My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 560

The audience was shocked! !
Both the onlookers and the guests who are still playing at the gambling table were stunned by Owen’s punch!
Such a tall person was actually beaten back? ?
So embarrassed, what happened?
Everyone came around.
The two girls were stunned. Was it just an illusion! ?
Jiang Ranmei stared like an egg, is this possible?
Chuck, with such a big physical gap, actually beat back such a strong and tall person with one punch?
Her mind is blank. She was just ready to send Chuck to the hospital, but now she doesn’t need it!
Chuck just said that he has also learned, but has Chuck also learned Kung Fu?
Just misunderstood that Chuck didn’t learn? In fact, Chuck is very powerful?
Outside the casino, Black Rose saw this scene with a telescope, and she was expressionless.
“Actually so fast?”
She was a little surprised. She put down the telescope. She picked up the mung bean cake that she hadn’t finished and continued to eat. How did this happen? Really tasty……
In the casino, there is no sound! !
The most shocking audience was Irving, who was repulsed, and the blue-eyed beauty.
Irving clutched his stomach and stood up inconceivably. Was he actually beaten back?
After he was shocked, he was immediately irritated and attacked. Did this bastard attack me?
Blue-eyed beauties are dazed, what’s going on? How could this mouse-like man beat Irving? !
Hallucinations must be hallucinations!
“Owen was beaten back with a punch. Who is this Chinese man? That’s amazing!”
“It’s awesome, Owen is embarrassed today! Such a big man, he can’t beat a Chinese person, it’s embarrassing!”
The onlookers were all talking, and this harsh voice made Owen’s temper badly and shameful! ?
Owen roared and rushed over like a beast.
Chuck shook his head, full of loopholes, full of flaws, is this psychological quality at a loss?
Chuck saw the opportunity, and it was another punch, but he had a ring made of special metal weighing ten pounds in his hand. This punch is powerful!
Hit Irving’s stomach.
Owen screamed, squatting on the ground with his stomach covered, wowed out the contents of his stomach, suddenly. A pungent smell came out.
The raven is silent, and the audience is silent again!
If I said that Chuck’s punch was a sneak attack just now, then punching China-Owen again, what is this? This is a spike! !
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned, and her mouth could be stuffed with eggs.
“How are you possible!” Irving looked up at Chuck uncomfortably.
“You’re so rubbish.” Chuck kicked him.
Owen screamed and lay on the floor, Chuck fist smashed, Owen hugged his head like a mouse,
“Don’t fight, I admit defeat!”
Owen got up. what?
Such a tall man actually begged for forgiveness?
The onlookers felt like dreaming.
The two girls were completely stagnant and their jaws had to fall off.
“Why? Why is he so powerful?”
Jiang Ran was the most surprised and shocked!
Chuck actually has this strength? You know, when he was in high school at that time, Chuck was very weak. Why is it so powerful now?
“Owen, you?!” The blue-eyed beauty stared at him in exasperation.
“I,” Owen blushed, and the ridicule in the neighborhood had made him lose his face. He stared at Chuck insincerely, “Chang him for chips!”
Owen went in by himself. Today, this face is too big, but he can’t beat a thin Chinese man? Owen was ashamed to die.
What’s more, still in front of Jiang Ran, he stayed faceless even more.
The people in the casino looked at each other!
Someone came over dumbfounded. “Sir, I will change it for you!”
“All right, all changed,” Chuck said with a shrug.
Someone held Chuck’s chips to change.
Everyone is envious of Chuck.
“Chuck, did you really learn?” Jiang Ran came over and asked blankly.
I thought Chuck had only exercised, and her heartbeat was quickened. Why is Chuck so powerful, his muscles look good.
Jiang Ran had the feeling of seeing Chuck’s line muscles in the bar that day…
I really want to make a conversation, my heart is like a horse…
After a while, the money was delivered, it was in a card, “Sir, there are two thousand five hundred…”
“OK,” Chuck put it away, not bad, today’s income.
Chuck looked at the blue-eyed beauty, “What about your one million?”
“Come out with me, I’ll give you!!!” The blue-eyed beauty went to the car and she had so much cash in it.
Chuck shrugged, “Go, go out!”
Jiang Ran pulled two girls out.
The blue-eyed beauty was getting cash, and Chuck looked at the two girls, “Lend me my money and give it back.”
“Me, Chuck, don’t be so stingy, I don’t have that much money.”
“Neither do I, Chuck, don’t ask me for it,”
The two girls were scared, and Chuck was able to defeat the kind of man Owen, which is really amazing!
How dare they laugh at Chuck!
Jiang Ran didn’t speak well.
“No?” Chuck looked at them.
“Yes, no, where do we have so much money?” The two girls were afraid to look at Chuck.
“No money? Then sell, you have money.” Chuck said.
The two girls froze, and Jiang Ran froze.
“Woo, why do you say that? The two of us are nineteen, how can you do this?”
The two girls were crying. Chuck’s words were unquestionable. They felt the coldness of Chuck’s words! ? too horrible!
“Chuck, don’t be like this, we are still studying, don’t be like this.” The two girls begged.
“Don’t you say I can’t take you?” Chuck said lightly.
“Woo, I’m scared.”
The two girls were crying, but Chuck now has more than 20 million dollars in his hands. This is a rich man, and a rich man adjusts himself. Isn’t that a simple matter?
“It’s useless to be afraid, pay back the money!” Chuck expressionless.
“I, woo, Jiang Ran, you speak for us, we are wrong, we really don’t have that much money,”
Faced with the prayers of the two friends, Jiang Ran didn’t know what to say. She was not a saint, and felt that the two friends were too much along the way and should be taught a little lesson.
“Please useless, pay back, not pay back, I have ten thousand ways for you to pay back!”
This is really a matter of Chuck, a phone call, these two girls have to pay back.
It is justified to repay the debt.
“No, woo!” The two girls cried in fear, begging Chuck.
“Chuck, you won so much money, please, please don’t you want us?”
“What does my winning have to do with borrowing money from you?” Chuck asked.
“Me, me, woo…”
The two girls were speechless and cried even more.
“Enough, isn’t it more than one million? I’ll help them!” The blue-eyed beauty took a million and smashed it on Chuck.
The ground is full of US dollars.
Chuck didn’t even look at the US dollar, just looked at her.
“You actually defeated Owen. You surprised me. Do you dare to accept my invitation like a man? Fight me?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry!
“Emily, what are you doing?” Jiang Ran immediately persuaded.
“What are you doing? He is a spicy chicken. She just got lucky and just got lucky. She thought she was better?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
In her view, Chuck is fast enough, and the others are not worth mentioning!
“Fight me! Some kind of fight me.” Blue-eyed beauty provoked!
“No problem.” Chuck shrugged.
Jiang Ran sighed, his friend!
“Finally agreed? No more mice? Like a man? But useless, I will still defeat you! Down with you!!” The blue-eyed beauty came over.
Chuck looked at her.
“You said that my tricks are full of holes, well, I will show you that you are a spicy chicken!”
The blue-eyed beauty attacked quickly! ?
Her speed is as fast as the wind, she can play seven or eight in school! A Chinese person of Chuck’s size can be defeated in just a few clicks!
There were no exceptions before, and there will not be today.
She wants Chuck to know what it costs to insult herself!
Chuck looked at her and shook her head. “You are really amateur. You think you can beat a few people and you are invincible? You still have a lot of loopholes in my eyes!!”
Chuck’s eyes were fast, he saw the opportunity, and he slammed it!
Snapped! !
A big hand appeared on the pretty face of the blue-eyed beauty and hit her face heavily!

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