My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 538

Those few people, they taught me. “Chuck’s finger passed.
What are these people still laughing at?
Karen li saw it.
“Well,” Karen li nodded, “Come here, I’ll take you to find them,”
Chuck followed Karen li.
“Mother, what does this mean?” Chuck felt something was wrong and his eyes changed. What does it mean? ?
“Mom,” Chuck looked at the mum and said nothing. Is this?
“Don’t learn other people’s English in the future, I, Betty, Yvette will teach you, just that you are a stupid child.” Karen li could not continue.
Chuck was annoyed at once, he really felt something was wrong, actually?
Let yourself say you are a fool?
These bastards!
“Mom, and I have learned a few words,” Chuck wanted to know other meanings.
“Then talk about it,”
Chuck said it all. When Karen li heard “Your mother is my woman”, she had cold eyes.
“Mother, what do you mean?” Chuck’s eyes were not right when she saw her!
Is it all cursing? ?
Karen li whispered, Chuck Lima was angry, “Is she…”
“It’s okay, just pay attention in the future, learn things, I, Betty, have time at any time, you know?” Karen li said, this is true, no matter how late, no matter how busy, Karen li is now mainly the family, that is, Chuck, and Zhang Qingyang.
“Well, mom, I won’t mess up anymore,”
Chuck regrets now. Why didn’t he learn English at all when he was studying? If he did, wouldn’t it just happen?
Chuck decided to learn quickly, but also other languages.
Such a thing can never happen again, Chuck can’t stand it! !
“Ceer, which one taught you first?” Karen li led Chuck to these people.
These people are sending videos, seeing Chuck was brought over by a woman, what is this for? ?
Come to Xingshi to ask for sin?
Haha, shameless, bring a woman over, how useless it is!
“He.” Chuck pointed at the first boss of the United States who had just come over.
“Well,” Karen li nodded.
“Why did you teach my children those words?” Karen li looked at him.
“Fun, do you understand?” Miguo boss laughed.
Several of his friends, especially the blonde girl, laughed particularly sarcastically.
Now that the video has been posted online, the click rate is so high!
“How about you?” Karen li looked at others.
“A pen is not funny?”
“Are you a fucking mother? I didn’t expect to be so beautiful. I said you were my woman. He said it all. Hey, beautiful, about…” The bald man smirked.
He can take advantage of this kind of temperament verbally, he is also happy in his heart!
“Betty, lock the mobile phones of these people, delete the video they just sent, and clean them up!” Karen li took out his phone, took a picture of them, and sent it to Betty.
“Okay, immediately,” Betty replied.
This video client, the behind-the-scenes boss, but Karen li, who posted the video on her Internet, could delete it at any time.
Betty saw these videos, and she was also annoyed and immediately deleted them.
“Delete, who do you think you are?? Dare to delete my video, I’ll die you, do you know?” Boss Mi laughed.
“Yes, pretend! My video went online, how do you delete it? Neuropathy!” the blond laughed.
How can this be deleted?
“If you a few, teach my son normally, and a few of your companies, I will promote it, but if you play my son like that, then it won’t work, you all have to pay today!” Karen li said indifferently.
She hasn’t got angry for a long time, but today her baby son has been so ridiculed, she can’t bear it. In the country, she doesn’t need to be patient! !
“Also promote, what do you count?” Boss Mi Guo sneered. He is also the boss of the company and came here to find some business cooperation.
Those who can come here are of similar wealth. He thinks that he should be top among this group of people. Who is qualified to promote himself? ?
“Yeah, my mobile phone video is gone? Deleted?” The blonde girl was suddenly surprised. They were all there just now. The click-through rate is very high.
Network reason?
She clicked again and her number was blocked.
“Did you read it wrong? How could it be gone?? Isn’t it good to see me?” The boss of the United States smiled. He opened the phone elegantly, and the click rate was very high just now!
But open it, he can’t open the software at all, the number is locked?
“what happened?”
“Yeah, mine has also been deleted,”
Several people were surprised. They were all there just now. What’s wrong?
Several people looked at each other!
“You taught my son first.” Karen li walked to the boss of the United States.
Karen li is very tall, one meter seven, coupled with high heels, the aura is not generally strong, which makes this person a little uncomfortable.
“Yes, what about what I taught? What about you being able to delete the video? It’s just knowing who is in this software. Do you think you’re amazing?” The boss of the US sneered.
Who is it now that you are an individual and you can come out and pretend? ?
I don’t see if I have this ability!
“Yes, do you think you are great? Just know a few people, really think this site is yours? Do you have delusions?” The blonde beauty disdain.
Several other companions were sneering.
“Do you think I just deleted your video?” Karen li said.
“Otherwise? What else can you do? What else can you delete?” Miguel boss sneered.
“I see, her son’s pen is not unreasonable, the mother is all written like a pen, and he is counting on his son to be smart? Do you have a saying in Huaxia, do you have a father and a son? I see Ah, if you have a mother, you must have a son! Haha!”
Several companions laughed, this is mocking!
They have never seen Karen li before. How could they believe it? They all feel funny!
Suddenly, the boss of the United States had a text message on his mobile phone.
“what happened??”
“Yeah, why are you stunned?”
Several companions looked at each other.
“What did you do?” The boss of Mi Guo was suddenly angry because everything was deleted, including the company’s representative, and he became an empty person? ?
“Delete trash,” Karen li said.
“Oh, what’s going on? Mine, everything, everything is gone?”
The blonde’s face is all white, you have read it right, how is this possible? All the property, money, company, and even the car are not theirs. How is this done?
Delete everything?
She panicked.
Have you become a poor man?
“mine too.”
“Ah, me too, how is it possible?”
Several people were shocked. What did they encounter? how did you do that?
“What the hell did you do?” The boss of the United States was frightened. This is not an illusion.
He was a rich man a second ago, and now this second is poor. Going to the streets?
“I said, delete the trash!” Karen li repeated what she just said.
This kind of thing is too simple for her. Karen li has too many unexpected things in the country.
In a word, she can delete everything for many people.
“You, you, did you really do this? I just took a video of your son. You, what did you do?” The boss of the United States collapsed on the ground, dazed.
Could it be that this woman said that promotion can really promote her company? ?
Invisible to yourself, not only missed an opportunity for improvement, but also turned this opportunity into your own disaster?
“Woo, I just taught your son to say a word, I didn’t do anything else, don’t do this to me, give me my things back, give me back.” The blonde was crying, she was all at once Collapsed, have your own money, all your own things gone?
“Yeah, I’m just…”
“That’s right? You are not qualified to teach my son, not even the qualification to know my son.
Do you think it is over now? Did you just start to know?” Karen li was really angry!
Chuck was still full of joy just now, and now it looks like this, Karen li can’t watch it! !

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