My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 554

Jiang Ran finished talking with her relatives. She came over, but she didn’t see Chuck. She asked unexpectedly, “What about Chuck?”
“Leave?? When?” Jiang Ran was stunned, why did he leave suddenly?
“Just now, you didn’t see what he looked like. You packed a piece of mung bean cake and left.
You must keep it for tomorrow.”
“What did you say?” Jiang Ran sighed.
She finally encountered Chuck, but she didn’t expect Chuck to leave after eating, and she planned to go out to play.
This needs to be tried, but Chuck is gone, what are you talking about now? ?
Call Chuck? Is it just embarrassing?
Jiang Ran was really down. It was good to chat with relatives just now, but when Chuck left, she lost all of a sudden.
“Nothing. He doesn’t understand us when we speak English,”
“That is, if he left by himself, maybe he found it by his conscience? Don’t think that eating and drinking is not enough?”
“No, I think he went back to get the money… I think he will take the money by this time next year.”
“Haha, will you come over to eat and drink again at that time? You said you didn’t bring your wallet with you?”
“No way, that’s what happened.”
The three girls said with a lip, saying that it is best to go, and your eyes are more comfortable.
“Ah, you must have said something, otherwise he wouldn’t… Chuck,” Jiang Ran suddenly sighed when she saw Chuck coming in, and she ran past in surprise.
It turns out that Chuck didn’t leave! !
The three girls were dumbfounded and immediately angry.
“Emily, this person is too shameless, and actually came back, I think you should find a chance to knock him down with a punch and let him retreat in difficulty! Otherwise, how can you follow Jiang Ran all the time?” A girl made an idea .
“That’s right, I came back after I left. This face is thicker than the city walls. I’m eye-opening!”
The blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck, “It’s okay, I will go to my friend and introduce Jiang Ran to my friend. After seeing my friend, this Chuck will only feel inferior! Because someone who is not a man sees the real He will be inferior when he is a man!!”
“Inferiority is useless, he is so thick-skinned, he will definitely be stupid.”
“Oh, why is he so shameless?”
“It’s okay, my friend knows a little taekwondo, I teach it, but it’s enough to deal with people who are not men, like mice,” the blue-eyed beauty said.
Her friend, but the real person is tall!
Chuck was half headed, and Chuck would certainly be trembling with shock when he saw it.
What’s more, this friend has half the strength of the blue-eyed beauty, and to deal with Chuck, that’s really a fist.
“Okay, just do it. I have to look at the way Chuck was beaten and made him so shameless!” The two girls absolutely agreed!
Must agree.
As soon as Chuck came, they were in a bad mood. They hadn’t had enough to eat just now!
Chuck must be taught.
“Go, let’s go.”
The three girls walked past.
“Where did you go to Chuck?” Jiang Ran asked with concern. She was all lost. Fortunately, Chuck came back. Was he coming back for himself? ?
“Go and see in the car,” Chuck said in a panic.
This panic must be said, or else to go and feed the world’s number one female killer Black Rose? ?
Jiang Ran would have been scared if he had not been in contact with these things.
It’s better to lie.
Jiang Ran is good, Chuck is good.
“Well, I will continue to eat at night. The dishes at night are different. There are many delicious ones,” Jiang Ran said.
Chuck eats a lot, but it is normal for men to eat so much.
Chucksi wanted to come and go. This was difficult but he could only agree, “Okay.”
“Well, don’t mind the words of some of my friends, they have misunderstood you,” Jiang Ran explained.
“It’s okay,” Chuck didn’t care.
“Jiang Ran, let’s go play,” the blue-eyed beauty came over and said.
Yes, Jiang Ran is also considering this matter. After all, it is only 12 o’clock now, and it is only open at 6 or 7 pm. In the middle of this time, can’t I just sit down? I have to find something to do, otherwise how embarrassing?
“What do you think of Chuck?” Jiang Ran asked Chuck’s opinion.
