My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 537

Karen li never doubted his loved ones, this time too.
Don’t be fooled, and believe the man he likes, he must have come over for something.
Money is a trivial matter, not even a matter, how much is needed.
Karen li stopped thinking, she called Betty.
“Put one hundred billion dollars on Qingyang account!” Karen li said.
In the United States, Karen li has his own private bank, which only needs to be called.
“Yes, President Li,” of course, Betty did it immediately.
“Mr. Li, is there anything else?” Betty was stunned. She waited for Karen li to hang up the phone, but Karen li hadn’t hung up yet. She could hear Karen li’s breath.
“No, it’s okay, you’re fine with money,” Karen li hung up.
Betty was puzzled to look at her cell phone. She had deeper suspicions in her mind. Recently, Zhang Qingyang spent money like running water. He didn’t take Karen li’s money as money at all. Although Karen li didn’t mind at all, but with the speed of money, Chuck couldn’t beat it. …
Betty knows her identity, and she doesn’t know how to say it. Although it’s okay to say, Karen li won’t blame her, but Betty hesitated, so don’t say anything.
She went to fetch money, and it was Karen li’s own matter.
Chuck was a little hungry, so he was really eating, and didn’t drink, so he drank a little.
“Island people?” Someone came to ask.
This is the language of the island country. Chuck has seen the movie, of course I know.
The islanders still have a higher status in the rice country than the Huaxia people.
Chuck has never been abroad before and knows this, so it is quite normal for you to ask Chuck to be an islander.
“No.” Chuck spoke an English.
He will only say a few words, and the rest will not work.
“It turns out to be Huaxia people, Huaxia people can’t.” This is a boss said.
Chuck shrugged and didn’t understand. He only smiled politely. He said he came to know people.
Don’t embarrass my mom!
“I didn’t understand English. How did you come in?” the boss said sarcastically.
He saw that Chuck was dressed well, so he thought of coming to meet him. He didn’t expect to speak English, and he was disappointed.
Chuck didn’t understand, just laughed.
But in the eyes of this person, this is a smirk.
“Are you a fool from China?” The boss of the United States teased Chuck with a smile on his face.
This questioning tone fell in Chuck’s eyes. Chuck thought he was asking whether he was a Huaxia, and he nodded.
“Haha, are you a fool?” The boss of the United States laughed.
“Well,” Chuck shrugged.
“Come on, take a video,” the boss of the United States took out his mobile phone, which had to be posted on the Internet. It was difficult for him to encounter a non-English-speaking pen. ?
Chucksi thought about it and agreed.
“I ask you, are you a fool?” The boss of the United States took a video.
“Well,” Chuck nodded.
The boss of Mi Guo smiled a little, and he was very happy, so shameless, what do you do if you don’t understand English? ?
“You, follow along.” The boss of Mi Guo communicated in lame Chinese language.
Chuck happened to learn English, so he nodded in agreement.
“Okay, I’m a fool from China.”
“I am a fool from China.”
Chuck also learned it again, and it feels pretty good. He also speaks his own standards. Given time and English, he can speak the same standard as Yvette.
“Very good.” The boss of Mi Guo laughed and said to his friend.
Chuck said thank you, this is English, he understands.
Haha, I said you were a fool, do you still thank me?
The owner of the United States laughed, “Idiot.”
He walked over.
I showed this video to my friends, and after watching a few friends, I laughed.
“Where is this fool?”
“Hua Xia is here. Look at him, you can’t speak English.”
Several friends were laughing at Chuck. They secretly looked at Chuck and found that Chuck was still eating. What did he do here? Eat something?
“We continue to tease him and teach him more “English”, I will also make a video.”
“Go, tease him in the past, this kind of shame is hard to meet!”
A few friends followed.
“To you, introduce friends,” the owner of the United States told Chuck.
Look at Chuck, they are all bosses in suits. A beautiful woman is quite pretty. Chuck gave him a few glances and knew a few people.
