My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 540

Ceer, stop! “Karen li ran over.
“Stop for a while, she didn’t fight back,” Karen li said. If Chuck punched out with such a punch, the consequences would be serious!
After all, Chuck’s recent fighting strength has improved a lot, and the power of one punch cannot be underestimated!
Chuck stopped, of course, he must listen to his mother!
Yes, Black Rose was actually punched twice by herself, and was also bleeding. She didn’t fight back.
What strategy did Chuck think?
“Say, what’s going on?” Chuck was annoyed and grabbed the collar of the black rose. As long as she was a little wrong, Chuck would immediately kill her!
“Black Rose, what’s going on?” Karen li said.
She knows the character of Black Rose, Karen li is very accurate in seeing people, otherwise Karen li will not let her go last time, even if she knows that she will do what she says, and she will not deal with Chuck again.
“I, seeing her under siege on the road, I brought her back,” said Black Rose.
“Will you save Yvette?” Chuck immediately suspected, is this possible? ?
Regarding Chuck’s doubts, Black Rose didn’t open his mouth to justify.
Karen li nodded, it seemed that he had not misunderstood.
“Cer, let her go,” Karen li shook her head.
Surprised Chucksong let go, “You really did that?”
“I just gave it back to you.” Black Rose said.
The last time she went to China for the first time, she abused Chuck. At that time, Chuck’s strength was so bad that she was beaten badly, and she didn’t have the strength to fight back!
At that time, if it wasn’t for her mother arrived in time, Chuck estimated that she died last time.
“Cer, Yvette is inside, you go to find her.” Karen li said.
Of course, Chuck was anxious, and immediately ran in to find Yvette. According to what Black Rose said just now, Yvette was under siege. Who was besieging this? what is the problem?
“How is it?” Karen li was also a little embarrassed.
This is the black rose that helped Yvette, but Chuck actually beat her just now, and she didn’t fight back, nor complained, and she just took it like this.
“It’s okay, last time…Thank you for letting me go,” Black Rose said after being silent.
After she was a killer in her life, she never said thank you again, but she did what Karen li did.
“You don’t have to be so polite.” Karen li shook her head. She felt right.
If the Black Rose is killed, will Yvette die if no one saves? ?
“I… have something to go out,” Black Rose said.
“Wait, I asked my son to apologize to you,” Karen li said. Chuck did something wrong, so you should apologize.
After all, Karen li could see it. She was about to pass out. Chuck’s two punches were too heavy, which caused her injuries.
“No need,” the black rose lacked confidence.
Let Karen li’s son apologize to herself. She faced Karen li at this time. She was very cautious, as if she saw the illusion of elders.
It was not there before, but now it is.
“I want to wait, he will come out immediately.” Karen li said.
Black Rose bowed his head and said nothing.
Chuck ran into a room and saw Yvette lying in a coma. Chuck felt pain. What happened?
I only went out for a few hours! Why would Yvette become like this?
He still had a gunshot wound on his body and his face was as pale as paper.
“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck kissed Yvette’s forehead.
In a coma, Yvette’s eyelids were beating. She opened her tired eyes and saw Chuck, “Her husband, am I dreaming?”
Yvette remembered that he was in a coma, and remembered that he was actually saved by Black Rose. This strange room, where is this? ?
“No, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck felt relieved, and Yvette woke up.
“I’m fine, I…”
“Tell me, did the black rose save you?” Chuck didn’t believe it even when he saw it.
After all, how can a person like Black Rose save Yvette? Don’t want anything else?
Anyway, Chuck does not believe in Black Rose. This woman’s nature of revenge is always difficult to change!
“Well, she saved it.” Yvette will definitely tell the truth. She wants to thank Black Rose.
Really are?
Why save? Is it because her mother let go of Ouyang Fei’s photo because she sympathized with Black Rose, and Black Rose thanked her for doing something she would never have done before? ?
So just hit her two punches just now? Chuck was a little embarrassed. Unexpectedly, Black Rose was released once by his mother, but his personality changed?
Chuck is a bit incredible! !
