guard hesitated.
Aura! He felt the powerful aura in Yvette!
This crazy woman is not easy, the standard is cruel! !
“I tell you to retreat, my baby son is in her hands! Retreat!” The woman was annoyed, her eyes fixed on the captain, and there were vicious eyes!
The captain nodded slightly.
“Retreat, retreat!”
All the family guards retreated, but Yvette said coldly, “First throw all the guns in my hand.”
The family guards looked at each other!
“Throw!” the woman scolded!
Everyone threw the gun on the ground and then backed away.
Yvette’s eyes glanced, alerting that he didn’t relax a bit, “Give me all the family property!”
Yvette wants to change all to his own!
The woman is insidious, “Let me put my son first!” boom!
Yvette did not politely pull the trigger!
Fifth shot! !
“Ah, mom, save me!” Yvette’s cousin screamed and wailed. He already felt dying.
Yvette was so painful in the fight, he wanted to beg for mercy.
“Stop it!” The woman was heartbroken, but this was her own son! She vowed to smash Yvette’s body!
“Do it according to my words!” Yvette said coldly, taking back everything that belongs to him, Yvette will find someone to manage, or let his mother come to the United States, Yvette will continue to be a killer anyway!
Until it is first, until it is almost the same strength as Karen li!
“Okay, okay… what are you waiting for, shoot me!!” The woman suddenly savagely! boom!
A bullet was shot from a hidden place, poo, the hot bullet was shot into Yvette’s body, and blood came out…
The woman sneered, see if you die! !

“Cer, what’s wrong with you?” Karen li suddenly saw Chuck absent-minded.
“Mom, I don’t feel very good,” Chuck was lumped just now, not knowing what happened.
“Aren’t you sick because you are not satisfied with water and soil? Follow me and say I will take you to the hospital,” Karen li spoiled.
Although he hasn’t arrived yet, Chuck, who is driving, is absent-minded, which is not a good thing!
“No, maybe I think too much, mom, how do you go next?”
“Turn left.” Karen li continued to show the way.
Chuck shook his head, how could he suddenly feel wrong? ?
He didn’t think much about it. Anyway, he went out with his mother and could not lose his face.

“Huh! You didn’t die?”
Sleeping black rose, a phone suddenly woke up, this is the phone of the boss behind the scenes!
The behind-the-scenes boss made people keep staring, and finally found that the black rose actually came out, and he immediately relievedly called the behind-the-scenes boss.
“Not dead,” Black Rose looked pale, and this time she was the first time she had walked through the ghost gate.
“Why didn’t you die? Why did Karen li let you go?” The boss was interested!
It didn’t make sense at all. Black Rose shot at Karen li’s house, but Karen li was fine, Chuck was fine, and finally Black Rose was seriously injured. What happened in the middle? ?
“She let me go,” Black Rose said nothing more.
Of course she can feel it. In the last punch, Karen li’s strength is much less. This is definitely not that Karen li has no strength, but that Karen li let her go.
Thinking of killing Karen li twice before, she suddenly felt a little ridiculous, and thought that Karen li let herself go this time, she was a little complicated, and she was grateful…
Yes, she did not thank anyone for the return of Black Rose.
This time, she was grateful.
Behind the scene, the boss thought to himself, this is Karen li did not die?
Of course she didn’t know that Karen li had taken photos of the soft-hearted black roses, so she put the black roses only once.
“Karen li injured his hand?”
“What’s interesting, now that someone is paying a big price to kill Karen li and her son, you can’t pick it up?”
“Don’t answer, I won’t answer about her from today!” Black Rose said without hesitation.
“Why?” The behind-the-scenes boss was particularly surprised, was this scared of being beaten by Karen li? So dare not? This is not a black rose!
“Karen li is a special person. I found it now, so I won’t pick it up!” said Black Rose.

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