My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 566

Of course, Betty knew the reason why Karen li did this, and told the person who caught Chuck, what was the end, let this person retreat, and let Chuck, or the end is the end of the Li family! !
Karen li got in the car, and Betty followed, “Mr. Li, call someone?”
“Call! I want to surround the Li family!”
Karen li’s eyes are cold, this is a cold look!
Karen li was completely angry. Chuck, as her anti-scale, was actually touched by someone today.
She will at any cost make the person who caught Chuck know that she should never catch Chuck.
This will give people a sense of deterrence. As a mother, Karen li first wants others to be deterred. She dare not kill Chuck. She must first find a way to save Chuck’s life!
This is the most direct method!
The engine was roaring, Karen li was driving, Betty sat on it, and headed for the Li family! !
Betty called, “Start the first-level family guard!”
The guards were all trained for Chuck. At this time, Chuck had an accident and must be dispatched.
The car galloped on the unmanned road. Within three minutes, a consistent engine sound came from behind. Thirty armored off-road vehicles appeared and followed behind Karen li.
This is a spectacular scene! !
Thirty huge armored off-road vehicles, like a fierce beast, are full of tyranny!
Ignore all the rampage!
This is Chuck’s guard team! Came out today!
It’s amazing, what financial resources are there to call so many people!
Along the way, the speed is amazing. This goal is the Li family of one of the four major families! !

Li family!
Lord Li, Lord Li, and several other members of the Li family are talking about something.
Overlord Li is very satisfied with this plan. The Ok family has started to seize this opportunity to deal with Karen li. When he learned that several companies in Karen li have been greatly affected, he could not sleep happily.
“However, Karen li has not yet resisted. What is this going to do?” Li Overlord was not satisfied with this.
He wanted to see Karen li fighting with the Ouke family directly, so both defeats hurt, and he came out to clean up the mess! !
What a wonderful thing?
“Karen li’s character is like that. If you don’t take it, you don’t take it. When you take it, you will die. For up to a week, Karen li will definitely break into the Ouke family! By then, Karen li may die inside!” It’s also Karen li’s brother.
He hated Karen li because Karen li was so good that he didn’t have a sense of presence in the Li family. He spends a lot of time every day, but there is really no sense of presence.
The head of the Li family is silent.
He didn’t say a word.
“Dad, you can rest assured that when we swallow all of Karen li, then our Li family will be the first family in the world, and there will be no comparison to our Li family!!” Li Overlord vowed.
Full of excitement!
As his eldest son, then the next homeowner would let him do it, then he is the homeowner of the world’s first family, how pretentious? !
“I think the quietness is not as simple as you said,” the head of the Li family worried.
He felt that this should not be the case last time. He is now more and more discovering that Karen li is not that simple. This is the feeling of being a father.
The fact that Karen li’s departure led to the Li family’s heavy damage forced him to think so. He didn’t want to admit it, he had to admit that Karen li was so important to the Li family.
“Dad, you are too worried.” Overlord Li shook his head.
“Yeah, dad, don’t you think about it, how strong can Karen li be? It was only because of our Li family that she started her wings. When she got hard, she thought of flying. In fact, she left us and the Li family had a greater impact on her, just She shamelessly refused to admit it,” a middle-aged man said disdainfully.
Originally, how many years did Karen li develop?
It is entirely through the Li family’s contacts that she has everything she has today. Last time, Karen li actually didn’t admit it, and also bluntly said that relying on herself and relying on a fart herself.
Not the Li family, she Karen li is nothing.
Wings are hard, and one day will be broken.
The owner of the Li family was silent and sighed. He now regrets the situation of the Li family.
He regrets driving Karen li out. If not, then the Li family will not be like this now.
In order to take care of the overall situation, he had thoughts of calling Karen li in person and let her come back, but he, as a father, couldn’t say the words.
“That is, the Ouke family has now turned over with Karen li. The strength of the Ouke family is even stronger than that of the Li family. It is simply not that Karen li can resist…” Others also expressed their own ideas.
Everyone believes that Karen li’s personal strength is okay, but the overall strength is simply not enough to confront the Ouke family.
What they want is to let Karen li use her personal fighting strength to break into the Ok family and hit the core members of the Ok family. Then, the Ok family will be in chaos.
The Li family seized this opportunity to annex again! !
This plan is perfect!
“With your quiet and cleverness, you must know that we did it. She may come to our Li family first!” The Li family owner said.
Several of his sons laughed and shook their heads.
“Dad, what if she knows? The Ok family has dealt with her, she has no time at all, and she has no time to come to our Li family. After all, the Ok family only gives her a headache, how can there be energy to come here? What about?”
“I think so too. These days, like the headed turtles, they do not resist, and they must be secretly preparing to give the Ok family a big trick! There is no way to do it.”
Several brothers expressed their opinions, and Overlord Li laughed, “Dad, you really want to think about it, Karen li, she dare to come to our Li family?”
That is, dare to come! ?
No face?
The owner of the Li family sighed, “Forget it, I don’t care about this matter. Anyway, I won’t be able to do this position for a long time. Everything still has to be dealt with by you.”
Overlord Li is excited. Does this mean that he wants to be the owner? !
Overlord Li can’t wait any longer.
“Don’t worry, Dad, I will do it beautifully. Karen li was kicked out by us, and she can only make one tool. I guess she must have burned her head at this time. After all, the Ok family is not kidding, she I must be anxious now that I can’t fall asleep,” Li Overlord laughed.
“Haha, sure!”
Several brothers laughed, full of ridicule.
They are all ready to celebrate now. The overlord Li is poisonous, Karen li, after all, you still have to plant in my hands! !
When you die, I will kill your son and avenge my son! !
Karen li, Karen li, blame you too badly, killing my son is the biggest mistake you ever made in your life! ?
There were laughter in the room.
But suddenly, someone knocked on the door, and Overlord Li frowned, “Come in!”
A person ran in and was a little flustered.
“Not good.” The man was anxious.
Several of Li Overlord’s smiles stopped, and all of Li’s family opened their eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Li Overlord asked coldly.
What can be wrong in the middle of the night? ?
The fuss!
“There are a lot of cars coming towards us.” The man said anxiously.
Overlord Li looked at each other with several other brothers.
“What’s the matter? I’ll mobilize and monitor me!” Li Overlord froze.
“Yes!” The man immediately began to operate, and a screen lit up in the room.
“She, who boldly broke into our Li family at night? Looking for death!!!”
“Well, will someone from the Oak family come over? We found out that we asked someone to kill his family?” One person was a little worried.
After all, the strength of the Li family is now reduced, and the people of the Ok family know that, then deal with it, this is still a bit troublesome! !
A lot of pictures appeared on the screen, all of them were all in the vicinity of the Li family!
A long caravan divided into many directions and began to encircle the Li family.
These teams are well-trained, armored off-road vehicles, but not ordinary people can get it.
“Zoom in on the front car!!!” Li Overlord ordered.
Someone did it and zoomed in on the monitoring. The car in the front can clearly see that it was a woman driving, it was Karen li! !

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