My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 557

“He actually took the chips too? Really, people like him who took the chips didn’t change money and ran?”
“Maybe I want to win a little bit, really greedy, looking at his loss, and want to win money?”
“Surely you can’t win, hehe, Wenwen, how much have you won?”
“More than ten thousand, how about you?”
“Thirty thousand,”
“you are great.”
“Hey, play again?”
“En, ah, don’t play first, just look at Chuck and lose money. Isn’t that so much fun?”
“Yeah, I’m happy, I’m in a good mood, we two will win more, let’s go over.”
“Uh huh,”
Two girls, you said one sentence happily. They just came in eagerly and won a lot.
They came to Chuck and Jiang Ran was beside them. They looked at Chuck and showed contempt.
Chuck looked at the type he played last time and directly pressed the multiples. Chuck’s ears were listening, and he would wait until he heard them correctly.
I didn’t make a few shots. What are you doing?
Wouldn’t it be a pretentious way to change money in the casino and leave? ?
What a shame!
The two girls were even more disdainful, so timid, and playing with hair? ?
“Wen Wen, we two are ready,”
“En, I’ve got it right too. I’ve got 500 chips and I’m in the 20-fold area,”
“Yeah, I also like this. Then let’s take the next 10,000 together?”
The two girls were under the bargaining chip, looking forward to it, their fists were both clenched.
Chuck didn’t move, and Jiang Ran looked helplessly at his two friends.
The dealer opened.
The two girls were excited.
“Yeah, hit, hit, twenty times, I hit 200,000, yeah!!”
“Me too, so much money!”
The two girls screamed and were particularly excited because they won so much money at once.
The two girls held the chips in their hands and were full of happiness.
A girl contemptuously looked at Chuck, “Are you going to play? Gambling should be like ours, and it’s almost fierce!!! Fancy, then you must be decisive! How can you be as scared as you are?
Don’t play anymore. .”
“That’s right, be decisive.” Another girl sneered.
Chuck looked at them and still didn’t speak.
Soon, the next one started, the two girls continued to press, pressed 5,000 chips, and actually hit again, they both screamed.
“You’re so scared, just press with us.”
“Yes, I think you are a friend of Jiang Ran, and you only managed to take you. If you win, you will have to share half of us.”
“Hurry up!”
The two girls immediately bet, and both bet 10,000 US dollars in chips, both in the 36-fold area! !
They are all looking forward.
Chuck’s ears moved, he got it right this time and pressed 100,000 chips in the double area.
Jiang Ran was stunned, playing so big? All in one go.
It’s okay, bring your own card, it’s okay to lose.
Jiang Ran thought so.
The two girls despised.
“Look at you, let you bet with us, you still don’t want to, you will lose all this immediately!!”
“Affirmatively, how lucky are the two of us now, he, he has lost, and he also made a one-off payment of one hundred thousand at a time. Are you so sure?”
“Oh, it’s time to win again, open it!”
After the two girls despised Chuck, they clenched their fists and looked forward to it!
The one who wins must be himself, and the one who loses must be Chuck. Necessary, who told him not to follow him? ?
He deserves to lose!
The blue-eyed beauties and Owen saw that they both laughed. They didn’t shoot for a long time, and all of them were pressed. Is this a broken jar?
Well, lose, you will only lose more and more.
In fact, he can’t look down on the luxury car that Chuck has. There are many in his family. What else can Chuck lose? Even the car was a million dollars, and he didn’t see the money.
He just wanted to see Chuck lose light.
Jiang Ran was nervous, Chuck was indifferent.
Both girls are going to make surprise expressions, medium, must be yourself!
But the dealer opened, and the two girls were dumbfounded.
“Yeah, no, how could this happen!”
“Chuck was really hit?”
“Luck shit luck?”
After the two girls were annoyed, they were even more disdainful, and occasionally walked away with shit luck, forget it.
Jiang Ran’s eyes are all stunned, Chuck actually bet?