“it is good.”
“Come on, this is your grandfather.” Mi Guo boss pointed to someone.
Chuck nodded, believing.
“Come on, call Grandpa to the video,” this man took out his phone, and the sarcasm in his heart wasn’t good. What a shame! !
“Grandpa,” Chuck felt a little strange, how could he be familiar? But still called.
“Hey, I got it. It’s really bad.” The man smiled happily and used Chuck to communicate with his friends in English.
“Then I come,”
This is a blond woman who looks at Chuck, her eyes are weird. She turns her eyes and thinks that Chuck is not bad and a little muscular, but the Chinese men are far worse than the American men.
She looks down.
“I am your queen, you are my slave! Come and learn from me, I am the queen’s slave,” the blonde beauty took out her phone.
There will be a lot of electronic click-through rates on this website? ?
“I am the queen’s slave, what does this mean?” Chuck was curious.
The light will say, it doesn’t work if you don’t know the meaning
“You mean pretty,” the boss of Miguo explained lamely in Chinese.
The blondes are laughing, let alone a few others.
Chuck understood it, read it silently several times, and learned another sentence in English. After returning to this English, he told Yvette that she would be happy.
“It’s my turn, your mother is my woman,” this is a bald man, and he took out his phone.
To Chuckpai.
“What does this mean?” Chuck asked, feeling weird.
“I will work hard, you can learn well,” Miguo’s boss couldn’t hold back anymore.
Chuck felt that this sentence could be learned and said it.
The bald man smirked, “I have such a big son, this is a low energy!”
“Haha! I can’t stand it anymore. Everyone has done it right?” Miguel’s boss laughed.
“It’s done. I’m going to post on the Internet and say that I met a Chinese pen today, learning something like a dog.” The blonde girl smiled proudly.
She came to this party with no gains, just having no fun, did not expect to encounter such a fun.
“What are you laughing at?” Chuck felt even more weird.
“We say you are smart and you learn fast,” Mi Guo boss smiled slightly.
Oh, that’s kind of friendly.
Chuck deliberately said the last sentence several times, and later he would speak to his mother.
“Thank you,” said the owner of Mi Guo. Several other people looked at Chuck, waiting for Chuck to say thank you.
“Thank you,” Chuck said.
“You don’t have to be polite, learn slowly,” Miguel’s boss took friends to other places, and they were about to laugh to death.
“Haha, is this fun fun?”
“Yes, it’s super, don’t say it, I’m going to post the video.” The blondie was proud to post the video.
“I also sent.”
“I also want,”
Several people are playing videos on their mobile phones, and they laugh at Chuck while sending them back!
Chuck said a few words and felt good, and learned a few English.
He continued to eat something. At this time, the mother came over. Chuck saw that the mother was not a snack. Chuck asked, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”
Why did you answer a phone call and write like this?
“It’s okay, your dad will come again in a few days.” Karen li said spoiled.
“It’s okay, Dad will keep him busy when he has something to do,” Chuck certainly knew that men are career-oriented. They haven’t seen each other for so many years, and they are not in a hurry these days.
“Well, are you full? I’ll interpret it for you, and I will take you to meet people.” Karen li said.
“Mom, I just learned a few words of English. I think I have talent.” Chuck wanted to talk about it.
“Really? Then what did you learn, tell me.” Karen li smiled slightly.
Many Chinese people do not like to learn English, but Chuck is wise, and learning English has many advantages! Seeing Chuck’s excitement, she was also happy.
Chuck said the first sentence the boss of the United States taught him, “I am a fool from China.”
After listening to Karen li, the smile on his face froze, stunned, and subconsciously blurted out,
“Cer, what are you talking about?”
Chuck repeated, “Mom, am I wrong?”
“Wrong, you are not, you are my son, tell me, who taught you just now?” Karen li said, touching Chuck’s head, there was cold in his eyes!

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