My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 565

Seeing Karen li’s mobile phones fall to the ground, Betty was shocked and squatted down quickly to pick up her mobile phone.
But Karen li recovered, and picked up the phone all at once, his hands were shaking a little,
“Black Rose, what are you talking about? What’s wrong with my son?”
What happened to the young master?
Betty was shocked because she had been with Karen li for so many years, and she had never seen Karen li so gaffeous. Now, the only thing that can make Karen li look like this is Chuck.
“I just came back with Chuck. When there was a car tracking halfway, I let Chuck leave. I continued to follow, but a big truck stopped me. After I resolved to catch up, I saw…”
“What did you see?” Karen li’s voice shivered.
“I saw Chuckkai’s car catching fire…” Black Rose said here.
“Me, my son is inside? In the car?” Karen li’s eyes suddenly turned red.
“No, but there is a pool of blood on the scene.”
“No, then surely still alive, where. Where are you?”
“I’m thirty kilometers away from your home…”
“I am coming over now.”
Karen li hung up the phone, her eyes turned red, and Betty asked carefully, “Master Li, young master…”
“There was an accident, my son had an accident,” Karen li ran outside, and of course Baili followed closely.
When he ran out, Yvette, who had just finished working, came out to drink tiredly, and saw Karen li and Betty so anxious. She was stunned. What’s wrong? ?
Yvette was particularly hesitant, but there was a strange tension in his heart.
“Ah… Karen li, what’s wrong with you? What happened?” Yvette ran over, and she felt something was wrong.
Why is Karen li so calm?
What can make Karen li like this is definitely not a trivial matter.
“There is something wrong with Ceer,” Karen li said looking back.
Yvette was stunned. She felt that her heart was suddenly emptied. Her eyes were blurred and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with him?”
“Cere was being followed, and when the black rose rushed over, the celebrity’s car burned and the person was gone,” Karen li said quickly.
Yvette’s eyes flushed anxiously, “Then I will go with you,”
Three people came out of the villa, Karen li drove, the engine roared astoundingly, and the car drove out of the villa quickly.
“How could this happen?” Yvette called Chuck’s phone and turned off.
Yvette’s heart was beating.
“Don’t panic, let’s talk in the past,” Karen li remained calm.
“Yes.” Yvette wiped anxious tears.
In less than five minutes, the car arrived and three people got off.
At this time, the blood of the black rose squatting on the ground had almost coagulated.
Black Rose saw Karen li coming.
She stood up.
“Betty, immediately check Fang Yuan’s thirty-mile monitoring.” Karen li said.
“Yes,” Betty did immediately.
Yvette saw the car that had been burned into ruins, and her tears shed silently. How could this happen?
She still intends to return Chuck today. She chats with Chuck before going to bed.
But can’t Chuck come back?
Karen li remained calm. For the first time, Black Rose walked over without confidence. She couldn’t face Karen li, but she still had to say, “Sorry, I…”
“I know I tried my best, black rose, you tell me the most detailed situation, what car is chasing my son…”
“Well,” Black Rose said in detail.
Karen li looks for clues in Black Rose’s words.
She has always been silent, has not interrupted any words of Black Rose, and has not missed a word that Black Rose said.
Until the black roses are all finished.
“Who do you think is following my son?” Karen li asked after finally listening.
“This, but your Li family, or who would catch him?” Black Rose analyzed this while waiting.
All of the other party’s new cars, no license plates, and no black roses.
If it is general revenge, then Chuck will definitely die tragically, but Chuck is arrested, this is not normal.
Karen li was meditating. At this time, Betty finished the inquiry. “General Li, the monitoring here is all disturbed and cannot be found.”
Karen li has already thought that the on-site treatment method is very professional, so there will be no clue to represent this place.
“Mr. Li, will it be…” Betty said.
“Will it be done by the person who monitored Chuck last time?” Black Rose and Betty thought about going together.
“No, it shouldn’t be. If it were him, he wouldn’t do it this way,” Karen li thought of it, but this method was not the first two.
So Karen li thought it was not him.
This is something else.
The latest situation is the Ok family and the Li family.
There should be only these two families.
Betty said nothing. Black Rose was thinking about it.
“I want to use the car,” Yvette’s eyes came red.
“What do you want to do?” Karen li asked.
This time is not a time for panic, but a time for calm consideration.
“The car tied to Chuck must have gone in this direction. I will see if I can catch it or find other clues.” Yvette must rescue Chuck.
She couldn’t wait a second.
Wait for her to die.
“Don’t panic,” Karen li sighed.
“I didn’t, really didn’t. Give me the car. I’ll go and see,” Yvette explained, but the tears in his eyes flowed out in disappointment.
“Well,” Karen li gave Yvette the car key.
Yvette got the car key and got on the car, Karen li said, “Is there any clue tell me that this matter is not so simple!!!”
It should be the Li family and the Oak family.
This is not something that Yvette can handle alone.
“I will,” Yvette started the car, and Karen li said again, “Wait,”
Yvette stepped on the brakes and listened to Karen li.
Karen li looked at the black rose, “You are good with Yvette, black rose. Both of you have good analytical skills and see if you can find anything along the way.”
“Okay,” Black Rose obeyed.
Karen li mainly felt that Yvette wouldn’t worry about letting her go alone. If the rescue came back, and Yvette had another accident, she didn’t know how to explain to Chuck.
“Yvette, Black Rose is with you, don’t panic, don’t be impulsive, there are clues telling me, I’m going to the Li family now!” Karen li said.
“Well, I will listen to you this time.”
It’s about Chuck’s life and death. Yvette will certainly be obedient. After all, Karen li’s experience is much richer than hers.
The black rose got in the car.
Yvette drove and Black Rose left.
Karen li was silent for a few seconds, Betty said, “I think we should go to the Li family immediately!!”
Karen li didn’t answer. She walked to the car that burned for a little while and a half. She climbed in and took out her dagger to find something in it.
She pulled out a hidden camera from a steel bar, but it was burned out. This is some of the safety actions Karen li did before, in case something happened, she can look for it.
She made a total of three people, and she found them all, but they all burned out to varying degrees, and she climbed out with three cameras.
She must know that after Chuck drove out of the car, and then there was an accident, she had to know exactly who she met, and then she should analyze the matter.
“Let the technology company fix it,” Karen li said.
“This, it should take three or four days,” Betty has experience, because this burnt is too serious, and the chance of repair is low.
“Two days, try two days, I can’t wait too long.” Karen li was anxious, and she was also a little flustered, because Chuck was her only son, and she had no energy to survive after the accident.
Because everything she is preparing for Chuck now, Chuck can not inherit, then who is she to? ?
“Well, I’ll fix it immediately.” Betty has started to call, very few, there are two cars coming, is a professional of Karen li Technology Company.
The next few people are all technological geniuses.
Betty gave a serious explanation, and several people immediately went to the headquarters of the technology company to deal with it, leaving a car.
After they left, Karen li was silent, Betty couldn’t wait, “Mr. Li, this repair will take a few days, then we will go at this time…”
“Go to Li’s house first, whether he did it or not, I have to tell the person who caught my son what it was like to catch my son’s end!” Karen li’s voice was particularly cold! !

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