Is this luck? !
Chuck is indifferent, there is no fluctuation, he is joking, he is listening to so many, he is most sure to bet, how can it be missed?
He picked up 200,000 chips and prepared for the next one.
The blue-eyed beauty was surprised, annoyed, and finally disdainful, “actually betrayed.”
“It’s normal. It’s too normal to win one or two. I opened the casino. I’m not afraid of winning. I’m afraid he won’t play,” Owen smiled slightly and took a glass of wine.
He clearly knew the gambler’s psychology.
He worried that Chuck would run away after winning two.
Others, don’t worry at all, because it is impossible to win all the time, and there will always be one that will take the lead. At that time, it has been the beginning of losing.
“Look, he has one or two at most, and he will start to lose,” Owen said confidently.
“Well, yes,” the blue-eyed beauty agreed.
Chuck continued to listen.
“Wen Wen, which one do you bet?”
“I bet ten times, I pressed 50,000, anyway I won hundreds of thousands!”
“I also pressed 50,000!”
Both girls bet 50,000. They looked at Chuck and sneered. Do you still want to win this one? Not all shit luck! !
Chuck glanced around, still pressing twice the area, full pressure!
What about all? ? You are waiting to lose!
The two girls thought so, but when the dealer opened again, both of their jaws would be startled, because Chuck was pressed again.
“How come? Yeah, I lost 50,000.”
“Woo, me too!”
Two girls annoyed! !
Feeling a hot face, Chuck slapped him invisiblely.
Chuck still didn’t say a word, his face was indifferent, Jiang Ran was surprised, and was hit again?
Chuck took 400,000 chips and continued to press.
Anyway, it is the minimum multiple. After a few clicks, Chuck already has two million US dollars in chips, and the two girls only have more than 30,000 chips in their hands. They are desperately corrupt! !
“I won’t believe it, keep losing?”
“I don’t believe it, press it all!”
The two girls overwhelmed all. People like Chuck actually won money and lost money themselves. The two of them are extremely unbalanced!
Chuck heard that and put two million chips in the five-fold area.
The dealers looked at Chuck more, and this Chinese man was really lucky.
Jiang Ran was stunned. She saw Chuck’s 100,000 chips. With the current two million, he actually won so much money? ?
The dealer opened again, and the people at this table were stunned because some two million people became ten million!
Chuck was hit, and the two girls were overwhelmed and lost.
The dealer pushed the chips to Chuck, a bunch! !
Chuck was still expressionless, with no fluctuations.
This money, compared with the billions of his last time, is far away, and of course Chuck will not have emotional fluctuations.
Jiang Ranmeimu is shocked!
Chuck, actually, a chip of 100,000 US dollars, won 10 million US dollars!
Is this a dream?
Chuck was so powerful, Jiang Ran was stunned.
She originally thought that Chuck would definitely lose money, she planned to lose Chuck, she continued to buy chips for Chuck.
There are millions of dollars in her card, which should be enough for Chuck to play, but no need, Chuck won money, and it is still 10 million dollars!
Oh my God! !
Jiang Ran was shocked to the extreme!
“A lot of money, he won a lot of money, woo…” Both girls were stunned, both envious, jealous and hateful!
They had hundreds of thousands of dollars in chips just now, but now they are all gone and lost.
There is an imbalance in their hearts, because it was not Chuck who lost, but it was themselves? !
This should not be the case.
They regretted that they just exchanged hundreds of thousands of dollars and they should directly exchange money. You can buy a lot of cosmetics, but now you have lost it, what should I do? ?
How to do!
The two girls looked at Chuck.
“Chuck, you have won so much, congratulations, can you give me a little? I lost all,”
“Yes, give me a little bit too. You won ten million. Give me half a million. Okay, please, okay.
Everyone came in together, but I saw that you won. Ah, I should have a share.”
The two girls are so cute to Chuck, they are so cute, and Chuck won so much money, they will definitely give themselves!

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