“Wife, tell me, what the hell did you do? Who cares so much about you?” Chuck said solemnly.
This time Yvette suffered such a serious injury, how can Chuck stand it?
“I… I went to my house,”
“Your family? What are you in the country? You, have you gone to your cousin?” Chuck was shocked.
Last time in Huagang, Yvette almost went to the United States to find her cousin. Of course Chuck knew this!
Unexpectedly, Yvette went to find it alone this time.
“Well, I caught him, and then took him to the house to get my things back, but I didn’t notice. I was shot by a dark gun. I had to escape, and finally I met Black Rose…” Yvette Said.
She has learned the lesson this time, and will never happen again in the future.
“You go, why don’t you tell me?” Chuck sighed, that kind of family, the mother can help Yvette take back her things.
“I’m sorry,” Yvette bowed his head, he still didn’t want Karen li to help, but the last time the murder order was also helped by Karen li, Yvette was already entangled.
“It’s okay, I’ll take you home, recuperate, and then I’ll accompany you to get back your belongings.” Chuck’s eyes were cold, so shameless, dominating the things belonging to Yvette? ?
Chuck absolutely will not tolerate it!
“I, I want myself.” Yvette shook his head immediately.
“I don’t tell my mom, I can’t go with you? You are my wife, your things are coming back, and I want you to support me…” Chuck said softly.
The situation in Yvette’s house should not be so good. When the time comes, Betty calls someone, and Chuck takes Yvette.
It should be resolved quickly.
Really can’t solve it, so I can only help my mother secretly.
Yvette was so moved that she didn’t know what to say. She was lifted by Chuck, Chuck simply hugged her, and the princess hugged her up.
Yvette blushed, leaning on Chuck’s heart nest, listening to the heartbeat, Yvette knew again, how happy was he to be alive?
Chuck took Yvette out and saw the black roses outside. Chuck said, “Just now, I’m sorry.”
I didn’t think I would say that to Black Rose, but, just punching Black Rose two punches just now completely canceled out the previous thing.
The black rose shook his head, still saying nothing.
She also felt like dreaming, he actually said sorry to himself?
Black Rose looks at Chuck.
It’s like a dream. When the two met, it was you who lived and died. Now that they are reconciled?
There is complexity in Black Rose’s heart. This man, how to say, he is Karen li’s son, she will definitely not move him again.
No matter how much money someone else paid, she didn’t move.
However, there is a mustard in the heart of Black Rose, and the only mustard is that Chuck looked at his picture, but the first man to see it.
She was particularly entangled. According to her previous personality, she had already chased Chuck all over, but now it doesn’t work.
Chuck is Karen li’s son. How can she chase down? ?
So she was particularly tangled, especially after seeing Chuck.
Fortunately, the only gratification of Black Rose was that Chuck knew his own body, but he didn’t mess around with him.
Forget it, forget it, let this thing be forgotten, anyway, the photos are gone, and it is impossible for Black Rose to let others take her photos, even if it is really taken, it is impossible to transfer to Zhang again. Strategy!
Just when it was an accident last time, think of it, the black rose will feel better.
“Thank you for saving me.” Yvette must say!
Without black roses, she might be really dead this time.
The black rose still shook his head.
Yvette did not dare to look at Karen li. She bowed her head and bit her lip like a child who did the wrong thing.
“Cer, you’ll wait for me in the car.” Karen li looked at Yvette, who was badly injured.
Fortunately, she was still alive.
“Well, mom,”
Chuck embraced Yvette and got Jiangnan to lie behind.
Chuck is as gentle as possible, “wife, you run away again, I want to hit you…”
“No,” Yvette’s pale face suddenly turned red, what Chuck was saying!
“That, I’m going out,” Black Rose said sternly. Karen li was smiling, but she still didn’t dare to look at her!
This is a gap, but also a gap in personality.
“Well, by the way, what are you doing recently?” Karen li asked.
What is there to hide about black roses? I am a killer, and I must be killing!
Black Rose said, Karen li smiled slightly, “Then I let you do one thing, would you agree!”

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