“Don’t worry, don’t you have to pay, don’t you have no wallet? We won’t let a person without a wallet pay.” A girl said contemptuously.
Never seen such a man.
Chucksi comes and goes, okay.
“it is good.”
“Well, Emily, where are you going?” Jiang Ran asked the blue-eyed beauty.
“Just follow me,” the blue-eyed beauty went out, and the other two girls followed.
Chuck shrugged.
“Chuck, will I take your car?” Jiang Ran asked quietly.
This is a bit embarrassing, after all, Chuck didn’t invite him.
“Of course it’s okay,” Chuck went out without any comment.
Jiang Ran breathed a sigh of relief, went out and got into Chuck’s car, sitting in the passenger seat.
Chuck was in gear and saw Jiang Ran’s long legs.
Jiang Ran was cautious and a little nervous. Of course, he was either nervous about what Chuck would do to her or was nervous.
Chuck drove and saw that the black rose behind him slowly followed. Chuck was thinking, did Black Rose eat mung bean cake?
It’s estimated that I didn’t eat it. Forget it. When I got it, leave her alone.
“Jiang Ran, let me go, is this a man?” A girl saw that Jiang Ran actually went to Chuck’s car. She was shocked, so she was not afraid of Chuck’s hanging wire doing something to her in the car? ?
“Huh, it’s okay. Jiang Ran is just now confused by the man’s dead skin. When he meets my friend, Jiang Ran will suddenly wake up. She will think, what is a man, what is Chuck? Said the blue-eyed beauty disdainfully.
She knows that the only reason why Jiang Ran feels to people like Chuck is that Jiang Ran has never seen a real man. He is too young to know.
When she saw it, Jiang Ran would kick Chuck away.
The three girls got in the car and she drove to lead the way while making a friend call.
“Are you in the store? Um, I’m here to play and introduce you to a Chinese beauty who is punctual… rest assured, absolutely beautiful,”
The blue-eyed beauty said that his friends must introduce good men.
The journey is not far away and it will be there in half an hour.
It is a casino.
Just for fun.
Chuck was surprised. Where did the blue-eyed beauty say it was a casino? ? Jiang Ran was surprised, “Will you play Chuck?”
“It’s okay,” Chuck had just gambled last time, but it was a pity that he lost the last time, but the mother helped her win.
Chuck is thinking, do you want to open a casino in the country? ?
Chuck had this idea.
“It’s okay, I have money,” Jiang Ran said, and she had a card.
Didn’t Chuck bring a wallet?
“No, I don’t want to play,” Chuck didn’t plan to play. If he wanted to play, he would specifically find a big casino to play. This casino is not big and it’s meaningless to play.
Chuck wanted to go in and take a look at it and consider opening it in the United States.
Anyway, Mom also has several large casinos, but others don’t know.
Ask my mother a little experience, it will be opened casually, then let Du Pei heart come over Mi Guo.
Chuck was happy thinking about it.
“I have money in my hand.” Jiang Ran said seriously.
“I know, I don’t like playing with this very much.”
“Then I told them to change places to play,” Jiang Ran thought it was a place like a pub, but did not expect it to be a casino.
She has never been to such a place.
“It’s okay, let’s go in and see,” Chuck had the idea.
“Well,” Jiang Ran breathed a sigh of relief.
Two people came out.
The three girls stared at Chuck contemptuously.
“Did this guy startle at the casino? Thought we wanted him to gamble?”
“Look at how he rubbed,”
Jiang Ran came, the three girls didn’t speak, and the blue-eyed beauties didn’t plan to make Chuck bet, they didn’t bring a wallet, so bet on a hair? ?
Is it possible to let them three girls pay for him to gamble?
Does this guy really think so? Treat yourself as a fool?
Three girls look at me and I look at you and reach a consensus.
“Okay, let’s go in,” Jiang Ran said. Chuck looked at the casino, and his thoughts became more firm!
Five people went inside, Chuck was thinking, okay, just open a casino.

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